What Is a Training Video Production Company?

Training video production companies produce educational materials that provide your company with equally informative and engaging content, which either complements your marketing campaign or train and upskill your team.  

What Does an Educational Video Production Company Do?

Agencies do training video production mostly in the following formats: 

  • In-house usage 
  • Customer training 
  • Custom e-learning 
  • Educational corporate 
  • And more 

Educational video companies guide you through every step of the production to transform the raw content into a constructive and informative video for you to place across your platform. They use several different methods when creating a specialized form of training video, such as: 

  • Animation 
  • Piece-to-camera 
  • Commercial 
  • And more 

Well-produced training videos have an inspiring effect on staff and bring about efficiency by freeing up the human resources team.  

Video content can be versatile and used for different purposes, like: 

  • Learning systems 
  • Presenting product details 
  • Educate customers 
  • And more 

Below are three steps and explanations that you should take before starting with your training video production journey: 

Step #1: Pre-Production 

In the first phase of training video production, you will discuss your goals and purpose with the content’s producers. From this phase, they will develop the creative look and feel, together with the script which goes in alignment with your strategy. 

Once this gets approved, the team proceeds with: 

  • Planning the resources 
  • Managing talent, logistics and location 
  • Filming permissions 
  • Scheduling 

Step #2: Production 

An experienced crew of filmmakers captures the needed footage. This means working with you throughout the process to get the best possible result. They use a wide range of equipment which includes high-end cameras or more simple solutions such as everyday action cameras. 

This phase will cover the next points in training video production: 

  • Directing talent 
  • Lighting 
  • Sound recording 
  • Filming 

Step #3: Post-Production 

The post-production stage means the process of editing the footage. Next steps must be taken: 

  • Reviewing the footage 
  • Adding audio, logos and titles 
  • Editing motion graphics 
  • And more 

While this process lasts, educational video companies will stay in close touch with you to discuss possible tweaks and changes. They might send you draft edits for reviewing, feedback and your final approval. 

Ultimately, corporate training video production supports your company’s business structure. The combination of these steps, well-set frames and editing skills can create material that ensures successful execution of your final goals. 

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Training video production companies produce materials that provide informative and engaging content


Why Hire a Corporate Training Video Production Company?

Training video production lets you stay updated with the latest educational systems to train your staff. With educational videos, information is shared with the audience in an engaging way, which keeps the attention of the viewer throughout the entire video. 

Educational videos can be used for: 

  • Group workshops 
  • Individual training 
  • Media coaching 
  • Staff education 
  • And more 

Key information that your company wants to hand to the audience deserves experienced presentation and professional training implementation.  

That’s why below, we’ve listed the benefits you can get from incorporating corporate training video production in your company: 

  • Lower cost on educating your staff. Whether you are selling a service or a product that needs assembling, or providing instructional material, video content will cut costs. There is no need to hire a trainer each time new staff are recruited, and this is especially important for larger companies. When implemented strategically, training videos make more complex concepts into more digestible ones. 
  • Standardized learning delivery. Educational video companies will ensure that your content is consistent with every topic which needs video delivery. You can be sure that the outcome is standardized with integrated practical skills. Video is the best medium for self-paced learning. 
  • Accessibility. When you have edited footage in your hand, you can always add audio or titles in different languages. This way, one content can reach different audiences, especially with a well-developed distribution strategy. 
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How Much Do Educational Video Companies Charge for Their Services? 

Training video budgeting is one of the most essential criteria for corporates. There are many different options in the market when it comes to video training video production, from animation to talking heads. 

In general, the costs range from $300 to $2000 per minute of the produced video.  

This price is flexible and depends on the following: 

  • Type of video 
  • Content Complexity 
  • Video effects 
  • And more 

How to Find the Right Training Video Production Company for Your Business?

When searching for the perfect fit among educational video companies, consider a niche that the agency is experienced in.  

Here are some of the possible niches: 

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Individuals 
  • Small business owners 
  • Major brands 
  • Government 

Also, think about the type of content you want to promote. If you are going for an explanation of sensitive or complex topics, think about animated videos. This goes for the possibility of a language barrier also.  

On the other hand, if you are planning to make training more realistic or to reinforce your company’s culture, then footage with real people and piece-to-camera videos work great. You need an experienced videographer, editor, and producer for this kind of material. 

In addition, some educational video companies provide green screen service, which means you can implement even more creative solutions to your video material. Depending on your company’s needs, you can visit the recording studio, or the agency can set up their portable green screen at your location. 

Therefore, if you are looking for staff training videos, try finding an agency that works extensively with corporate structures or has a portfolio with the type of material you need. 

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10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Educational Video Companies 

Training videos are effective at presenting a message to the audience. Finding a firm that can complement your business goals involves a tedious process, so be sure to ask the right questions. 

The following are topics which you might take extra interest in: 

Question #1: How Do You Handle Special Requests for Video Projects?

Your company has a specific goal when it comes to video material, and the producers you work with must be able to comprehend your ideas. Asking this question informs you how educational video companies work with the individual needs of their clients. 

Question #2: In What Timeframe Can You Complete the Tasks?

Being a part of the training video production process requires a substantial amount of time invested. A decision-making process needs to be completed in an agreed period. Some video producers claim they can finish a 60-second within 48 or 72 hours. On the other hand, producers who work in studios work on a clip of the same length for more than six weeks. 

Question #3: How Do You Maintain Communication With the Client Throughout the Production Phases?

Filming the material for the corporate training video production means keeping your focus on the goals behind the video and having the team regularly updated. This creates a solid basis to delivering your message in the correct way to your audience. 

Question #4: How Do You Make Complex Topics More Understandable?

As with many corporate videos, sharing a clear message is crucial. All training material must have a structure that logically presents information. This makes the learning of the concepts more meaningful. Together with this, the important thing is the translation of the complex procedures into more simple steps that make sense when demonstrated on the screen. 

Question #5: What Types of Training Videos Have You Produced Before?

This question requires an informative answer that makes sense with the company’s portfolio and overall work presentation. There are several types of training videos, and some of them are as follows: 

  • Safety campaigns 
  • Product knowledge 
  • Customer relations 
  • Product demonstration 
  • Staff education 

Question #6: Have You Ever Encountered a Failed Relationship With a Client?

Agencies that do training video production have encountered many different professional situations, and the way they handled them shows their ethics and work philosophy. Some of them may have extremely negative experience with a client, and be sure to ask them about it. Was it their fault, or a misunderstanding? How did they handle client’s negative feedback? 

Question #7: What if the Final Product Doesn’t Fit My Company’s Needs?

There is a possibility that after several meetings and feedback, the final product is different from what you have imagined for your project. Ask the team if there is a possibility to edit the video material once more or to invest in another try. There must be a specific price package for additional edits. 

Question #8: Do You Provide Any Additional Services?

Some agencies provide additional services apart from educational video production. It is advisable to ask them if they can help you with the broader range of tasks. These services can be some of the following: 

Question #9: What Are the Steps in Your Scriptwriting and Directing Process?

Starting point of each corporate training video production is to create a script by which the video will be recorded, directed and edited and produced to its final version. Question the team about their previous experience, and how do they plan the project’s production steps. When you fully understand their processes, you will know what to expect inside the timeline you agree on. 

Question #10: What Is Your Payment Structure?

Each agency has its payment structure, and it depends on how they measure your project’s cost. Some prefer the first installment before the project starts, and the second one at the end of the process. Other agencies prefer hourly rates and bi-weekly payments. Ask your future business partner about their preferences for your project. 

Takeaways on Training Video Production Companies

Training videos should strike the right balance between engaging your workforce and inspiring them to excel. In order to achieve this, you need help from the experts. 

Educational video companies provide you with all the major elements needed to create high-quality video material, from camera personnel and sound and lighting equipment, to live streaming and teleprompter (with or without an operator). 

So when in search for your perfect training video production team, be sure to take a look at their size, hourly rate, and portfolio then select the best-fitting ones. 

Best of luck!


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