Zumtobel Colorful Homepage

Welcome to Zumtobel, leading designers in lighting design. Whether you’re looking to create an entirely new work space or update your old one, Zumtobel has the lighting solutions for you!

Lovely pinks and oranges create a gradient color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes and soft in nature as you enter Zumtobel’s home page. The pastel option is a dynamic contrast to the steely, cool toned photograph slideshow sitting beside the colored box. The combination is a brilliant introduction as you see a number of projects the company has worked on, in a vibrant manner.

Become familiar with the many lighting lines that Zumtobel site has made by scrolling down the home page. Greys, white, and black come together as you’re presented with a screen-filling grid of product images to peruse through. The color choice is reminiscent of the color values of lighting that can be produced--anything from vibrant white to black lighting. It’s a subtle design choice that creates a big impact on how the product line teasers visually stimulate as you go through them.

Not sure what kind of light you want? That’s okay, too! Zumtobel has you covered as you come to the bottom of the page. The pastel coloring returns and lays out an icon based grid to show your ability to shop by mount-type rather than specific product. Each design lights up and more becomes visually appealing as you move over it, adding a playful effect to keep you enticed.

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Zumtobel Colorful Contact Page

Have a few questions? Want to make Zumtobel work for your project? Head on over to the company’s contact page to find out who's the right person to reach out to. The pink and orange gradient you got used to now includes a luscious purple for added variety. It takes the soft appearance and darkens it to complement the cooler tones of the page. Take a scroll to see the main players of Zumtobel and how they can help you. The collection of portraits are overlaid with the pastel color scheme. The choice makes them look right at home on the page and doesn’t take away from the important contact information you’re there to find.

Steely imagery and gorgeous color gradients combine to create a stunning visual experience for users who visit Zumtobel. The duo is sleek and easy on the eyes, a testament to what the company creates.

Zumtobel is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail industry. 

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