11 Best Restaurants Logo Design Ideas for 2023

11 Best Restaurants Logo Design Ideas for 2023
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Last Updated: February 20, 2023

Ever heard of the famous adage among chefs, “you eat with your eyes first”?

A dish that looks appetizing and well-put together immediately triggers the urge to take a bite or finish the whole plate.

That’s why designing an attractive and functional logo for your food item, or restaurant is a MUST. It’s one factor that drives people to scan your menu, try what you’re serving, and keep coming back for more. And most importantly, it distinguishes your brand from your competitors.

A good logo uses the right visual elements and principles to satisfy the consumer palate, from colors and fonts to icons and images. Need ideas? Check out these eleven best restaurant logos that set a great example. Need partners? Check out this list of the best logo design companies on the market.

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1. Graffin Restaurant by DozhdikDesign

best restaurants logo
[Source: DozhdikDesign]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist layout
  • Stylized wordmark
  • Elegant font style

We start the list of the best restaurant logos of the year with the high-end restaurant Graffin Restaurant. They don’t just serve the most exquisite dishes; they also offer one-of-a-kind gastronomic experiences to their customers.

Looking at the brand’s logo, food lovers get that luxurious treatment. Thanks to DozhdikDesign’s proven expertise in logo design.

The minimalist yet captivating layout says it all. The brand name holds the viewers' gaze with its enchanting character, written in an elegant serif font with a tinge of cursive detail for an extra design flavor.

Even without all the glitz and glamor, the simple yet sophisticated wordmark shines!

Also, the single-color palette adds another layer of flexibility to the logo. The color choice makes it easier to incorporate several wordmark variations in other branding assets and layouts.

2. VOHAS by Aif Agency

best restaurant logo
[Source: Aif Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Integrated icon and wordmark
  • Symbolic logo design
  • Classy typeface

Imagine yourself sitting near a beautiful lake, feeling a rush of calmness, tranquility, and harmony. That’s the kind of fine dining experience Vohas offers. And its famous restaurant logo, designed by Aif Agency, visually encapsulates that.

Since Vohas is the name of the lake where the restaurant is, the designers capitalized on the beautiful scenery in creating the brand logo. The letter O in Vohas takes the shape of two outward-facing spheres, symbolizing the Sun and the lake of the city of Termez.

Such a contemporary design not only gives the brand a modern and innovative touch; it’s also representative of the restaurant’s natural atmosphere.

A simple yet classy sans serif font was used for the wordmark, complementing the restaurant’s mission of preserving the purity of fine dining.

3. Coffee Vito by Brand & Digital

best restaurant logos
[Source: Brand & Digital]

Standout Features:

  • Cutesy logo icon
  • Dynamic font combo
  • Balanced layout

It’s not every day we get to see dogs and galaxies infused into coffee branding, which is why this food restaurant logo design for Coffee Vito by Brand & Digital deserves an honorable mention!

Those two visual elements don’t typically fit into the caffeine space, let alone combine into one cohesive visual language. Yet somehow, the logo designers made it work!

The logo features an adorable image of a three-eyed dog in a spacesuit. It takes up ample space in the layout, instantly catching attention.

With this fun and eccentric illustration, throwing a modern sans serif font to the brand name balanced the design. The agency paired it with a handwritten font, adding sufficient dynamics to the layout.

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4. Let Eat Be by studio dolphins

foodies logo
[Source: studio dolphins]

Standout Features:

  • Bright color pop
  • Two visuals in one
  • Simple yet sharp wordmark

Let Eat Be’s branding strategy revolves around a contemporary visual language that speaks to modern food enthusiasts. The brand's love for puns and double meanings shines clear in this fun and playful logo design.

The designers at studio dolphins hit two birds with one stone by creating the logo icon that features two images in one: an illustration of a hot bowl that transforms into a smiling emoji.

The icon easily conveys recognizable restaurant branding and a strong brand identity that screams joy, positivity, and spontaneity!

With such an iconic and attention-grabbing image, pairing it with a simple and neutral wordmark for the brand name was a smart move. It helped balance out the design and give the logo a modern touch.

5. Amantoli by Estudio Albino

 food restaurant logo design
[Source: Estudio Albino]

Standout Features:

  • Organic and artisanal wordmark
  • Gold detailing
  • Product quality labels

Amantoli treats raw honey as if it is liquid gold. Each jar is crafted through traditional extraction practices, aiming for sustainability and excellent quality.

Such a naturalistic character is represented by this logo design courtesy of Estudio Albino.

No other visual elements distract the consumers from the main attraction of this logo design: the wordmark. It stands center, written in a sophisticated sans serif font with a bit of cursive detailing for an exotic and mystical touch.

Instead of adding a flowery tagline, the designers highlighted the product’s artisanal quality through labels such as “raw honey” and “artisanally harvested in Mexico.”

In Amantoli’s packaging design, the logotype is dressed in gold detail, a nice touch that perfectly captures the brand identity and premium market positioning.

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6. Chapa Quente by Aawma Estudio Criativo

best food logos
[Source: Aawma Estudio Criativo]

Standout Features:

  • A bold and vibrant color story
  • Outlined logo icon
  • Textured wordmark

Chapa Quente is the go-to place when you’re looking for a local fast-food restaurant.

The snack bar opens its doors to customers from all backgrounds, so it’s nice to see that this funky and friendly logo design by Aawma Estudio Creativo fits right into their branding strategy!

The project was part of the Design, Por Favor (Please, Design) initiative, created at the beginning of the global pandemic with the goal of offering design works for a low cost to those deeply impacted by the lockdown in Brazil. Aawma Estudio Creativo worked closely with Carolina Campos and Gustavo Estevão to deliver this mouthwatering design come to life.

Chapa Quente is sure to attract a hungry crowd with its complementary color palette of blue, orange, and yellow. These colors are also commonly associated with food brands and restaurants, especially the big fast-food players. No need to reinvent the wheel! It's a foolproof design move.

To bring out Chapa Quente’s friendly and approachable character, the designers stamped an outlined illustration of the brand’s mascot onto the logo, then paired it with a textured wordmark layout.

7. Rockie’s Chicken by Folklore

restaurants logo design ideas
[Source: Folklore]

Standout Features:

  • Fun and outrageous logotype
  • Mascot-style symbol
  • Bright colors

Rockie’s Chicken, “the new chick of the block,” has made a grand entrance to the city with this quirky and outgoing logo design by Folklore.

The main visual element here is the wordmark. It's written in bright red letters swaying in different directions. This style perfectly represents the brand’s youthful and playful character, urging diners hungry for fun experiences to try Rockie’s Chicken.

Rockie, the brand’s official mascot, serves as a substitute logo for some packaging assets. He carries a flag bearing the restaurant’s name, promoting brand recognition everywhere he goes.

Lastly, the designers added a few touches of white and yellow for that color pop!

8. Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies by Propaganda Creative

great restaurant logos
[Source: Cyrus O'Leary's]

Standout Features:

  • Delicious typeface
  • Simple and flowy
  • Good typography combo

Cyrus O’Leary’s, a national pie company produces a wide variety of cream pies, fruit pies, and other delicious confections. They take a lot of pride in their heritage, which dates back to 1981—the opening of the first Cyrus O’Leary’s restaurant in downtown Spokane, Washington. 

Cyrus came to Propaganda Creative in need of a fresh visual identity that reflects both the brand's rich tradition as well as a new web presence. The agency evolved the renowned Cyrus image and showcased it as a premium pie company while retaining its vintage roots.

9. Tomo Sushi by Jeffrey Dirkse

great restaurant logo ideas
[Source: Tomo Sushi]

Standout Features:

  • Charming illustration
  • Kanji-inspired lettermark
  • Symmetrical design

Tomo Sushi has served the finest Japanese dishes for over two decades. During that time the brand's visual image remained unchanged. The new one, designed by Jeffrey Dirkse, retains the company's recognizable identity to (re)connect with both returning and new customers.

Jeffrey designed a distinct anime-inspired (akin to "Astroboy") brand mascot that portrays positivity, and fun and invites customers into the Tomo Sushi restaurant.

While playful, the new symbol embodies all the values Tomo nurtured over the years while maintaining its dignity. Simply put, it is easily recognizable and versatile at its core.

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10. Al Dente by Fabula Branding

creative restaurant logo design ideas
[Source: Al Dente]

Standout Features:

  • Striking illustration
  • Inspiring color palette
  • Custom typography

While developing the identity, Fabula Branding wanted to move away from the stereotypical Italian cafe design and created a sunny and modern solution that distinguished the bistro and showcased its advantages.

A laconic logo retains something distinctly Italian ("al dente") while helping customers easily identify and remember the bistro. The contrasting combination of black and yellow hues makes it visible and styled to evoke the shape and feel of Italian pasta - the cafe's specialty.

Custom hand-drawn illustrations help the brand stay rooted in Italy while it helps customers feel its atmosphere.

11. PCB Seoul by Monga Design

fine dining restaurant logos
[Source: Monga Design]

Standout Features:

  • Retro appeal
  • Monochromatic color set
  • Inspired by swing-era Jazz albums

PCB is a Korean café and bar submerged in the jazz culture of the 50ies, seeking to find sweetness in the bitterness of espresso and develop its infinite inner potential. Just like the best examples in jazz music, Monga designed the PCB logo as a fusion of one distinctive era's aesthetic, its monochromatic (noir) tones with a whisp of saxophone you can almost hear glancing at it.

No competition, just everyone enjoying together. The name was inspired by a time when people were fighting for peace, freedom, and human rights. They prayed for these values - Pray Coffee Bar (PCB).

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