What Makes Social Media Agencies in New Jersey Unique

According to the financial organization WalletHub, New Jersey is a national leader in education. As the seventh-most educated state in the country, it boasts highly rated universities offering strong curriculums, advanced modules and helpful resources for students to use.

Additionally, it ranks as the ninth “smartest” state in the US considering that it has great scores in terms of several measures like:

  • IQ scores
  • SAT scores
  • ACT scores
  • The percentage of college graduates

These facts indicate that New Jersey reigns supreme when it comes to leading workforce and houses some of the best social media marketing specialists in the nation.

In other words, here you will get access to cutting-edge talent to execute your project.

Despite being one of the smallest, New Jersey is the fourth most diverse state in the US, as WalletHub states.

Celebrating different cultures, traditions and languages, it welcomes international investments. In fact, it is home to 995,000 foreign companies.

This highly-diverse community shows that social media specialists operating in the area tend to accumulate experience with businesses and clients of different backgrounds and languages.

As such, New Jersey social media management companies can:

  • Understand the multicultural markets well
  • Deal with both national and international clients
  • Relate to people of different challenges

Having said that, a social media agency in New Jersey can be well suited to help you reach and engage a wider audience on social platforms.

Business district in New Jersey at dusk
New Jersey ranks as the ninth smartest state in the U.S.

What Does an NJ Social Media Marketing Company Specialize in?

As opposed to their peers elsewhere in the world, social media agencies in New Jersey are more likely to be qualified in executing projects for the locally dominant sectors.

As stated by Investopedia, the largest industries driving the state’s economy are:

  • Financial services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Life sciences

They understand the local audiences well and have unique insights on their likes, dislikes and challenges. Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to help in reaching and engaging those audiences online.

However, serving national and international businesses, they have gained experience in a broad sector of industries as well.

Like other companies specialized in social media marketing, those operating in New Jersey are in charge of:

  • Representing businesses on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while increasing awareness and enhancing their online presence
  • Building brands through developing and distributing strategic posts and advertisements
  • Analyzing ROI of campaigns and measuring results

The core services of a social media agency in New Jersey can boil down into a few categories:

  • Account management
  • Customer service
  • Advertising
  • Account growth
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What Are the Different Types of New Jersey Social Media Management Agencies?

To cater to the specific needs of businesses (which indeed come in different shapes and sizes), social media agencies in New Jersey have become incredibly large.

They have branched out to create various divisions, so we can categorize them in a few different ways based on the type of services they offer:

  • Consulting agencies: These agencies serve as third-party advisors helping businesses solve their unique challenges. From developing and executing strategies to offering tips on best practices, reporting and analytics, these specialized companies offer different road maps for social media success.
  • Content creation agencies: Some NJ social media marketing companies specialize in developing unique and high-quality content as well as ad design for specific social media platforms to help businesses generate engagement. It may come in the form of videos, images, written content and more. (Check out the top 20 social media ad designs to get inspired by).
  • Campaign management agencies: These dedicated agencies exclusively focus on planning, developing, scheduling and sharing content relevant to each platform. Additionally, they usually follow the audience’s activity patterns and create analytical reports tracking various metrics.
  • Influencer marketing agencies: Companies that offer influencer social media services in NJ help clients and businesses discover and collaborate with the right influencers in their niche to strengthen their online presence.
  • Social media advertising agencies: These types of advertising firms typically concentrate on running paid ads to help brands reach their target audiences and generate the desired engagement. Some examples are messenger ads and story ads.

How Much Do Social Media Services in NJ Cost?

The price your business will have to pay for professional social media services in NJ depends on several factors like:

  • The number of services you’d require
  • The type of your business
  • The type and number of platforms used
  • Influencer targeting

That said, each company in the area may have different cost structures, with some of the most common being:

  • Hourly fee (typically ranges between $50 and $300 per hour)
  • Project-based fee (may start at $1,000 and go up to $50,000)
  • Result-based fee (the cost depends on the desired results)

To select the most appropriate partner for your budget easily and quickly, be sure to use our practical filtering tool above.

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Why Should You Hire a Social Media Agency in New Jersey?

New Jersey is the second top paying state for marketing managers. So, it’s no wonder Jersey City is one of the metropolitan areas with the highest employment level of this occupation.

Considering the high competition, it is safe to assume that NJ social media marketing specialists offer high-quality services.

These are the key reasons why you should handle your project to a social media marketing agency in New Jersey:

  • Leading talent: Being a national leader in education, New Jersey boasts highly skilled professionals that offer internationally competitive services.
  • Local market expertise: Unlike other US-based peers, New Jersey social media management agencies have gained deep experience in the locally dominant industries. This is a key characteristic that allows them to offer cutting-edge services and industry insights to help businesses achieve their goals online.
  • Understanding of the multicultural markets: Companies offering social media services in NJ operate in a truly diverse environment. They employ bilingual talent serving international clients of different backgrounds and cultures. This gives them an advantage over their competitors as they can help you reach a wider audience.
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How to Select the Best NJ Social Media Marketing Company

As a top-paying state for marketing managers, New Jersey is home to a huge number of social media companies.

To make your search less overwhelming and help you select the best business partner, follow these steps:

Step #1: Read Client Feedback

The reviews of previous clients will reveal important information on each company’s reliability, transparency and flexibility.

Take the time to read them as they will not only give you a solid grasp of their previous work and the results they have achieved, but you will also find out if they are a good cultural fit.

Step #2: Search for a Solid Portfolio

Many social media agencies in New Jersey offer a broad range of similar services. Depending on the goals you set, look for a differentiating factor and see which of them can deliver the type of results your business needs.

Step #3: Ask About Their Industry Experience

The agency you hire should ideally have a thorough understanding of your field.

In other words, they should be familiar with the various services you offer, the culture of your industry, the terminology and more. That way they can develop content tailored for your specific audience.

Step #4: Find Out What Tools They Use

The best social media agency in New Jersey should have access to premium social media tools that can help in managing your accounts. These may include photo editing tools, scheduling software and more.

Step #5: Understand Their Reporting Structure

Social media analytics are quite important to track as they can help understand your audience’s behavior, needs and expectations. Tracking different metrics matters in improving your efforts and delivering campaigns that can ultimately help in achieving your business goals.

Thereby, be sure to understand the reporting structure of the potential social media agencies in New Jersey before making the choice.

10 Questions to Ask New Jersey Social Media Management Firms Before Hiring One

To make sure you’ve hired the best social media marketing agency in New Jersey, consider asking the following questions:

  1. How do you develop your social media strategies?
  2. How much are you familiar with our industry and target audience? Have you worked on any similar projects?
  3. According to you, what are the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for our business?
  4. What platforms do you recommend for our type of business?
  5. What type of social media tools do you have access to?
  6. Who will be managing our accounts and what level of experience do they have?
  7. How will you measure the success of your campaigns? Will you send us analytical reports? If yes, how often should we expect them?
  8. How much commitment is expected from us?
  9. How is your pricing structured?
  10. How long will it take to see the desired results?

Takeaways on Social Media Agencies In New Jersey

Social media agencies in New Jersey are among the most qualified in the country. What gives them a competitive advantage is:

  • Their top-rated talent
  • Industry experience
  • Understanding of the multicultural markets

While they have experience in various global industries, they tend to be more competent in the following fields:

  • Financial services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Life sciences

NJ social media marketing agencies approximately charge between $50 and $300 per hour.

Best of luck!

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