6 Best Veterinary Website Designs That Put Your Pet's Health First

6 Best Veterinary Website Designs That Put Your Pet's Health First
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Last Updated: July 17, 2023

A well-designed veterinary website that provides a seamless browsing experience can attract new clients. We've listed some of the most innovative websites that excel in aesthetics, usability, and pet love!

We've gathered the work of the world's top-rated web designers to curate this list. If you wish to explore more visually appealing websites, head on to our best website designs catalog.

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1. Village Vet Clinic Eastcliff by ericaDesigns

[Source: Village Vet Clinic Eastcliff]

Standout Features:

  • Touching hero section
  • Emphasized contact details
  • Straightforward design

ericaDesigns' work for Village Vet Clinic Eastcliff is a good example of one of the industry's best veterinary websites, thanks to its balance of emotional imagery and high readability with direct messaging.

The website design uses a blend of relaxing colors and attractive pictures of cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, and more. The hero section features three animals through a sleek carousel, each looking at the user, prompting an emotional reaction. Below the hero section is a rectangular content box with important information like consultation hours, after-hour emergency care details, and a call to action to schedule an appointment.

The design is straightforward and has everything about the website at a glance. The site's easy navigation system makes browsing easier for users, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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2. Cardinal Animal Hospital by PIVOT MODE

[Source: Cardinal Animal Hospital]

Standout Features:

  • Minimal icons
  • Informative homepage
  • Welcoming color palette

Cardinal Animal Hospital's website design by PIVOT MODE goes for an emotional approach with increased readability.

The layout uses shades of pink, purple, and black to complement the brand's colors while instilling a sense of kindness. This allows clients to feel their furbabies are welcome and will be under the best care.

In addition, minimal icons showcase the hospital's services, each accompanied by a short description and a link to learn more about each service. The website also focuses on a simplified user journey, with a fixed navbar and essential information like the contact number and a call-to-action to request an appointment. Explore the best animal rescue apps and website designs.

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3. The Pet Vet by Rejuvenate Digital

[Source: Rejuvenate Digital]

Standout Features:

  • User-focused layout
  • Diverse services
  • Touching images

Rejuvenate Digital's design for The Pet Vet deserves to be on our list of best veterinary website designs because of its user-focused layout.

The hero section encompasses three pictures of pets that elicit an emotional response. Each slide also contains a useful call to action, whether to learn more about a specific service or to book an appointment with the clinic.

The design elaborates on the services provided through several card-based content blocks with images. There's also a helpful map with markers indicating the clinic's locations. To establish the clinic's authority, sections like news, reviews, and pet-related advice are seen on the homepage.

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4. KIM Veterinary Clinic & Surgery by Winnefy

[Source: KIM Veterinary Clinic & Surgery]

Standout Features:

  • Realistic images
  • Neutral color palette
  • Informative sections

KIM Veterinary Clinic & Surgery is next on our list of the best veterinary website designs. Designed by Winnefy, it is informative yet entertaining, providing a friendly approach to veterinary services.

The design features a simple color palette with blue, orange, and white as the main colors. Instead of using stock photos, on-site photography featuring the clinic's staff adds a personal and realistic touch. That way, clients know who are the people behind the clinic and what to expect from them.

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5. Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic by TEAPOT Digital

[Source: Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic]

Standout Features:

  • Cute graphics
  • Calming color palette
  • Client testimonials and clinic information

Another example of the best veterinary website design is Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic. Developed by TEAPOT Digital, this design features rotating staff bios, an informative blog, and a distinctive display of services. The website includes a relaxing white-and-blue combination, a cozy layout, and colorful animal graphics that elevate the user journey.

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Aside from the colorful graphics, there are actual photos of the veterinarians, client testimonials, and a short history of the clinic. These features provide a better insight into the clinic and add a personal touch.

6. Valley Veterinary Clinic by Unlisted

[Source: Unlisted]

Standout Features:

  • Simple color palette
  • Extensive, creative “About” section
  • Clean design with larger font styles

One of the most interesting veterinary website designs must be Unlisted’s Valley Veterinary Clinic. It’s intriguing due to its cleanliness and sheer simplicity with which it seamlessly communicates with the users.

The basis for the style of presentation stems from the color scheme. With several shades of relaxing green, the website relies on positive space to dilute the monotony and express its content vividly.

Aside from a 2D map illustration reminding the visitors of the clinic’s various locations in Wisconsin, the rest of the visuals are real-life photos relatable to the organization’s field of work.

As for textual content, the typography is sparse, but it’s emphasized by combining larger font styles and the addition of a cursive typeface.

Another interesting feature of this design is the thorough, creative, and thoroughly creative “About” section. This page introduces minimalist illustrations to the mix, followed by a linear timeline of the clinic’s successful history.

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