What Makes Branding Agencies In Philadelphia Unique?

Offering great living conditions and career opportunities, Philadelphia attracts top-level talents from across the country. And it’s easy to see why.

Firstly, compared to other major hubs in the United States, Philadelphia is quite affordable. In fact, the largest city in Pennsylvania is:

  • 37.0% less expensive than New York City
  • 32.9% cheaper than Boston

Secondly, in 2020, Philadelphia was listed among the 10 hottest job markets. What’s more, the city ranks among the 25 highest paying cities in the nation.

Finally, Philadelphia is home to the University of Pennsylvania, the eighth-best national university in the country.

branding agencies in Philadelphia: best national universities rankings
[Source: U.S. News]

Thanks to its internationally recognized universities, Philadelphia produces a highly educated workforce.

According to The Pew Charitable Trusts:

“The share of Philadelphians with a college degree has grown in recent years—reaching 30.9 percent overall and 45.1 percent among adults ages 25-34, making the city more attractive to would-be employers.”

Philadelphia’s college-educated talent pool attracts business investments and houses many huge brands like:

  • IBM
  • Deloitte
  • Dell
  • Comcast
  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • And more

These conglomerates tend to outsource branding locally. This implies that branding agencies in Philadelphia:

  • Offer the highest level of services
  • Create effective branding strategies
  • Stay on top of emerging trends
  • Use premium tools

What Services Can You Outsource To Philadelphia Brand Design Companies?

Similar to other branding agencies across the country, Philadelphia brand design companies specialize in developing, maintaining and improving brands.

Their job is to understand your business needs and support your brand to help you gain a competitive advantage and achieve your long-term goals.

Some of their service offerings include:

Unlike their U.S. counterparts, branding agencies in Philadelphia have acquired knowledge in the leading sectors in the area:

  • Energy
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Information technology
  • Financial and professional services

They have unique insights into the local market which allows them to:

  • Understand your business requirements better
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities
  • Develop effective strategies and campaigns
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How Much Do Branding Agencies In Philadelphia Charge For Their Services?

For brand design in Philadelphia, you can expect local companies to charge you around $60-$190 per hour.

The difference in cost range comes as a result of several aspects, including:

  • The company’s reputation and team size
  • The project’s complexity
  • The project’s deadline
  • The number of experts engaged

While the hourly fee is the most common pricing structure, some branding agencies in Philadelphia may also offer a fee per project.

In this case, the local companies usually have fixed prices for specific services and they may charge you around:

  • $10,000-$75,000 for brand name
  • $10,000-$250,000+ for website + marketing collateral distribution
  • $3,500-$150,000 for logo design

Why Should You Hire A Philadelphia Branding Agency?

These are the key reasons why you should partner with a branding agency in Philadelphia:

1. Work with highly skilled talent

Philadelphia produces top-grade talent and attracts some of the finest brand specialists in the nation.

The city’s affordable cost of living, educational opportunities and top employers as well as high average salaries make the largest city in Pennsylvania a magnet for young and seasoned talent.

2. Enjoy internationally competitive services

Philadelphia boasts a business-friendly environment. The city is an attractive place for businesses due to factors like the proximity to large markets, low personal income tax and strong local government support. (Liberty City Press)

This is why the city is home to several Fortune 500 companies.

To help them stay relevant and competitive, branding agencies in Philadelphia are bound to incorporate the latest trends, take strategic approaches, use premium tools and deliver high-end services.

3. Take advantage of their local market know-how

What makes each branding agency in Philadelphia different from their U.S. competitors is the experience they have accumulated in the area’s leading sectors.

As such, they hold valuable insights which allow them to develop and execute effective strategies for clients operating in these particular industries.

Philadelphia skyline
Philadelphia is 37% less expensive than New York City

How To Choose The Best Branding Agency In Philadelphia

Choosing the best branding agency in Philadelphia goes beyond cost. While finding one that matches your budget is important, follow these steps to ensure a successful partnership:

1. Go Through Their Portfolios

When selecting the best branding agency in Philadelphia, their previous experience is a vital element to consider. Their portfolios and case studies will show you the type of projects they handled and whether they have the right skillset to execute your project.

However, no matter how impressive their past work looks, be sure to partner with a company that is familiar with your market and has developed strategies for similar businesses.

Industry experience indicates that they have an understanding of your market landscape, audience and competition. So, they are able to create a branding strategy that engages your target customers successfully.

2. Discover How Creative They Are

Creativity is a strong weapon that can help you outshine your competition and stand out from the crowd.

Branding agencies can execute and communicate unique messages in an inventive way. They will be able to come up with fresh ideas and incorporate the latest trends in your new brand identity. Evaluating their portfolios is a good way to see how engaging and innovative their work is.

3. Ask About Their Strategic Processes

Effective branding and rebranding strategies depend on proven, evidence-based methodologies.

To see if a prospective agency is equipped to take a unique approach, ask what processes they have in place. The companies that perform thorough research on your brand, customers and competition will be better positioned to execute successful campaigns.

4. See If They Are A Good Cultural Fit

Most successful partnerships boil down to alignment on company culture. In general, most branding projects take a few months to execute, so you want to hire a partner that you feel connected to.

The companies’ core values are great indicators of the relationship you can expect. To make sure you find a great cultural fit, partner with a company that is collaborative and passionate about the work they do.

5. Look For Proactive Communication

Working with an agency that can communicate proactively during the project can be the key to success.

Your future partner should be collaborative and instructive, listen to your ideas but also be able to provide updates and feedback. In other words, it should keep you in the loop at all times and constantly report on progress.

6. Understand Their Potential Return On Investment (ROI)

Ultimately, hiring one of the top branding agencies in Philadelphia means that you want to see a solid return on your investment.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to understand the growth opportunities for your business. Do your research, ask exploratory questions, understand the pricing structures and ensure you know each employee’s experience and professional background.

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15 Questions To Ask Philadelphia Brand Design Companies

Ask each prospective branding agency in Philadelphia the following questions before you make a final decision:

  1. How familiar are you with our business model and target market?
  2. Why do you think your company is a good fit for our brand?
  3. What are your core values?
  4. What does your strategic branding process look like?
  5. Have you worked on similar projects before? Can we see some examples?
  6. How can you make sure our new brand image stands out from the crowd?
  7. Who from your team will lead our project?
  8. What experience do these experts have in building similar brands?
  9. How will our communication and collaboration be managed?
  10. Which KPIs will you track and how will you report on results?
  11. What level of ROI can I expect?
  12. What is the project timeline?
  13. How will we be involved and what materials do you need from us?
  14. Can you provide us with some client references?
  15. How much will this project cost me? What fees are not included in this cost?

Takeaways On Branding Agencies In Philadelphia

Branding agencies in Philadelphia offer standard branding services. However, they stand out from other U.S.-based competitors because they:

  • Employ top-tier talent
  • Offer internationally competitive services
  • Have local market know-how

For brand design in Philadelphia, you may pay between $60-$190 per hour.

To choose the best partner for your needs and requirements, take the following steps:

  • Go through their portfolios
  • Discover how creative they are
  • Ask about their strategic processes
  • See if they are a good cultural fit
  • Look for proactive communication

Best of luck!

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