15 Best Web Designs by NYC Agencies

15 Best Web Designs by NYC Agencies
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Last Updated: February 24, 2023

New York City is a hub for creativity and innovation, especially in web design. Knowing where to start your search can be challenging, with many talented designers and agencies calling the city home.

That's why we've compiled a list of the best New York-based web designs to help you find the perfect partner for your next project.

From established firms with years of experience to up-and-coming studios with fresh perspectives, these agencies are at the top of their game and ready to bring your digital vision to life.

Whether looking for a sleek and modern website or a bold and dynamic e-commerce platform, these agencies have the skills and expertise to deliver top-quality results. So without further ado, let's dive into our list of the best website designers in NYC.

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1. Taim by Jd&co. Design

Taim by Jd&co. Design
[Source: Taim]

Standout Features:

  • Warm, cozy illustrations
  • Soothing light green
  • Product photography

Taim Falafel is a casual family-owned business that brings the taste of the East to Western customers. Jd&co. Design helped provide a responsive website design that reflects the restaurant’s elegance (Here are some tips to improve your family business web design).

The layout uses positive space and gentle beige to contrast with the dominant but soothing light green in the website's header, footer, and clickable elements.

The layout encompasses lots of delicious product-based photography that portrays everything related to the cuisine, from chickpeas as a main ingredient to the falafels in a pita on the plate.

The short content blocks are decorated with warm, cozy illustrations that depict the store, the owners, and the cooking process in a delightful way.

With this color palette, product photography, and cute little illustrations, this web design supports the refreshing atmosphere the restaurant owners are trying to evoke in their customers.

2. RawMaxx by Top Notch Dezigns

RawMaxx by Top Notch Dezigns
[Source: Top Notch Dezigns]

Standout Features:

  • Action-focused homepage
  • Sticky menu bar
  • On-brand color scheme

RawMaxx is known for some of the highest-quality trailers at affordable prices. Their attention to detail is top of the line and they truly are striving to improve their products and not settle for mediocre. That trailblazing approach continues online.

Their website, courtesy of the aptly named Top Notch Dezigns, is a masterclass of contemporary design and a seamless user journey. Right from the get-go, the visitors are met with an exciting video reel that, while focusing on RawMaxx's signature product, takes you far away - the Paris Dakar rally for example!

Each step, each click is meaningful and well-thought-out, making users' journey down the conversion funnel a thrilling ride.

3. ACUTEKIDS URGENT CARE by Jay Advertising


Standout Features:

  • A one-page layout
  • Encouraging messaging about children's illness
  • Ample negative space

ACUTEKIDS URGENT CARE is an organization that discusses the urgent need for care centers and children and offers a quicker alternative for the young. Jay Advertising created a straightforward web design that helps portray ACUTEKIDS URGENT CARE as a speedy action-taker.

This one-page layout website starts with relaxing hero images on a carousel. Each depicts a picture of a child playing around and a catchline call to keep your child safe and healthy. The design is easy to navigate, either from a quick scrolling experience or from the top menu choices.

The ample negative space is used by letting the comprehensive content remain the center of your attention. The headlines and CTAs are orange, with each content block ending with a relatable CTA; the website aims to educate and offer practical help.

4. Taylor Christian Agency by cDs GLOBAL

Taylor Christian Agency by cDs GLOBAL
[Source: Taylor Christian Agency]

Standout Features:

  • The homepage resembles a fashion magazine cover
  • Laden with model photography
  • Extremely limited textual content

Taylor Christian Agency’s website was designed by cDs GLOBAL. The design lets the visuals breathe and omits any unnecessary textual content.

The homepage looks like a chic fashion magazine cover, with three interchangeable pictures of the same model taking up the whole screen. If you enjoy fashion, check out some other beautiful fashion web designs!

There are only two options, one listing the artists and their work and the other offering you ways to contact the agency. The agency’s logo is scaled up and placed in the top left corner.

The “Artists” section lists the people belonging to the agency, each represented with a photo model. A filtering option lets you focus on specific art types by highlighting the artists that excel in that category.

Upon clicking on any artist, you will be presented with an extensive gallery of their photo, advertising, and video work. A bio section also lets you know more about them.

5. The Timberlodge by JP Web Design & Media

The Timberlodge by JP Web Design & Media
[Source: The Timberlodge]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward pop-up
  • Sticky navbar/menu
  • A wedding venue awards showcase

The Timberlodge is a renowned wedding venue, but it’s much more. The brand’s web design lets you know all about it as soon as you land through a straightforward pop-up window with a short catalog and calls to action for all your needs.

The web design was made by JP Web Design & Media, and the agency ensured it offers a variety of incredible photography of the venue and subtle word-of-mouth testimonials near the fillable forms. The description of the place is as convincing as the “trophy case” that guarantees the venue’s quality over several consecutive years.

And if you’re still unconvinced, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. The sticky menu lets you view the gallery and witness incredible wedding stories.

Despite primarily focusing on weddings, the website design reminds viewers they can enjoy golf at the Arrowhead.

6. Errol Antzis by DePinho Design

Errol Antzis by DePinho Design
[Source: Errol Antzis]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant black, white, and teal palette
  • A multilayered hero image
  • A “triple” About section

Errol Antzis is a multi-talented, jack-of-all-trades-type of person. DePinho Design developed Errol’s online portfolio website for three different industries.

The website’s homepage greets you with a graffiti-like visual display of everything Errol does. We see guitars, piano keys, coins, banks, and other architectural pieces. The slow animation adds his collage cut-out picture holding a puppy. Immediately, a small CTA invites you to meet him!

The colors on the website are limited to a black-and-white classic with a dash of teal, adding a sense of elegance to the design.

The website’s unique “About” section introduces this man’s triple professional identity. However, this is just a sneak peek. Each section provides more in-depth information about many interesting facts about Errol as a musician, banker, and entrepreneur.

7. Da Long Yi Hot Pot by AM Branding

Da Long Yi Hot Pot by AM Branding
[Source: Da Long Yi Hot Pot]

Standout Features:

  • An immersive video in the background
  • “Spicy” visuals
  • Multiple scrollable images

Da Long Yi Hot Pot hired AM Branding to create a distinctive website design. The result? A next-level website design and a spectacle for food lovers, prompting you to book a table and enjoy the delicious dishes!

Upon visiting the website, you’re met with a full-screen video of oil dripping into a red sauce, followed by a mixture of fresh vegetables and herbs. The scrolling experience is full of devilishly-red spicy visuals, primarily visuals depicting hot peppers.

After showing the cooking process and the plated meal, the design teases viewers with an incredible interior depicted throughout the prominent gallery.

The typography is limited but heavy, with the headers emphasized by two dividing lines embracing them. Each of these lines features a small old symbol of Chinese culture, boosting the cultural experience.

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8. GamesPad by Adwivo

GamesPad by Adwivo
[Source: GamesPad]

Standout Features:

  • Dashboard-like preview
  • Icons with drop-shadow effect in the same color
  • Futuristic, robotic visuals

GamesPad is not just a brand. It’s a worldwide network of NFT and Metaverse gaming enthusiasts. Adwiwo provided an extensive online hub through an immersive and futuristic web design.

The homepage provides an extensive dashboard-like preview of all past, current, and future projects. The futuristic space blue is accompanied by many other stunning vibrant color variants across the board, like the minimal teal icons with a drop-shadow effect. The design also features a card-based list of partners and media features.

The website’s universe is vast, filled with futuristic, robotic characters and visuals that decorate and bring the needed energy to the thorough content blocks describing everything to the most minute detail.

The design ensures you can navigate the website regardless of where you’re from, so several language-based community options exist.

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9. A3 Ventures by Kegan Quimby

A3 Ventures by Kegan Quimby
[Source: A3 Ventures]

Standout Features:

  • Immersive photography
  • Corporate design
  • Content-heavy design

Kegan Quimby is another NYC-based agency that made it to our best website designs. The agency's straightforward approach to the A3 Ventures website is highly commendable!

A3 Ventures is the innovational lab and capital investment engine of AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah (AAA NCNU) that researches our life in the future, primarily focused on automobiles.

The homepage opens with an immersive photo that inspires thinking about our green future. The hero text poses an intriguing question, followed by a clickable answer.

After a short content block, the design showcases four categories through real-life photography of the prototypes that will change how we function. The website combines the ample negative space with the attention-grabbing red to form a simple yet effective color combination used in this design.

Each category briefly explains the organization’s ideas and mission, highlighting frequent testimonial quotes amid the images. Overall, the design circles on content and a few photos to support the text, avoiding redundant visual elements.

10. Kenne Shepherd - Interior Design Architecture PLLC by Luckychair

Kenne Shepherd - Interior Design Architecture PLLC by Luckychair
[Source: Kenne Shepherd]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive past work gallery
  • Standard retail design style
  • A list of top clients

Kenne Shepherd is an interior designer with a unique and fashionable style and rich history. Luckychair created a web design that simultaneously lets you meet Kenne Shepherd and her exceptional work.

This extensive portfolio can best be seen in the “Projects” section of the fixed menu. Hovering over each picture tells you the project’s name, and clicking on the image takes you to a more detailed description.

The design also provides a good amount of data across four separate categories, aiming to explain the processes and methodology behind the agency’s work. This segment is followed by a CTA that invites you to ask the questions you might have about the content!

Finally, the design portrays a list of top clients, reinforcing the quality of the agency’s work.

11. Aging in New York Fund by LE30 Designs

Aging in New York Fund by LE30 Designs
[Source: Aging in New York Fund]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic background
  • Legibility-focused
  • Stats through cards

Aging in New York Fund is another example of the inclusive nature of this great city. The organization aims to reduce ageism and improve the status of elderly citizens, and LE30 Designs helped by providing the organization with an intuitive website design that allows them to address common issues online.

The website opens with a strong image of the elderly from various cultural and geographical origins under the blue sky with clouds moving and the Empire State Building, the symbol of NYC. The typography choice provides high readability, addressing the target audience efficiently.

Several warm-colored content blocks discuss society and the card-based vital stats regarding ageism. These rectangles also encompass a gradient effect, giving the design a smooth touch.

While the landing page is limited in written content, the pages from the About section offer a deep dive into the society’s aims, plans, and history. There’s also a cute small shop that lets you support the cause!

12. NUEVO by Jola Interactive

NUEVO by Jola Interactive
[Source: NUEVO]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalistic
  • An abundance of positive space
  • A monochrome color palette

Nuevo is a furniture design company that uses the finest materials for building top-quality furniture. Jola Interactive created NUEVO’s website design in a way that emphasizes these products and places focus on them entirely.

With limited typography and abundant positive space, the web design allows more products to shine. The minimalistic design starts by presenting several of the finest featured designs in a short carousel with a subtle underlined “shop now” button at the intersection of two photos. Check these examples of eCommerce website designs with great branding to get inspired!

The fixed navbar provides a drop-down menu with categories based on the type of furniture or the specific room. Apart from the chairs and tables, there’s also a category featuring custom-made game tables (for poker, foosball, ping pong, and chess). The lack of vivid colors further supports the emphasis on products.

13. Ginjan Bros by The Bright Republic

Ginjan Bros by The Bright Republic
[Source: Ginjan Bros]

Standout Features:

  • Product-focused
  • A cool, relatable origin story
  • Depicting a rich cultural experience

Ginjan Bros are a brand that aims to integrate many African tastes into the US market. The brand’s intriguing, storytelling website design was developed by The Bright Republic.

Apart from the standard e-commerce website features like the product catalog, this design encapsulates the fantastic story of two brothers moving to the States while retaining the pride of their African origins and culture.

The hamburger menu stretches across the screen, with an impressive green background and a top right sun-like visual element with the map of Africa in its center.

The “About” section combines the exciting story with many colorful photos, with a remarkable “time-traveling” aspect that tells you how the brand evolved through various decades.

The gallery encapsulates the founders, the interior of their café, the menu and the various star products that help you explore the taste of Africa.

14. World Resources Institute: High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel) by 3Lane Marketing

World Resources Institute: High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel) by 3Lane Marketing
[Source: Ocean Panel]

Standout Features:

  • Cool dynamic elements
  • Educative
  • Stunning marine life photography

Ocean Panel is a unique global initiative that aims to educate and lead toward a sustainable ocean economy. Its web design, built by 3Lane Marketing, contains graphic and written proof of the ocean’s importance and the need to protect it.

The homepage immediately draws you into this critical subject through a clever moving picture of dolphins swimming in a circle. The video is “shot” from the deep-sea point of view, so we see the light from the sun in the center. Surrounding that light and inside the closed dolphin circle is the rotating logo of the Ocean Panel.

The scrolling experience is presented as if you are diving deep into the ocean, with extensive information about the problems displayed through heavy typography, charts, and some stunning marine life photography.

As the scrolling experience is long, the design has a fixed navbar that lets you quickly head to a specific section.

15. HoliMont by Williams Media

HoliMont by Williams Media
[Source: HoliMont]

Standout Features:

  • Extremely customizable
  • Accessibility profile options
  • Sticky top menu

HoliMont is a ski resort with over 50 years of providing various leisure services to families and friends. While the brand helps you build memories, design agency Williams Media supports its vision by creating a stimulating web design.

The homepage opens with an encouraging message to explore HoliMont. It’s accompanied by an inviting video in the background that shows a variety of activities the resort has in the catalog, as well as people enjoying them.

The dark green that’s found across the layout resembles the color of the conifer trees that are inseparable from the snowy mountain landscapes. You can explore the interchangeable content blocks with vital information and high-resolution photography from the resort. At the same time, the sticky menu enables you to quickly head over to a different part of the website.

The bottom left corner shows a white stick figure in a green circle. Clicking it lets you gain access to fantastic UX-improving options. This option help vision-impaired people, those with ADHD, or cognitive disability.

But that’s not all. The same option lets you customize everything. The content spacing, alignment, and visuals – you can adjust the colors, contrast, and saturation according to your liking.

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