Lyft Modern Logo Design

Lyft is a ride-sharing app that is the main competitor of Uber. The only major difference aside from branding is that Uber is cheaper. The company is worth $700 million.

Lyft is less formal than Uber, with their drivers placing a pink mustache on the front of their cars.

The logo redesign was headed by Lyft’s head of UX and product design, Frank Yoo.

Lyft uses three colors. Lyft Pink, Charcoal, and Mulberry.

Lyft Pink is PMS: Neon 813. CMYK: 0, 100, 0, 0. RGB: 255, 0, 191. HEX: #FF00BF.

Lyft Mulberry is PMS: 2735. CMYK: 100, 100, 0, 0. RGB: 53, 35, 132. HEX: #352384.

Lyft Charcoal is PMS: 533. CMYK: 90, 82, 45, 47. RGB: 51, 52, 71. HEX: #333347.

Lyft used Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to define their design principles, which are threefold: Nail the basics, build confidence (consistent and transparent), and be unique (ownable and delightful).

Frank described many reasons for the redesign. Some of these include poor representation of the driver that is requested, no transparency about the price or estimated time of arrival, and poor use of color.

The “l” is lowercase and we can clearly see a play on the word “lyft” itself. This play represents Lyft being fun and an alternative to more serious and professional Uber. The “f” and “t” are beautifully merged together with two symmetrical and even marks that are used for the letter crossing.

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Lyft App Design

In this design, merging represents Lyft’s ability to deliver the consumer a ride from their current location to their destination. Seamlessly. Point A to Point B.

Lyft Logo Design

Lyft’s logo is iconic because it combines vivid colors with an instantly recognizable company wordmark. Consumers immediately know what the company product is, an on-demand ride-sharing service that can get you anywhere at any time, is fun and is reliable.

Lyft is a modern logo design in the Automotive, E-commerce & Retail and Hospitality industries. To compare it with other top car brand logos, be sure to check out our listing of 10 best car logos.

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