Onefootball Contemporary App Design

Onefootball is an app that gives users access to the football (or soccer, if you're in America) stats, new, and live scores that matter to them. Users can follow all their favorite teams to get real-time updates.

The app has a quick onboarding process which asks users to indicate which teams they follow, and select whether or not they’d like to receive push notifications regarding the teams they’ve selected. This information is used to customize the Onefootball app experience and ensure users are shown the most relevant team information.

The home screen is a long-scrolling page packed with the latest football news. At the top of the screen are the most recent match scores for teams the user follows. Below is top news and news from around the world. The user can also move through tabs at the top of the screen to filter the news to include all news, or see transfer news and rumors.

Main navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. Each menu item is represented by a pairing of iconography and text, highlighted in the bright green accent color of the app when the user is browsing within a specific tab. In the Matches tab the user has access to scheduled matches for their favorite teams, as well as a listing of all upcoming matches. Each team also has their own page, so users can see news specific to a team, see an overview of their season, and get info on the squad.

The Onefootball app offers a highly personalized experience that will be engaging and useful for football fans. The range of content offered is impressive, and the constant updates make it likely that users will return to the app frequently. High-end aesthetics and a contemporary design make the app a pleasure to use.

Onefootball is a contemporary app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.