7 Best Black Web Designs That Make a Bold Statements

7 Best Black Web Designs That Make a Bold Statements
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Last Updated: November 24, 2023

Black is not just a color; it's a symbol of elegance and minimalism. That's why it's been a popular choice for brands that want to communicate power, mystery, and luxury.

We've gathered a list of the best black website designs that perfectly embody the beauty of this color. Go through this list and discover how the top website design companies leveraged this powerful shade.

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1. Young Black Lawyers’ Organizing Coalition (YBLOC) by Great Believer

[Source: YBLOC]

Standout Features:

  • Empowering images
  • Black square content frames
  • Accent colors

YBLOC is a movement that aims to overcome black voter suppression and thus improve the future and success of their community in the US. Designed by the Great Believer, the organization’s website relies on empowering images that send a message of hope and positivity. (Check out the best community website designs.)

The white body text is emphasized through large black square frames, and accent colors help ensure equal visibility for all elements. The positive space is, for example, used as a canvas for the sign-up forms that can all be found in the same spot.

This dramatically improves accessibility as users with different aims can find all three compact forms, switching between them by single clicks (or taps).

2. Connective by Lincoln Collective

[Source: Lincoln Collective]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic design elements
  • Colorful lines
  • Black background

Connective is known for its light-speed internet connections that help businesses throughout the UK. Lincoln Collective designed the brand’s website, reflecting its strength through dynamic elements and legible typography.

The sleek black background is decorated with vibrant lines, creating abstract movement and providing fresh pops of color to keep the page from looking monotonous. The white typeface uses reliable, legible font styles that contrast the background nicely, improving user experience.

The most prominent buttons and pathways are colored in a standout teal shade, which is used to differentiate certain hyperlinks, making them easy to spot.

3. Barovier&Toso by IM*Media

[Source: Barovier&Toso]

Standout Features:

  • Serif and sans-serif fonts
  • Carousel showcase
  • Realistic photos

The Barovier&Toso website honors the company's prestigious history and highlights the quality of its products by fusing creativity and innovation.

Upon landing on the website, IM*Media’s design greets you with realistic photos of the brand's luxury lighting collection with informative texts on the materials used.

These descriptions are highlighted by a sophisticated serif font style that exudes elegance, conveying the brand's premium image.

Aside from exploring their Showroom and Journal sections, the About page is a standout for the website design, filled with a mesmerizing blend of textual and visual storytelling.

4. POVAR V DOM by Click'n'Roll

[Source: POVAR V DOM]

Standout Features:

  • Compact single-page design
  • Black and yellow combination
  • Image gallery

POVAR V DOM conveyed all its glamour across a beautiful single-page web design created by Click’n’Roll where browsers can find all valuable information within the landing page. (Check out the best single-page web designs!)

While the background is black, most visual elements and typography easily stand out thanks to the yellow accent color.

As you start browsing, the website offers various options for renting a professional chef for different events, presented through square cards in two rows. This layout displays the process conveniently for site visitors.

Below the informative process section is the delicious image gallery of rotating sample dishes bound to make you hungry!

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5. Grot Music by MK Creative Agency

[Source: Grot Music]

Standout Features:

  • Large Hero image
  • Simple layout
  • Multimedia representation

MK Creative Agency designed the website for a Russian band called Grot Music, providing fans an all-around platform to explore the band’s works and introduce themselves to new listeners.

The homepage greets the viewers with a large hero image of the duo with the band’s logo. Additionally, the designers utilized white as an accent color, making the overall layout clean and simple.

The scrolling journey starts with a horizontal discography showcase, where each image takes you to a separate page where you can listen to the tracks.

However, music is not the only form of media this design entails. You can also find videos from their tours, event schedules, contact details, and social media accounts.

6. Mimi Sia

[Source: Mimi Sia]

Standout Features:

  • Colorful images
  • Heavy typography
  • Extensive case studies

Mimi Sia presents an artistic portfolio website design with a black background to set an elegant tone for showcasing her creativity. It easily sits well with our collection of distinctive, artistic website designs.

The design features each headline in large and bold typography to emphasize the message, best seen in the “About” section. Rather than presenting dull paragraphs, the designer communicates through this compelling copy, listing professional achievements and skills.

Case studies are segmented into large cards that switch between preview pictures as you hover your cursor. Each one details the creative process but relies on a prominent gallery that captures the creative process.

7. SoulGoods by 553DR

[Source: SoulGoods]

Standout Features:

  • Modern and minimal
  • Plenty of positive space
  • Heavy typography

The Beijing-based fashion brand SoulGoods approached 553DR to design an elegant website that portrays the brand’s modernism and minimalism.

The design features sparse typography, but the headlines are large and bolded, making the white letters impactful on the black screen.

There’s a showcase of lookbooks to browse through, and the information about them is found in white square outlines.

The online shop stands out as the sole light-themed segment with extensive positive space, enabling the exhibited products to be placed under the spotlight. Clicking on a particular product grants you more detailed information on its characteristics and washing instructions.

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