What Are Explainer Video Companies?

Explainer video companies specialize in creating explainer videos aimed to explain in detail certain features of a product/service or describe what a company does and sells.

Explainer videos are like modern-day elevator pitches brands must leverage to promote their product or service. When creating these types of videos, you may need a support of an explainer video production company to move your project forward and achieve outstanding results.

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Explainer video production companies create short-film videos for marketing and sales pitches

What Does an Explainer Video Company Do?

An explainer video company typically specializes in creating short-film videos used for marketing and sales pitches. They typically produce videos that highlight your business ideas, services, or products. In addition, they can also produce video content that you can publish on your landing pages, website, or social media channels.

An explainer video agency can produce different kinds of video content, including:

  • 2D animation explainer video
  • Whiteboard animation explainer video
  • Live-action explainer video
  • Screenshot explainer video
  • Kinetic typography
  • 3D animation explainer video
  • Motion graphics animation

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Explainer video product companies handle the three main video production processes, as follows:

#1: Pre-Production

The planning stage, also called pre-production, is where these experts develop the scripts and strategies for your video. During this phase, they call into question these aspects:

  • What’s the overall timeline of the project?
  • What resources are needed to complete the project?
  • Who are the key team members involved in the production phase?
  • What is the purpose of the video?

The phases of the pre-production process include:

  • Building your core message
  • Developing a video strategy
  • Outlining a production brief
  • Writing your video script
  • Illustrating your storyboard
  • Preparing necessary equipment
  • Casting and scheduling the shoot

In addition, the objectives behind your video will be defined along with the key indicators you will use to measure its success.

#2: Production

The production phase is the actual filming of your video. From having a shot list of scenes or a storyboard and a schedule, you'll already have a reliable estimation of how long the production will take. It can include tasks such as:

  • Setting Up Your Equipment
  • Directing Talents
  • Getting Your B-roll Footage
  • Shooting and Recording Frame by Frame
  • And more

#3: Post-Production

Post-production involves taking your selection of raw videos and enhancing them with different techniques, such as:

  • Adding Special Effects & Background Music
  • Color Correcting the video
  • Recording a voiceover
  • Cutting Unnecessary Footage
  • Stitching the Video Together
  • Rendering the Video

#4: Distribution

One thing that differentiates an explainer video company from other video production companies is how they handle optimization and distribution. Since explainer videos aim to educate, the distribution process includes making sure the video is receiving enough reach for brand awareness. Other tasks are as follows:

  • Setting Up Analytics
  • Promoting Your Video
  • Managing Live Streaming

Some explainer video companies may focus on other video types as well, being capable of producing:

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Why Hire an Explainer Video Agency?

In this day and age of digital marketing, we can all agree that video marketing is a brand necessity. According to a Think with Google Study, 60% of consumers prefer watching videos online over television. Research from Wyzowl also revealed that 81% of marketers feel that their sales are being positively impacted by video content.

Businesses, big and small, need videos - whether for promotion, information, or entertainment - to incorporate into their marketing strategy and buyer’s journey.

But beyond all this, there is a lot that goes on in producing videos. You need creatives with the right expertise and network, time, equipment, tools, and expensive software to come up with quality videos.

For such a huge undertaking, investing in an in-house explainer video production company may not be your best option, especially if you need cost-effective ways to grow and scale your brand. Here’s a chance we’d like you to look at – hiring an explainer videos agency.

Businesses report an increase of 80% in their conversion rates when they use explainer videos to interact with and attract their audience. Consumers find explainer videos helpful in understanding a product or service.

Hiring an explainer video company is best to get the same results. Here are the benefits of working with a production company specializing in explainer videos:

Reason #1: They Can Produce Well-Designed Video Content

Nearly all explainer video production companies can simplify the process of illustrating a problem and its solution. They can also produce well-designed videos that keep your consumers' interests in mind. Most explainer video producers can also make your products and services relatable.

In addition, they'll also ensure that their team missed nothing with their quality assurance process in place. Explainer video companies often have a way of checking their video content to ensure they don't miss any critical information.

Reason #2: They Can Boost Website Traffic

Hiring an explainer video agency will allow you to include a well-designed video on your landing page. As Forbes claims, it can draw in traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate by 80%. Search engines favor websites with video content in this modern age because they're easy for internet bots to crawl and recognize.

Your explainer video will become more beneficial for you if you include it in your email newsletters or post it on your social media platforms to widen your reach and increase brand awareness. Incorporating an explainer video is a more efficient and affordable way to engage your target audience.

Reason #3: They Can Easily Publish Video Content on Your Social Media

Aside from creating videos that appeal to your audience, some explainer video agencies may offer management of your social media channels where they handle the regular posting of your content.

They know the ins and outs of marketing through video content, so once you find an explainer video production company such as this, they can handle more services at an extra cost, which can even be beneficial for you.

How Much Do Explainer Video Services Cost?

On average, top-rated explainer video agencies will charge $100-$200 per hour. But you can still find companies that charge $25 to $50 per hour, while others can charge up to $300 per hour.

Some agencies can charge from $1,000 to 10,000 per project. However, other companies will start their rates at $10,000.

Don't hesitate to ask each company about the factors that can affect your video production budget like:

  • Video Duration
  • Pre-Production
  • Post-Production
  • Type of Video
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How to Find the Right Explainer Videos Agency for Your Business?

Here are some tips you should consider when hiring an explainer video company:

1. Define Your Brand's Personality

In defining your goals, you'll also have to express your brand's personality. You'll have better chances of working with an explainer videos agency that can make your brand more appealing if you understand your brand's personality.

Explainer videos focus on showcasing your brand's personality using your brand voice in every stage of the production process.

If that's the goal, you should hire an explainer video company that deeply understands your industry and business. They can quickly reflect your brand's personality on your video.

2. Make a Shortlist of Potential Companies

Numerous explainer video agencies help with different processes, charges, and project styles. After determining your brand's personality and goals, looking for potential video companies that you want to work with is best. To make the selection more accessible, make a list. Exploring our shortlist of explainer video agencies above can be a great start.

3. Check if They Can Handle the Workload

You might have planned to produce a series of explainer videos in a short amount of time. If your campaign volume is significantly large, you must consider that factor before hiring an explainer video production company. If you work with a smaller company, their team might be unable to meet deadlines. Or worse, they might not be able to handle the workload.

4. Discuss Your Contract's Terms

Discussing the contract before signing with an explainer video production agency is also advisable. Agencies don't include certain aspects in their contracts, such as multiple revisions. In such cases, the upfront payment might seem cheap, but you might pay more.

You can center the discussion on asking what's not included in their contract and quote. Below are some things that you should discuss before signing the contract:

  • How many revisions are included as part of the quotation? How much does an extra revision cost?
  • Are the licensing costs of all stock footage, illustrations, music, and other elements included in the project's estimate?
  • Are the project's source files included in the final deliverables?

5. Schedule an Initial Consultation

Ask for an initial consultation to make yourself comfortable investing in an explainer video company. Nearly all of them offer initial consultation because this is where you can determine how they communicate with and assist their clients. You can also discuss your expectations and goals during this phase.

You can also ask every question in your mind. In short, it's best to make everything clear. If you're satisfied with an agency's answers during the consultation, it might be a sign that they're a perfect choice.

10 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing an Explainer Video Agency

  1. What makes your explainer video agency unique from others?
  2. How does your agency develop video concepts? What's your brainstorming process like?
  3. Can you tell me about a successful project and how you achieved that?
  4. How will your team manage my project? Which resources will you use?
  5. How will you ensure that my explainer video conveys the right message?
  6. What editing and filming tools do you have access to?
  7. Can you provide me with a project estimate?
  8. How will your team handle project revisions?
  9. What is your process to guarantee high-quality videos?
  10. Do you have any limitations on the filming locations?

Takeaways on Explainer Video Production Companies

An explainer video production company produces marketing video content that usually highlights a business’s services or products and can be featured on your website, social media platforms, and landing pages.

Like other video production companies, they're responsible for handling pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.

On average, an explainer video production agency charges their clients from $100 to $200 per hour. 

Your business might see an 80% increase in conversion rates when you invest in explainer videos to attract and interact with your target audience. Consumers find explainer videos helpful in understanding your product or service.

If you want the same results, consider hiring a top explainer video company.

Best of luck!

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