Watch: Snapchat Has a Whole New App Design - And Evan Spiegel is Here to Tell Us About It

Love it or hate it, Snapchat is engrained in our society. From silly selfies to music video releases, the app has brand building down to a science. 

But what happens when the brand blurs with your friends a little too much, and the media takes over the "social" aspect of the network? 

Enter: A redesign. 

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel gives us a quick tutorial of the new app and how he hopes it will improve user experience across the board. Watch below: 

"Your friends aren't content, they're relationships," says Spiegel in the video. To reinforce the difference between the Kardashians and your closest confidants, Snapchat's latest app design pulls those influencers and brands out of your friend list and places them solely into the "Discover" list to the right of the camera. Meanwhile, your friend list remains intact to the left.  

The update also makes it easier to chat directly with your friends, as the photo-based app has included more text-based communication in later years. 

But will this venture into stronger UX be successful for Snap? We'll certainly be keeping our eyes on it and reporting back...

Do you like the new redesign, or are you over Snapchat for good? Tell us in the comments!

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