9 Best User-Friendly Web Designs That Provide Smooth Navigation Experiences

9 Best User-Friendly Web Designs That Provide Smooth Navigation Experiences
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 19, 2023

A user-friendly website design lets users browse on their phones, laptops, and other gadgets easily, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With that, we've rounded up a list of the best user-friendly website designs. These designs set a new standard for accessibility, aesthetics, and digital comfort.

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1. GCX by The Ethical Agency

[Source: GCX]

Standout Features:

  • Explainer video
  • Great use of positive space
  • Pleasant color palette

GCX asked The Ethical Agency for a rebrand, which included a website redesign. The layout uses plenty of positive space, elevating the visuals and making the typography seamlessly stand out. The colorful yet pleasing typography blends cool colors into occasional gradients, and it has impeccable visibility thanks to the font style choices and capitalized letters.

The homepage welcomes with an explainer video elaborating on the brand’s mission and vision. It's accompanied by a short copy on the left side of the screen.

Another distinctive feature is the service preview. Rather than going deep with tons of textual content, the users pick a category (or a service) and trigger a more compact explanation of that field.

2. Myeloma Australia by JSDesigns

[Source: Myeloma Australia]

Standout Features:

  • Emphasized call-to-action
  • Carousel services menu
  • Informative homepage

Myeloma Australia is a leader in providing vital information and support for myeloma patients. JSDesigns ensured the website retains the high standards the organization is known for, creating a design that’s informative right from the homepage.

Some notable features include an easy-to-use eCommerce section, a calendar of upcoming events, and blogs that help browsers on a more personal note. (Check out other best medical website designs.)

On the header, users can find all essential pages right away. A significantly emphasized header in a dark color can attract attention. Therefore, it’s easy for browsers to call the support line, download the organization’s latest magazine, head over to their shop, or donate.

A carousel services menu separates the provided services using cards with realistic stock photos.

3. Dream Wild Studio

[Source: Dream Wild Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Simple colors
  • Large spacing between elements
  • Gold accents

Dream Wild Studio’s website design perfectly shows how less is more. The layout features a timeless combination of black and white, emphasizing the large visuals set inside rounded or square frames.

The spacing between the elements is large, making each section easily identifiable. Its color contrasts the background, with the sections interchanging between black and white backgrounds.

Next is an About section that lets browsers in about the founder, with a prominent image next to the legible text. Finally, the website design includes gold accents as a pop of color and maintains the website’s minimalist and elegant look.

4. Osmosis Media by Minimo Studio

[Source: Osmosis Media]

Standout Features:

  • Dark theme
  • Large photos
  • Visual storytelling

Minimo Studio worked with Osmosis Media to create a user-friendly website design that’s navigable, intuitive, and customer-focused.

With a simple black background and predominantly white typography, the website relies on its multimedia medley to communicate with visitors. The bold, rounded typography used for the headlines adds a stylistic touch to the simplistic elegance and sets a strong foundation for other types of content. (Here are more great examples of web designs with bold typography to inspire you.)

The videos and high-resolution galleries create powerful visual storytelling sessions through detailed case studies.

5. Peet's Coffee by Tequila 

[Source: Peet's Coffee]

Standout Features:

  • Simple and upfront
  • Warm and earthy colors
  • A coffee lovers' blog section

Peet's Coffee is hailed as one of the leaders in the specialty coffee industry thanks to its complex coffee flavors and dedication to the art of coffee. So, the brand approached Tequila, a branding & web design agency in Dubai, to help export its US image to the Middle East market with a new website design.

Their simple and upfront website design uses warm, earthy colors reflecting the coffee culture. The website delivers user-friendliness and aesthetics through subtle animations and an organized structure, making browsing easier.

The website is also optimized for mobile and desktop users, so those on the go can still browse it in the comfort of their phones.

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6. Brent Kendall

[Source: Brent Kendall]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Right-sided content
  • Single-page design

Brent Kendall’s website design represents a modern platform with a single-page design, providing all essential information in one page. This minimalist page features simple typography and a straightforward image gallery. (Check out other modern website designs.)

The website's above-the-fold features a one-liner on the left side of the screen, with a blank slate below it, while the artists’ credentials and About section takes up the right half of the page in an orderly yet stylish format.

The bottom half of the page contains a list of the designer’s works, images, and a short description.

7. Cryptonomic by Bushwick Design

[Source: Cryptonomic]

Standout Features:

  • Muted background
  • Vibrant gradients
  • With background visuals

Bushwick Design made the Cryptonomic web design practical and extremely simple to navigate. It features a fixed navigation bar at the top, highly legible typography, and a muted background.

The overall layout is neat, and background visuals keep the page from looking dull. The look of the background provides a canvas to make the white text and gradient accents stand out, delivering a well-contrasted view.

Overall, the Cryptonomic web design is simple, but pops of color provide a nice touch and make it easier to read the text.

8. Moonstone Creative

[Source: Moonstone Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and simple
  • Muted colors
  • Clear call-to-action buttons

Moonstone Creative’s website design replicates the moon’s elegance with its simple yet charming appeal. The well-balanced layout features high-resolution images that decorate and complement the serif font styles, giving it a chic look.

The homepage offers a preview of each section that can be explored in more detail via clear call-to-action buttons. There’s a quiz that gives you a tarot card for your business, enticing potential clients and effortlessly combining work and fun.

The featured work section acts as a portfolio for the brand, with photos, a brief description of the efforts made, and a link to the portfolio.

9. Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns by Janis Kozinda

[Source: Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns]

Standout Features:

  • Single-page design
  • Colorful visuals
  • Extensive portfolio gallery

This single-page design by Janis Kozinda highlights the profile and case studies of a Latvian freelance illustrator and designer, Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns.

The colorful visuals stand out with black as the primary background color, while the white text is easier to read. The scrolling journey is intriguing and engaging as each scroll triggers an interactive visual.

After the designer's initial welcoming message and professional credentials, the browsers gain access to an extensive series of his past work and some of the featured case studies. The vibrant teasers for the case studies also beautify the layout’s simple construction and greatly supplement the casual vibe.

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