Walmart Logo Website Design

Walmart’s Mobile Web Design Dominates The E-Commerce Industry

Walmart is one of the biggest names in retail and e-commerce. It gathers around a wide market of brands, selling these products in their stores and online to millions of people across the country.

Walmart has been a leader in the retail space for years, growing rapidly since it was founded in 1969. As of 2017, Walmart was the largest company in America in terms of revenue. The brand made more than $485 million. And each year, Walmart continues to top the list and increase from the year before.

Everyone knows Walmart. Everyone has probably been in a Walmart and done some shopping. It’s a store that offers everything — from groceries to gardening supplies. If you’re looking for a store that can offer you what you want at an affordable price, you’ll probably search out a Walmart.

It’s no wonder that the there’s a Walmart in almost every city in America.

When it comes to shopping and retail, Walmart is a name that immediately comes to mind. And its website design aids in this. We are entering a world where a lot of sales are moving online, and Walmart has done a fantastic job at creating an online experience that is easy, simple and streamlined.

It’s one of the most visually appealing e-commerce websites that exist today, but what really makes this design stand out is its responsiveness. Walmart has done a phenomenal job at creating a mobile website that is just as easy to navigate as their desktop site. And they have their design to thank for that.

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Walmart Homepage Website Design

Walmart’s Online Platform Focuses On Simplicity And Organization

Walmart's mobile design is clean, focused and organized. The bar at the top includes an easy drop-down menu, a responsive logo and a smart search bar that makes finding your product easier than ever before. And the cart is right at your fingertips. Literally, it's right there in a bold, little icon so you can't ever get lost or too carried away.

These little icons make it a breeze to navigate from section to section, and they are so clearly laid out that it's hard not to keep adding more to your cart.

There is also a lot of clean, white space that makes the products stand out and makes its easier to decide on what to buy. This also works to entice consumers and urge them to buy things that they might not have necessarily bought otherwise.

Departments, categories and sections are broken down into big bold rectangles. It's almost too easy and simple to start browsing or head directly to the sections of your choosing.

Navigation is streamlined through these icons and this simple grid-like layout. 

Smart search options and intuitive buyer suggestions also maximize efficiency and elevate the overall user experience of the mobile design.

This user-friendly mobile design is a shoppers paradise.

Walmart Departments Website Design

Walmart’s Website Design Is Clean Yet Comprehensive

This clean and clear website design beautifully lays out product offerings in a sophisticated and engaging way. But it doesn't sacrifice content.

Walmart's mobile design packs a punch, including a comprehensive layout of products, suggestions and options.

There's a comprehensiveness to this design that takes away any questions you might have. 

Smart searching gives you a variety of options tailored to your needs, and an extensive filtering system puts you in full control. 

This page scrolls on, making it easy to check out all the content without feeling overwhelmed by it. Each section is broken apart slightly from the one prior by colors and shapes that guide you along.

And the handy menu bar is always present, adding efficiency and an instinctive quality to this brand that makes engaging with them something you look forward to.

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Walmart Products Website Design

The Walmart Website Makes Mobile Shopping Easy

When it comes to online shopping, you want it to be easy. If you want to find what you’re looking for, throw it in your cart and checkout. And you want this easiness whether you’re trying to make a purchase quickly, or you’re agonizing over it for days.

People want easy. People want simplicity. People want smart mobile websites that essentially tell them what they want and how to get it. And Walmart’s mobile web design does exactly that, and then some.

Navigation is simple thanks to its responsive elements like icons and images. The cart is easy to manage. The organization is flawless. And there is an intuitive quality to the design that uses clean space and eye-catching images to nudge you in the right direction as far as what you want to buy.

This design is consistent with the overall brand. It’s simple, affordable and approachable. Colors and designs are integrated throughout that match the brand in-store and online.

The machine learning aspect of this site makes shopping simple, with its auto-filtering of results, smart search bar and user-friendly buyer journey.

This design puts an emphasis on online commerce and aligns Walmart as a digital destination that consumers should look to for their household needs.

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