Verification Beautiful Homepage

Nuclear Verification was created for the sole purpose of raising comprehensive awareness of nuclear disarmament and verification. In both function and form, the informational site is designed to effectively engage the population in the various nuances of the largely unknown Nuclear Verification process.

The home page serves as a solid introduction to the body of the experience, which focuses on an interactive map. This home page actually occupies the sky just above the map, so as users scroll past it, they’ll be seamlessly dropped into an interactive focal point of the site. It successfully carries users through the experience, giving it cohesion and linearity.

Additionally, the soft color palette and the friendly font choice creates a strictly personal, educational tone for the site. Covering an issue as serious as this could easily cause the site to descend into fear or aggression. The designer has done a good job maintaining a docile design to keep users more receptive to the lessons of the impending experience.

Verification Beautiful Website Design

As mentioned, the main focus of the site is this interactive map, which uses both visual and textual elements to inform users in an engaging, personal way. The map menu features a variety of buildings and areas that all serve some critical purpose in the Nuclear Verification Process. Users can click on one of the building icons to learn about what, in particular, that location does. In this way, users receive information in a more incremental, friendly way that still ultimately constitutes a complete knowledge of the issue. By designing the site’s content to unfold this way, the designer has made the staunch material more interactive and easy to digest.

Verification Clean Website Design

This is an example of the kind of page users will discover after clicking a location on the map. Here, the meat of the site’s content is fleshed out, providing users with extensive information about each area. What’s so excellent about this design is it’s relationship to the previous page. By gating dense pages of text behind cute interactive icons, the designer has made the flow of the site feel more fun than educational. The content is much easier to receive, and the experience of the site is less clunky because of the simple gating scheme.

Verification is a top website design in the Education industry.