9 Best Website Designs of 2022

9 Best Website Designs of 2022
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 06, 2023

Before we get to the new exciting beginnings, we need to pay homage to all the hidden gems of the past year and shed some light on the best website designs of the year 2022! While it was difficult to devise this list, as there is some exceptional web designers' work out there, we’ve narrowed it down to a number of those that outshine the competition.

Whether it’s due to their eye-candy visuals, the user-friendly interface, or overall user experience, these are the best website designs of 2022.

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1. Karreerne by Voksevaerk

beautiful websites 2022
[Source: Voksevaerk]

Standout Features:

  • “Arbitrary” positioning
  • Stripey aesthetics
  • Informative homepage

Voksevaerk did a terrific job in conveying the nature of this website through their website informative and fun web design that leaves no stone unturned for an interested party.

The entire website is full of playful golden-white stripes that indicate the building blocks of these modern housing and their top quality, all originally and attractively. A similar variation of these stripes found its way into the typography, with most headlines written in custom, double-lined gold characters that complement the website’s walls.

The web design leverages the positive space through a combination of arbitrarily-placed, color-coded content blocks describing the pictures. Rather than seeming messy, this “chaotic order” secures your focus and remains intact, providing a unique virtual journey resembling your first drive around the Karres neighborhood.

2. Oskar Koli's Freelance Portfolio

best website 2022
[Source: Oskar Koli's Freelance Portfolio]

Standout Features:

  • Gravity pick lottery machine aesthetics
  • Bright, cute, and colorful
  • Multiple interpretations

Oskar Koli is a Helsinki-based developer and designer who excels in building the best digital experiences. His portfolio website proves that CVs don’t have to be a monotonous chore for recruiters – it is a fulfilling and generous experience that showcases Koli’s understanding of the audience’s demand.

His intriguing web design, like great art, is open for interpretation. The visuals encompass tiny colorful balls hovering around the screen and forming a circle. These visuals can be seen as a microscopic view inside a chemistry lab, where the “atom splits” represent the attention to detail that entails Koli’s work.

However, now and then, one ball is “drawn” to the middle, just like with the gravity-pick lottery machines. The unique ball is enlarged and provides a platform for communicating Koli’s approach to his solutions.

But this bright, colorful ride doesn’t end there. As you keep scrolling, you follow the narrowed window of these meaningful balls (or messages) and follow their growth – from simple concepts and ideas to realization and life.


best website designs 2022
[Source: App bis web]

Standout Features:

  • Powerful and wild video intro
  • Educative, fun and (environmentally-)friendly
  • Cute, minimalistic doodles

WILDERNESS INTERNATIONAL is an organization devoted to preserving the wildlife of our beautiful planet by gathering funds that will allow them to purchase and protect endangered wilderness areas worldwide. Their website was designed by App bis web, and the agency paid homage to WILDERNESS INTERNATIONAL’s efforts through a beautiful concept that connects their goals and modern visuals.

The website’s homepage prompts you to watch a powerful video that will leave no nature-lover untouched. Once the video leaves the viewer with a basic comprehension of the organization’s aims, it’s time to dive deeper. The following section contains four short content blocks explaining your potential role in their goal, accompanied by cute, minimalistic black-and-white doodles.

At this point, you are familiar with the concept, so the website takes you deeper into the forest through minimalistic visuals resembling the lush green life we’ve seen on National Geographic. The content blocks, cool doodles, and simplistic, soothing visuals take a serious concern and present it in an educative, fun, and environmentally friendly way, making this web design one of the best of the year 2022!

4. Isabel Bogarin

best website design 2022
[Source: Isabel Bogarin]

Standout Features:

  • Straightforward
  • Content-only homepage
  • Clear-cut hamburger menu

Isabel Bogarin is a designer who proves that good taste and intelligent use of traditional tools can make and look modern and efficient. Her portfolio website design refrains from using all the, often unnecessary, visuals that are hard to follow and laser-focuses your attention on the crucial aspects.

Her web design is straightforward, starting with a distinctive unicolor blue homepage with a headlined white content block taking up most of the screen.

The homepage header features her nametag on the left and a sweet, comprehensible hamburger menu on the right, both in pink. The omission of other elements lets you digest her short and sweet introduction, ensuring you don’t miss any of the three hyperlinked pathways.

Despite the homepage’s simplicity, the web design does not lack diversity. In fact, both the “About” and the “Work” sections are presented differently, emphasizing the variety of approaches Bogarin can work with.

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5. Bielenda by mDevelopers

cool websites 2022
[Source: mDevelopers]

Standout Features:

  • A pamphlet-like carousel
  • Ample negative space
  • Highlighted products

Bielenda is a natural cosmetics producer with a prominent, three-decade-long history of helping their customers feel and look good. This eCommerce website design takes a step up from its over-saturated market thanks to the work of mDevelopers.

The homepage features an extensive pamphlet-like carousel that showcases all their top products and offers, establishing the atmosphere of billboard advertising. The use of negative space improves the readability and enables the highlighted products to remain relevant rather than easily missed.

Further below, conventional featured products are listed through an image that “escapes” the frame and video content, giving the design an interactive atmosphere through multiple media.

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6. Josiah Goldsmith

beautiful websites in 2022
[Source: Josiah Goldsmith]

Standout Features:

  • Decluttered and clean
  • Balanced
  • Classy, old typewriter font

Josiah Goldsmith is a British designer working from South Korea with clients worldwide. Goldsmith’s unique approach to art and design can be seen best through his website design.

The homepage is divided in two, with the left half featuring a combination of images and content blocks and the right half highlighting only the menu in the top right corner.

The rest is comprised of the blank space that forms a canvas for all of Goldsmith's future endeavors. This decluttered and clean layout is a piece of art itself because, in a way, the left half can be viewed as his thought process for a new project (the right half of the screen).

The choice for the typography landed on a classy, old newspaper print font type, indicating the hard work behind typewriter-written texts. This idea is enforced further through a key message in the footer, “With one’s own two hands.”

7. Secret Stache by FlowState Branding

Secret Stache by FlowState Branding
[Source: FlowState Branding]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic elements
  • Great design and copy balance
  • Color-coded sections

Secret Stache is a web development firm established by adventure-loving engineers. Their website design is the work of FlowState Branding, which emphasizes the fun and playfulness behind every project Secret Stache works on.

The website design is full of dynamic visual elements with great storytelling ability. The homepage depicts a “creative space” that embraces the company’s work style. The scrolling experience is unique as the background color shifts to complement the highlighted image and content block representing each section.

Rather than relying on the more conventional square or rectangular frames for the typography, the copy is placed in a free-form black blob next to the illustration – providing a significant focus on the grey text.

8. Back Forty by House of Giants

Back Forty by House of Giants
[Source: House of Giants]

Standout Features:

  • Video-led content
  • Heavy sans serif typography
  • “noisy” background (grainy effect)

Back Forty is an artist management and music supervision company that places art above everything else. House of Giants helped them convey that message through the authentic firm’s website design with a simple but effective, beautiful solution.

This website design revolves around a range of high-quality videos that go hand in hand with dynamic headlines, opting for a direct, assertive atmosphere. While the textual content is scarce, headline-only typography effectively communicates Back Forty’s services.

The “About” section is the only one that relies on larger chunks of text, and it’s presented through heavy sans serif typography – preserving the aggressive atmosphere. A final touch that turned up the volume of this beautiful web design is the grainy effect used for the background that provides a sense of non-stop motion.

9. Echt Social

best website in 2022
[Source: Echt Social]

Standout Features:

  • Modern art imagery
  • Dynamic copy appearance
  • A blue-orange color palette

Echt Social is a digital marketing agency revolving around the core principle that uniqueness is a cause for celebration. Their authentic approach to every project can be seen through their modern and soothing web design.

The entire design embraces innovation through simplicity. This is best felt through the modern art imagery found across the website, encompassing various elements and art styles into a beautiful, meaningful whole. By relying on multiple shades of blue, orange, and some white to fill the gaps, the website can communicate all the vital aspects of the agency’s offers while simultaneously letting you feel its personal touch.

As you scroll around, the dynamic copy will shift into existence just by the time the designs tickled your imagination through these cool visuals. The content blocks’ spacing helps improve the readability, and you can always jump straight to your points of interest through the fixed navbar, never leaving your side.

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