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Best Philadelphia Video Production Agency Rankings

Rankings updated: June 22, 2024
  • Shaping Stories, Captivating Audiences.
    New Pace Productions: Your Trusted Partner for Corporate Video Production since 2007. We're all about creativity, professionalism, and partnership. We excel in delivering cost-effective video  [... view the full profile of New Pace Productions]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Defy

    You have a choice: To follow or Defy.
    Multidisciplinary creative shop, based in Philadelphia, PA.Formerly [ 2 one 5 ] Creative.Established 2001.Reimagined 2021.  [... view the full profile of Defy]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $150/hr Inquire
  • A top TV commercial and video production company in NYC
    Flow is a top-tier video production agency that specializes in creating high-quality TV commercials, branding and corporate videos for clients focused on excellence. It is based in the New York City  [... view the full profile of Flow Production And Post]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $500/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • Loaded Pixel

    Your Story. Our Passion. Producing pretty pixels daily.
    The development of creative concepts, the production of high-quality videos, the creation of visual effects, and editing and post-production work. We are a Philadelphia-based company that was  [... view the full profile of Loaded Pixel]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $100/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • Accenture

    World famous IT services for businesses
    Accenture is a renowned worldwide IT services company that excels in digital, cloud, and security solutions. With an extensive range of expertise across over 40 industries, we provide a comprehensive  [... view the full profile of Accenture]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1000 & Up Inquire Inquire
  • Full-Service Video Production
    Unison Productions is a full-service video production company with offices in NYC and Philadelphia.  [... view the full profile of Unison Productions]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • A full-service video production company.
    A full-service video production company, VCP is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia and provides a range of services in video production.  [... view the full profile of Video City Productions]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Visual Jedi LLC

    VISUAL JEDI, LLC - The Video Production Specialists
    VISUAL JEDI, LLC has over 20 years of professional experience & a never ending love for providing a reliable and creative source for all your Video/Audio production needs.  [... view the full profile of Visual Jedi LLC]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Marketing Geared for Contractors
    Comfort Media Group is the leading provider of digital & social media marketing strategies and solutions to home services contractors in North America.  [... view the full profile of Comfort Media Group]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $125/hr $25,000 - $50,000
  • JTwo Films

    We are a Full-Service Philadelphia + Chicago based Film and Video Production Company that believes in one thing – the story is everything. Our award-winning creative team  [... view the full profile of JTwo Films]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Need Help Selecting The Right Agency For Your Project?

    Need Help Selecting The Right Agency For Your Project?

    We can help you find verified agencies that fit your budget and other requirements within just a few days and free of charge.
  • York and Chapel

    York & Chapel is an independent full-service marketing agency founded in 2001. With 100 employees across six North American offices, we specialize in marketing strategy, branding, UX, VR, immersive  [... view the full profile of York And Chapel]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    50 - 99 $200/hr Inquire
  • Mini Studio

    We make the video production process easy and affordable.
    Our goal is to be one of the best video production companies in Philadelphia.   [... view the full profile of Mini Studio]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Marketing, Advertising, And Web Design Services to launch your business.
    D4 is one of Philadelphia's Top 10 advertising agencies. What do we do best? The first 5 seconds, which leads to 30 more, which leads to a visit to your website, which may win you a customer for life.  [... view the full profile of D4 Creative Group]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $175/hr $25,000 - $50,000
  • LBJ Media LLC

    Our mission is to provide high-quality creative marketing solutions to our customers through the power of storytelling and integrated digital services. We also make it a priority to engage in  [... view the full profile of LBJ Media LLC]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • A PR firm that you can finally rely on!
    Bellevue Communications is a Philadelphia-based public relations firm specializing in media relations, event management, crisis communications, and digital strategy.  [... view the full profile of Bellevue Communications]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Under $1,000
  • CMA

    Expect Results
    CMA is a full-service communications, marketing and association management firm, which has provided its clients with award-winning and proven results for more than 30 years. To drive ROI, it utilizes  [... view the full profile of CMA]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Xhilarate

    We create visual brand that engage people, excite the senses and inspire our inner awesome.
    Xhilarate is a creative brand consultancy that creates visual brand experiences that engage people, excite the senses and inspire our inner awesome. Xhilarate was founded by a team of experts across  [... view the full profile of Xhilarate]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $125/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • Helping Brands Grow Through Integrated Marketing Strategies
    We bring a high level of energy to developing our client's sales and marketing strategies, and we help our clients find their own energy. Our results-driven team understands the importance of  [... view the full profile of Navitas Marketing]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Farotech

    Where Art & Science Meet
    Farotech is Philadelphia's most innovative, full-service marketing agency. Beginning in 2001 as a small web development company, Farotech has expanded over the years to include everything from SEO  [... view the full profile of Farotech]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Bellweather

    Bellweather is a full-service creative agency. Our pioneering storytelling transforms audiences into brand champions through our inclusive process — prioritizing collaboration above all.  [... view the full profile of Bellweather]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $200/hr $50,000 & Up
  • Motifmotion

    Solving Communication Problems Through Animation and Video
    Motifmotion is an animation and digital marketing studio. We create flagship animations, marketing animations, multi-part animation series, social media animations and much more. We also offer graphic  [... view the full profile of Motifmotion]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire $1,000 - $10,000
  • 1MDE

    Unlocking Your Full Marketing Potential With 1MDE
    At 1MDE, we work with you to develop a successful lead or sales generation platform. Our team of strategists, SEO specialists, designers, developers, and marketers help develop an upscale and modern  [... view the full profile of 1MDE]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    100 - 249 $99/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Nextlevel

    Aggressive Digital Marketing Campaigns For Impatient Companies Trying To Get To The Next Level Now!
    Your brand has a great story and a unique voice whether you realize it or not. was created specifically to help you tell those stories, in your voice, directly to your targeted audience.  [... view the full profile of Nextlevel]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $175/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • Top-Performing Digital Solutions
    A multi-award-winning interactive design company with more than 18 years of experience working with cultural heritage organizations like museums and science centers.  [... view the full profile of Night Kitchen Interactive]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $199/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • beMarketing

    Passionate about achieving clients'​ success through marketing and advertising.
    beMarketing will collaborate with your company to get it in front of today's customers. As individuals spend more time on Social Networks, mobile phones, and emails, it is critical for your company to  [... view the full profile of BeMarketing]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $100/hr Under $1,000
  • Food Shelter

    Sharing Stories and Experiences That Bring Professional Growth
    Food Shelter is the go-to communications agency to elevate and achieve success in hospitality and real estate businesses. With creative perspectives and measurable campaigns tailored to budgets and  [... view the full profile of Food Shelter]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $199/hr $1,000 - $10,000

    Legal Advertising Agency
    The legal ad pro's  [... view the full profile of ADSQUIRE]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Mangos

    Mangos is an independent shop of creative activists who help brands, around the world, solve problems in ways that inspire action. Whether it’s through a surprising strategy, a new category  [... view the full profile of Mangos]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Create Brand Action
    We create compelling brand experiences, starting with strategy and ending with exceptional action.  [... view the full profile of Baldwin & Obenauf]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $285/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • NuStream

    NuStream Media was founded on nine years of experience in advertising and marketing. Based out of Allentown, PA, we aim to assist small- to medium-size businesses in the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia  [... view the full profile of NuStream]
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Under 49 $100/hr Under $1,000

What Makes Philadelphia Video Production Companies Unique?  

Three reasons make Philadelphia video production companies stand out from all other similar agencies in the country: 

Reason #1: Philadelphia Welcomes High-End Talent 

Pennsylvania’s largest city is like a magnet for leading talent across the state and the country for several significant reasons.

On the one hand, Philadelphia is a great place to live for university students, young professionals and families alike. With a reasonable cost of living, the city is more affordable than many big US hubs.

Just to compare, Philly is 40.4% cheaper than Los Angeles with its median home cost being 74% lower in price.

According to the same source, when compared to New York City, Philadelphia has more affordable expenses for the following categories:

  • Food & Groceries (-1.5%) 
  • Housing (Homeowner) (-77.8%) 
  • Median Home Cost (-74.9%) 
  • Transportation (-14.2%)

Not only does the city rank among the top 25 paying cities in the US with an average income of $56,170, but it also offers job opportunities with major employers like Amazon, Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and Dell among others. 

philadelphia video production companies: topy paying companies
[Source: MyPlan] 

Reason #2: Philadelphia Produces Highly Skilled Workforce 

Philadelphia boasts a talented workforce. Its educational institutions are accountable for producing exceptional talent, including some of the best video producers in the country.

According to Select Greater Philadelphia Council:

Greater Philadelphia has a massive, talented labor force—the 7th largest in the U.S. Our 3.3 million workers are highly educated, with 40% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher—compared to 33% for the national average. But it’s more than smarts that make our talent so exceptional—it’s a spirit of cooperation, a passion for learning, creating and innovating and a drive to get things done.

The city is home to more than 100 colleges and universities. US News ranks the University of Pennsylvania as: 

  • The eighth best university on a national level, based on its performance  
  • The 14th best university, based on its academic quality

Not only do many US residents move to Philly for the well-known universities, but the city is also known for the number of students who choose to live there after graduation.

Data supports this fact as Philadelphia ranks among the top 35 US largest cities for new college graduates.

This indicates that the city makes a great choice for outsourcing video production as some of the most talented professionals reside here. 

Video production services in Philadelphia: best national universities in the US
[Source: US News] 

Reason #3: Philadelphia Has a Vibrant Art Scene 

One of the best things about living in Philadelphia is its art scene. Its cultural institutions are some of the finest in the nation and in the world. From various family-friendly musicals to operas, concerts, shows and other city-wide cultural celebrations, there is something for everyone living there to see and do.

Because of its vibrant art scene and stimulating atmosphere, Philadelphia has emerged as a big player in the video production industry. 

This is where local professionals drive their inspiration from and the lively environment contributes to creative thinking.

video production: Philadelphia skyline
Philadelphia ranks among the top 35 US largest cities for new college graduates

What Do Video Production Agencies in Philadelphia Do?  

Just like other similar companies around the globe, video production agencies in Philadelphia are experts in developing various types of high-quality video content, typically needed for branding or marketing purposes, including:

  • Motion graphics and animation  
  • Commercials  
  • Onboarding videos  
  • Demo videos  
  • How-To’s  
  • Brand videos  
  • And more 

They usually cover all stages of the video production process, from initial planning to distributing and promoting the final draft of the video.

Video production agencies in Philadelphia employ various team members where the key roles are the directors (creative leads) and editors (post-production specialists).

What separates video production companies in Philadelphia from their peers across the nation is their understanding of the local market and business environment.

Operating in the area, they are very likely to have served local clients which is how they gained knowledge in:

  • The different types of audiences, their pain points, likes and dislikes  
  • The key competitors, their strengths and weaknesses 
  • The major challenges and opportunities

With these unique insights at hand, Philadelphia video production companies are more competent in executing projects for the locally dominant industries.

As Select Greater Philadelphia Council states, the major sectors driving Philly’s economy are:

  • Life sciences 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Chemical manufacturing 
  • Cell and gene therapy and connected health 

How Much Do Video Production Services in Philadelphia Cost? 

Businesses that outsource video production services in Philadelphia will usually pay their agency partner based on the number of hours they dedicate to the project or video production process. 

Rates typically range between $50 and $200 per hour. The difference in price usually comes as a result of several factors like:

  • Company reputation and experience 
  • Project complexity 
  • Additional services (like marketing or branding)

However, considering that video production is a complicated process, there are many other factors associated with the final cost. Therefore, you can expect to pay an additional amount of money for: 

  • Script development 
  • Studio rental 
  • Travel 
  • Talent (actors, models, singers, etc.) 
  • And more 

Why Should You Hire a Philadelphia Video Production Company?  

The key reason why businesses should consider partnering with Philadelphia video production companies is their deep understanding of the local environment.

Their unique insights allow these professionals to be data-driven at every level, uncover audiences and opportunities and be more efficient during the video production process.

Apart from these, there are three more reasons to outsource video production services in Philadelphia:

  • Work with leading talent: Philadelphia not only entices some of the finest specialists in the nation with its proper living and working conditions, but the city also produces a highly skilled workforce thanks to its internationally recognized universities that result in exceptional talent that offers competitive services.  
  • Take advantage of the creative mindset: Philly has a vibrant art scene that acts as a stimulator, encouraging creative thinking and inspiration. This is where local video production experts drive motivation from, resulting in more innovative and creative projects that engage and convert audiences. 

How to Choose the Best Philadelphia Video Production Agency?  

No matter whether you want to invest in a short commercial or a long brand video, choosing the right video production company in Philadelphia is an important business decision.

Therefore, you should take the time to research and compare companies to ensure you’ve made the right choice. 

Follow these key five steps to make the search for the best agency partner easier and quicker:

  1. Ask about the cost: The first step to take is to set a budget and let the agencies know what is the range they can operate within. That way, they can know what type of locations to rent and what type of talent they can afford to engage. Once you have your budget set, ask video production agencies in Philadelphia for quotes. However, be aware that at the initial stage, you may only get a price range. That is because there are so many factors that can influence the final cost of the video production process. 
  2. Check their previous work: Most video production agencies in Philadelphia will have their portfolios available on their websites for prospective clients to explore. Be sure to see what types of videos they have produced, how attractive and engaging they are, if they are professional and of high quality. That way, you will find out if they can meet your requirements and standards and deliver a video that can help achieve your business goals. Considering that not all projects can be published due to copyrights, you can also ask agencies to send more similar examples to learn more about their work.  
  3. See how communicative they are: Video production projects require a lot of collaboration on both ends. Therefore, you might want to consider how communicative they are, including how quickly they respond to your calls and emails. Ask how you will interact during the project, what communication channels you will use and who will be the contact person. Additionally, see if they are able to listen to your ideas and understand your requirements well. 
  4. Read their reviews: The feedback of past clients is one of the most trustworthy strategies to determine if a company can be a good fit or not. Reviews will speak volumes about how dedicated the company’s team is, how able they are to deliver quality projects as well as and how flexible and transparent they are.    
  5. Learn if they have marketing experience: Promoting the video is as equally important as producing it. Even the most engaging video won’t be successful if it’s not distributed properly, on the right channels and to the right audience. Therefore, be sure to ask if Philadelphia video production companies have advertising and marketing experience and how they can help create a plan of action to help generate the desired results. 

10 Questions to Ask Philadelphia Video Production Companies Before Hiring  

To ensure you make the right decision for your business and your project, ask video production companies in Philadelphia the following questions:

  1. What type of videos do you produce? 
  2. Have you worked on similar projects? How well do you know my business model? 
  3. What video filming tools and equipment do you have access to? 
  4. Do you have professional scriptwriters on staff who can create the script? Or should I deliver it? 
  5. Who will find and/or provide the filming location? 
  6. Will you provide talent or should I hire another company for casting? 
  7. Do you offer marketing services as well? Can you develop a video promotion strategy?  
  8. How much will the video cost? 
  9. Is editing included in the cost? Or do you charge extra for revisions? 
  10. What is the expected timeframe of project delivery? 

Takeaways on Video Production Agencies in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia video production companies are some of the best in the nation. They may be more competent to execute your project because of:

  • Their leading talent 
  • Their creative mindset 
  • Their local market know-how

While they serve all type of businesses, they are more likely to deliver successful projects for the following sectors:

  • Life sciences 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Chemical manufacturing 
  • Cell and gene therapy and connected health

For video production in Philadelphia, businesses can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per hour.

To choose the best agency partner, follow these steps:

  • Ask about the cost 
  • Check their previous work 
  • See how communicative they are 
  • Read their reviews 
  • Learn if they have marketing experience 

Best of luck!


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