Cereal Elegant Homepage

Cereal is a digital magazine that allows readers read about some of the most interesting designs and art they can find. Their elegant image holds up very well and their offerings - from classic to modern -- are enough to keep anyone engaged for hours.

The landing page is a lovely collection of photographs that really define what the site is about, leading the user to investigate further. Paired with a very refreshing color palette, this creates a serene experience.

One of the key features of the landing page is the design itself, as the site is based on art and design as a whole. Useful links are present to lead users to the Art and Design pages, which allow a deeper view into each photograph and allow the user to learn a bit more about the company itself.

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Once you reach the product page, you already have a deeper view of the company and what they can offer.  The product page itself features the same classic and elegant design, with minimal text style that encourages visitors to read more about each product offered.

Strong contrasting is shown in the color scheme with a charcoal gray backing for the footer menu, which contains both hyperlinks and social media buttons that give the option to share the site with friends, family, and colleagues.

Cereal Elegant Gallery Page

In following with the already solidified style of the site, the product page offering their travel guides is well-laid-out with a minimal text style, drawing visitors in and offering some more great photography for each guide in the layout.

Links are available to take a deeper look at each guide and discover the pricing and availability; users are sure to find each guide to be enticing in its own right.

Overall, the site offers a classic, clean, stylish feeling while offering great products to their potential customers. 

Added to the refined appearance and comfortable atmosphere, this creates the perfect environment to display the many offerings of Cereal and gives users a chance to truly enjoy some great art and design elements.

Cereal is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.

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