12 Best Wellness Apps for 2023

12 Best Wellness Apps for 2023
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 03, 2023

We don’t know about you, but during these past couple of years we’ve been actively searching for the new best tool that will help us with our wellness, health, and fitness goals, especially during the notorious “new normal”.

We didn't have to look far with the smartphone as our primary compass, but in the sea of different workout, nutrition, and well-being apps, it’s extremely hard to find the right one. Luckily, unlike with our training regime (and with a little help from some of the best app developers in the industry), we didn’t quit (#goals).

If you’re looking to make 2023 your own “year of health”, we’re presenting you with the best wellness apps out there!

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1. Alignment by Emerge Interactive

Best Wellness App
[Source: Alignment]

Standout features:

  • 24/7 support
  • Easy-to-use (convenient for seniors)
  • Adheres to HIPAA

Alignment Healthcare didn’t want to deliver just any plain old mobile application. With a clear mission - to launch a patient-facing member app handling sensitive data and providing access to 24/7 live service - Alignment sought a partner capable of seamlessly integrating design and development. Enter Emerge!

Emerge designed, developed, and launched a mobile app that embodies Alignment’s core values and services. As a part of their ecosystem, the patient member app serves members on the go, whether they're at home or in a care.

Besides the iOS and Android mobile app integration built using React Native–with Alignment’s enterprise cloud API services, Emerge made sure the app adheres to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) best practices and makes data protection a priority.

Basically, the Alignment Healthcare app allows members to easily view their member ID card and benefits information, check claim status, and connect with a doctor 24/7.

2. AskMeHearMe by Roket

top health and fitness apps
[Source: AskMeHearMe]

Standout features:

  • Educational
  • Colors that ooze positivity
  • Seamless UI/UX

AskMeHearMe, courtesy of Roket, is a web application intended to educate, engage and connect young people, particularly those in underdeveloped communities. The app provides mental health and wellness information and services by addressing mental health literacy. It measures the impact it has on the user while creating positive feedback loops between patients and their providers.

Tackling such a complex subject, AskMeHearMe's brand identity forwent the “aggressive” branding. Roket set the brand’s logo aside, pushing forward the needs and preferences of the platform’s users.

The app has 13 mental health surveys, multiple progress reports, and scheduled check-ins throughout a 16-week lifecycle. Roket mapped out each workflow to create an efficient and enjoyable user experience that collects a large amount of data from the participants without hindering participation.

Roket's primary goal was to create a healthcare app design with a supportive feedback loop to encourage discussions between the participants and their providers. The app consists of 3 primary components: surveys, education modules, and dashboards.

3. docdot by THINGS

best health apps
[Source: docdot]

Standout features:

  • Impressive set of features
  • User-friendly
  • Seamless UI/UX

docdot is SDG Group’s AI-assisted telemedicine mobile app that allows doctors to remotely monitor their patients’ vital signs.

Created by THINGS with a mission of facing pandemic-induced challenges head-on, docdot allows at-risk or positive patients to be continuously monitored by their doctors. The app is designed to alleviate any discomfort while providing the same accuracy as an in-person consultation.

Designed and developed together with a team of world-class telemedicine and data scientists (led by SDG Group), the app uses a unique combination of light signal processing and AI to convert the light reflected from blood vessels in your face into highly accurate real-time vital sign measurements – by only using your phone’s camera!

Besides these impressive features, the app boasts a state-of-the-art app design, which provides a very clean and intuitive experience for the users. The patients just need to look into their smartphone camera and answer a few questions to get the results.

4. Halsa Life by Messapps

health & fitness apps
[Source: Halsa Life]

Standout features:

  • “Easy on the eyes”
  • Instant connection
  • Intuitive navigation

Developed at the time when accurate medical records became an (online) necessity, Halsa Life was brought to life to address the severe shortage of quality record-keeping apps currently on the market. Besides its primary function, Messapps created an intuitive platform that connects app users to doctors in order to provide direct medical advice.

Creating an effective medical app with user-to-doctor communication capabilities meant imagining a new method for connecting users to doctors. With the innovative calling feature, the app is able to connect users to doctors almost instantaneously. After the call, doctors can review the user's medical information and provide recommendations that then appear directly under the user's account.

There are two main functionalities for doctors:

  • Communicating with patients and providing them with feedback.
  • Including their professional information and background on the app.

Patients also have two primary functionalities:

  • The ability to quickly connect with a doctor and to keep track of their medical records all in one place.
  • Intuitive system that makes it easy for users to interact with the app.

5. OneFitPlus by Mobcoder

best health and fitness apps
[Source: OneFitPlus]

Standout features:

  • Inspiring
  • Convenient
  • Competitive community

Sidetracking the pure medical entries for the moment, OneFitPlus, created by Mobcoder is here to make home fitness fun, so that people will continue to train at home on a regular basis without getting agitated.

The app’s goal is to make home exercise more accessible and adaptable, by making it community-oriented, engaging, and competitive - just like sports!

You know the drill - doing home workouts quickly loses the initial dash, becoming repetitive and boring. The excitement soon fades, and New Year’s resolutions get lost in translation...The result? People get disheartened, feeling that all their efforts have been in vain.

With OneFitPlus consumers may reach their fitness objectives in a fun and simple way. The app ideators believe that exercising should feel like a sport, so they’ve created OneFitplus to help people achieve exactly that.

All of the key components are here - cardio equipment, diet regiment, exercise, medical guidance, smart technology, a personal trainer's involvement, and a motivating push for you to attain your fitness objective.

6. Phyzme by Intuz

Best Wellness, Health & Fitness Apps
[Source: Phyzme]

Standout features:

  • Fun to use
  • Charming illustrations
  • Striking color combination

Phyzme, another exercising best app design on our list, has a similar goal as our previous entry, using entertainment to promote self-improvement, albeit by using slightly different methods.

The creative app design, created by Intuz, uses intuitive UI/UX, striking color combination, smooth navigation, the right placement of icons, appealing font style, and most importantly, a perfect sequence of features. Combined, they make the app irresistible.

Charming illustrations and animated video clips help lift users' spirits up during the workout, making it nothing more than an enjoyable experience that anyone would be glad to return to, anywhere, anytime.

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7. Snore Doctor by Appy Monkey

best health tracker app
[Source: Snore Doctor]

Standout features:

  • Simple interface
  • Provides valuable data
  • Tagging sleep disruptors

Simply put, the Snore Doctor app allows users to record their sleep and see results in the morning.

When designing it, Appy Monkey’s greatest challenge wasn’t the technicality of recording sleep patterns/snoring but how to “translate” it in a meaningful way so the users are provided with valuable insights.

The solution was ingeniously simple. By allowing users to tag various “elements” to each night's sleep (like caffeine or alcohol intake prior to sleep, for example) the app provides a useful graph that visually shows the sleep data you can see and compare over time.

Additionally, a snoring detector allows you to record snoring and see the results in the morning that you can share with your doctor.

The usage is simple - just place your phone next to your bed (in the same position every night to keep the data consistent). For accuracy’s sake, the app will calibrate itself by measuring the background noise level first. Just press the “record” button and you’re good to go or sleep in this case.

8. Trainetic by K7tech

best fitness apps
[Source: Trainatic]

Standout features:

  • Impressive design
  • Smooth UX
  • Multiple, simultaneous live training sessions

“Take your training to the next level!”

Trainetic, by K7tech, is an app for personalized training sessions that allows local trainers and fitness enthusiasts to host live training sessions and connect with their clients at convenience on both ends.

Fueled by AWS’s Interactive Video Service platform, the app is powerful enough to host, stream, and deliver thousands of live training sessions. One would think that such capacity comes with a few hidden hindrances in the package, however, K7tech managed to create a simple, lightning-fast app that impresses with its sheer number of capabilities (including video storage).

The app's stunning design and smooth UX are just a bonus, but a welcome one.

9. Wardworx by Specno

best health tracking app
[Source: Wardworx]

Standout features:

  • User friendly
  • Collaborative
  • By doctors for doctors

Deemed by many as the “best medical app ever”, Wardworx by Specno is a task management tool (like medicine-oriented Trello or ClickUp) that is far more than that.

Behind the tagline “for doctors by doctors” lies an extensive collaborative build, with doctors from all over the US (over 850 of them) giving inputs and insights about how the app should function in order to streamline daily operations.

With Wardworx, both federal and private practices can:

  • Simplify patient list creation - keep track of patient location & information.
  • Create, prioritize & complete tasks for each patient.
  • Keep everyone on the same page - collaborate securely within a team of doctors.

For all your hard, pardon, ward work!

10. Fabulaa by Terasol Technologies

Best Wellness, Health & Fitness App
[Source: Fabulaa]

Standout features:

  • Simple design
  • Use of illustrations
  • Can be used on the go

Fabulaa, created by Terasol Technologies, is a free and easy-to-use mobile application for people with disabilities that helps them to successfully establish communication between their peers with the help of audio-visual outputs.

Persons of Determination (POD) who face communication disorders are usually those struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), experiencing speech delays, or facing a decline in their communication abilities because of old age. Fabulaa is here to give them a much-needed helping hand with the use of accessible and assistive technology.

The beauty of the app lies in its simple design, streamlined functionality and the ability to be used on the go. It relies on audio and visual cues to make communication easier.

11. Breath Method by Purrweb

best health app for iphone
[Source: Breath Method]

Standout features:

  • Calming color scheme
  • On-topic articles and audio lessons
  • Masterful UI/UX

As its name suggests, Breath Method is a kind of meditation app that teaches users to breathe properly.

“It’s important to breathe the right way, otherwise you may feel distressed, run-down, and worn out.”

Besides the masterful UI/UX design, Purrweb agreed on building a total MVP. The tranquil combination of living green, gray concrete, and light wood (evoking of European constructivism) boosts the app’s motto: ‘BREATHE WELL, LIVE WELL’, which means users will transform their life with better breathing.

Additionally, users can access a large collection of breath-related articles that state how breathing affects our lives, as well as a plethora of audio lessons on breathing techniques that are easy to listen to and practice on the go.

12. Generis by Rootstrap

best wellness apps
[Source: Generis]

Standout features:

  • Paired with 23andMe and Ancestry.com
  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Streamlined UI/UX

One of the best wellness apps is Generis, made by Rootstrap, which is the pioneering mobile-first solution that brings together DNA data with ongoing lifestyle plans to help users meet their goals through truly personalized solutions.

The app provides users with personalized health tips, food recommendations, and more helpful content. It uses customer DNA data to create custom lifestyle advice that helps you be the best version of yourself.

Generis aims to educate users about genetics and how it affects how our bodies process food, build muscle, and absorb vitamins and minerals. Wellness advice needs to be tailored to each individual and that is exactly how Generis operates.

How does it work?

  • Choose your goal (increase energy, lose weight, sleep better)
  • Fill out the lifestyle quiz (including food preferences & allergies, activity level, fitness level, and more)
  • Upload your 23andMe and Ancestry.com data
  • Results are in within about 24 hours
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