6 Best Website Designs With Soft Colors That Show Strong Impact

6 Best Website Designs With Soft Colors That Show Strong Impact
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 07, 2023

We've collected some of the best web designs with soft colors to help you find inspiration and ideas for your next web design project.

From minimalistic designs to ones with intricate details, many web design professionals have utilized soft color schemes to deliver visually stunning and immersive experiences. These designs prove that sophistication and subtlety can be as effective as a more aggressive design, if not more.

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1. North York Women's Shelter by Loop

[Source: North York Women's Shelter]

Standout Features:

  • A soft and soothing pastel color palette
  • An extensive video introduction
  • A cool dropdown menu with cute illustrations

First on our list of best web designs with soft colors is North York Women’s Shelter’s website, designed by Loop. The agency ensured this web creation sends a holistic message of love and understanding.

Upon site entry, the design lets you experience everything there is to it, including warm, soothing colors, minimal feminine digital illustrations, and strong messages. Together, these elements set a supporting, encouraging, and welcoming tone.

With the headlines blue and the bolder shades of pink found in the taglines and buttons, the colors dance around through dynamic, interactive elements that gently let you in on more information.

Scrolling down the homepage, you’ll find a five-minute video showing you’ve reached a beacon of light and a safe place full of support and love through New York Women's Shelter.

The minimalist artwork continues to support the soft palette throughout the scrolling experience, occasionally accompanied by real-life imagery of women and their children thriving.

The illustrations become the star design element as you roam through the full-screen drop-down menu, with vast positive space and a different picture representing each section.

2. Thao Cole Artistry - Cosmetics Tattoo Studio by One Pixel Media

[Source: Thao Cole Artistry - Cosmetics Tattoo Studio]

Standout Features:

  • A combination of dynamic elements
  • Practical and straightforward
  • Gallery-based categorization

One Pixel Media showcased one of the best web designs with soft colors for The Thao Cole Artistry – Cosmetics Tattoo Studio’s website. The web design acts as an extended business card and a full-on catalog of provided services.

The design relies on shades of pink and their complementary colors combined with real-life visuals for that gentle vibe. The headline’s font style highly resembles the logo typography, making up for a wonderful, holistic online branding experience.

The header highlights how you can contact the studio to make an appointment, with the call to action subtly placed in the top right corner. Below is a practical menu that lets you explore the site further through four options that expand with a dropdown effect.

This website embodies several dynamic elements, including the rotating text emphasizing the CTAs, moving images, and the content next to the gallery-based categorization.

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[Source: UVIO]

Standout Features:

  • Cool, gradient-based buttons and headlines
  • Great use of positive space
  • A clean, single-page layout

UVIO’s website design delivers an exceptional user experience and an incredible branding experience, making it one of the best web designs with soft colors ever.

Site visitors are greeted with a soft color gradient with decreased opacity, acting as an intriguing background for the hero text and the contrasting bright red button. The button changes colors through a hovering effect, switching to a lovely, energetic gradient that combines warm and cool hues. This gradient is present in the rest of the design, shining bright in the headlines and visual devices accompanying the content.

Through the scrolling experience, the design lets go of the funky background. It embraces a vast positive space full of the mentioned gradients that navigate the browser’s attention and take the role of a narrator.

UVIO portrays modernity, elegance, and a touch of humor, making this clean, single-page layout a delightful site to browse.

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4. History of Microscopes by Olesya Osipova

[Source: Olesya Osipova]

Standout Features:

  • Funky, customized typography
  • Collage cut-outs
  • Lenient and funny

CVs and portfolios can only do so much to convey your creativity as a web designer. With this in mind, Olesya Osipova decided to work on her website design concept showcasing the history of microscopes. With research and creativity, she presented her skills on this online canvas, giving birth to one of the best website designs that use soft colors.

The website takes you through an interactive journey, teaching you about the microscope’s invention and progress through engaging visual devices and funky customized typography. The headlines are red and massive, contrasting the soft hues in the background, beige and green.

The visuals include collage photograph cut-outs of inventors, developers, and the most famous microscope users throughout history conversing with each other in a humorous, laid-back tone. There are also close-up shots of bacteria cells with private parts “censored out,” further supporting the fun atmosphere of this learning experience.

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5. THE MELTING WAX by Anveto Marketers


Standout Features:

  • A fixed, grey navbar
  • A two-sided carousel brand intro
  • An attractive map above the footer

Anveto Marketers is one of the most creative agencies that developed a beautiful website design with soft colors. The agency designed an elegant and charming website for THE MELTING WAX.

The design is clean and streamlined considering the many details displayed on the homepage. All design elements are color-coded and divided clearly. Rather than imposing a single hero image, the homepage maintains balance through two interchangeable pictures of the brand’s products serving as a relaxing background for the short content block introducing you to the brand and offering more background info on the products.

As per colors, the pink-grey contrast dominates the composition, with the white typeface in the menu options and the pink button text. The menu is fixed and large, so it’s simple to navigate through the site anytime.

Another remarkable design aspect is the physical navigation showing Google Maps, leading to the physical store just above the footer.


[Source: HA THONG]

Standout Features:

  • A wonderful gradient-based homepage
  • Minimalist flower art
  • A dynamic, full-screen menu

An eCommerce website design makes it to our list of best web designs with soft colors. Design agency SAYU. The agency leveraged the positive space to let the culturally prominent product decorations beautify the design, with dominant soft colors speaking to the potential customers.

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The homepage envisions an elegant woman looking at you and smiling. She’s in the center of a stunning full-screen gradient that starts with light shades of pink and flows into a deep red. The image is decorated with white outlines of flowers blooming on either side. A cursor effect also acts as a moving CTA, inviting you to click on the gradient. This takes you to the main store, where you can browse through products.

If you scroll down, the design switches to a clean, white background that showcases the items from the most recent collection, accompanied by subtle and sweet short messages next to the three items presented. The images are interactive as they initially portray models wearing the items, but once you hover over them, they transform into a product-only close-up.

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