6 Best Animal Rescue Apps and Websites That Provide Accessible Care

6 Best Animal Rescue Apps and Websites That Provide Accessible Care
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Last Updated: June 14, 2023

Finding new cozy homes for animals and saving their lives is just a click away. Our curated collection of the best animal rescue apps and website designs showcases powerful tools that link compassionate individuals with shelters, foster networks, and adoption centers.

Calling all animal advocates seeking ways to make a difference: Join us as we analyze the exceptional work of web developers and app designers who help these animals find a new place to live.

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1. Paws by Anna Kot

[Source: Anna Kot]

Standout Features:

  • A personalized and simplified adoption process
  • Meaningful art style
  • Various ways to find your ideal pet

Paws is a website design that encapsulates every emotion we associate with our beloved pets. This hobby project, created by Anna Kot, is one of the best animal rescue websites.

The layout delivers a cute, playful browsing experience that softens one’s heart through peachy digital illustrations and free-form visuals combined with pet photography. The idea behind a drawn owner walking a realistic dog is to help bring the browsers’ attention to the fact the animals in need of a home are real. However, their future caretakers are yet to materialize.

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The adoption process is also depicted through a linear, easy-to-follow illustration that takes us through each step. This visual guide addresses several common pain points that hinder the decision to adopt, including too much paperwork, strict requirements, and other demotivating factors.

There are several accessible ways to help visitors decide which pet is right for them. They can browse through the gallery through filters or take a quick quiz to ensure they find the perfect one!

2. Mackay Animal Rescue Society by Strategic Media Partners

[Source: Mackay Animal Rescue Society]

Standout Features:

  • Blobby images
  • A distinctive services menu
  • A delightful adoption program

Strategic Media Partners developed this animal adoption website design, and the agency ensured the messaging was clear and direct.

The design uses a shortened hero image with a woman holding a happy puppy. This is supported by a strong tagline highlighting keywords in green, the design's primary color.

Below is a range of services and options the non-profit organization provides. Each service is in white text on distinctive images, accompanied by a green call-to-action button.

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Scrolling down, you'll see creative blobby image frames supporting the content spread across the layout. This structure delivers a legible and heartwarming experience for the users.

Finally, there’s the delightful adoption program that filters pups from kittens. Each furry friend is introduced through a card with a profile picture, breed, sex, and other information.

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3. A New Life Charitable Foundation by Bless Web Designs

[Source: A New Life Charitable Foundation]

Standout Features:

  • Emotional photography
  • Extensive use of positive space
  • A thorough profile page view

Bless Web Designs created a new website design for A New Life Charitable Foundation. The design is detailed and clean, providing excellent user flow while addressing all the vital concerns of future owners.

The homepage and every other pathway from the fixed navbar display a dog's photo, urging visitors to consider adopting. Whether it’s the puppy eyes or a cute nose with a tongue out, these images effectively develop a sense of urgency. Then, the white and blue color palette helps the content retain high legibility.

Apart from the standard filtering options by dog age or size, each profile lists the dog’s personality attributes and digs deeper into its backstory. This comprehensive profile page view helps the browser establish a genuine bond with the puppy.

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4. BOOW by Eric Kalungi

[Source: Eric Kalungi]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and minimal
  • Filtering meters
  • Accents the pets through photos

Another representative of the best animal rescue apps and websites comes from Eric Kalungi. The designer’s work on the BOOW app delivers a fast-paced, efficiency-oriented design with a modern look.

The design features a clean white background with eye-catching purple on all buttons, navigation, and filters. This way, the pets’ colorful photography breaks the monotony, grabs your attention, and redirects the focus on the pets.

Its standout feature is the filtering meters that easily allow you to search for your ideal pet!

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5. NOE Animal Rescue Center by Reka Víg

[Source: Reka Víg]

Standout Features:

  • News and programs carousel
  • A friendly, empowering color palette
  • Cute minimal illustrations

The next item on our list of the most impressive animal rescue apps and websites is the NOE Animal Rescue Center. Designed by Reka Víg, this revamp modernized the website’s appearance while ensuring it still reflects the organization’s mission and values.

One of the best features of this design is its palette. While most buttons, content, and headlines are blue, they are contrasted with the striking shade of orange used for the most essential CTAs, like donating to the cause or starting the adoption process.

This palette is friendly and approachable, combined with heartwarming minimal illustrations and animal photography. The photos are present across the design, complementing the overall caring atmosphere.

The landing page also features an engaging carousel that keeps you updated with the latest news and upcoming programs.

6. The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre by Interpro Technology

[Source: The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre]

Standout Features:

  • Compelling content
  • Different donating options
  • A rounded headline font style

This awesome platform designed by Interpro Technology features divided sections and an intuitive UX full of lovely feline photography.

The design relies on a simple green-and-white palette as a background for many adorable pictures of the animals for adoption.

The rounded typography in the headlines stands out from the body text and encapsulates the pets' innocence, delivering a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

This website provides various donation options. Aside from handing out money, the donors can also give a present to the shelter that will be auctioned afterward. The About section of the website also has a distinctive area that lets the donors know how their money will be spent.

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