6 Best Water Logo Designs That Make Splashing Brand Introductions

6 Best Water Logo Designs That Make Splashing Brand Introductions
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 02, 2023

Dive into the refreshing world of water businesses and prepare to splash! This article explores the best water logo designs created by some of the best logo designers in the industry today.

Learn how these creative logo designers have harnessed the fluidity of water to create wave-tactic logo designs that truly make a splash for their clients.

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1. The Wave by Harry Lee

[Source: Harry Lee]

Standout Features:

  • The wavy line for A and V
  • Rounded typeface
  • Versatile color story

The Wave's logo design by Harry Lee features a wavy line that doubles as the letters A and V, arranged in a square set with white font color. The wavy line makes a statement connecting humans to nature, which the brand stands for.

On the other hand, the letters have rounded edges reflecting the approachable nature of the brand. The versatile design makes it easy to adapt to various media assets, from print to website designs.

2. VAI by Sur Brand Studio

[Source: Sur Brand Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Fluid typeface
  • Cool color palette
  • Minimalist logo

Design agency Sur Brand Studio created the logo design for VAI with a minimalist concept combining function and personality seamlessly.

The pointed corals and limestones inspire the font used, spelling out VAI as if it's washed away at the shore, showcasing the brand's connection to water. The teal, dark blue, and turquoise colors further drive the point home, creating a logo that's easily recognizable and serves its purpose.

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3. Bow - Be on Water by Eleonore Sabate

[Source: Eleonore Sabate]

Standout Features:

  • Dynamic waves
  • Elegant typography
  • Playful color story

With its dynamic waves and playful colors, BOW – Be on Water's logo design by Eleonore Sabate earns a spot in our best water logo designs list. The design is clean and modern, reflecting the essence of the brand.

The waves are stylized with fluid and curved lines, giving them a modern and visually appealing look. It also used shades of blue, white, and aqua, representing the water and the seafoam from the waves.

The cherry on top is the elegant font used in spelling "BOW," making the B look like a boulder, the O the sun, and W the mountains at the horizon.

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4. NAUTICALERT by Mandalu Designs

[Source: Mandalu Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Bold typography
  • Seafoam color story
  • Use of droplet shape in the logo

NAUTICALERT's logo design by Mandalu Designs uses the first aid plus sign uniquely, making it stand out among other logos.

The logo uses a bold typeface for the word "Nauticalert," making it easily readable and robust. The whitespace in the letter "A" features a water droplet, reinforcing the brand's association with waterfront first aid instruction. This droplet, combined with the plus sign, makes for a clever and well-intended logo.

Lastly, the color palette used in the logo design is related to water, giving it a fresh and unique look.

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5. Aquarex by akos.design

[Source: akos.design]

Standout Features:

  • Stylized A
  • Boldface typography
  • Q stem flowing to REX

One of Aquarex's logo design features by akos.design is the stem of the letter Q in blue flowing downwards, forming the letters REX as a gesture of fluidity in the water logo design.

The logo's highlight is a stylized uppercase "Q," representing the brand "Aquarex." The word "AQUAREX" is written in uppercase letters using a bold, sans-serif typeface, making it easily readable and modern. The fresh and aquatic feel of the logo is further enhanced by the bright blue color palette, which is commonly associated with water.

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6. Aquos Group by Edu Vila

[Source: Edu Vila]

Standout Features:

  • Droplets forming a diamond
  • Sans-serif font
  • Blue color palette

Aquos Group's logo design by Edu Vila is a standout among other logos, featuring a diamond composed of blue droplets forming the shape.

The brand name is written in a simple sans-serif font for a sense of reliability and professionalism. Meanwhile, the blue color palette is not only on-brand with the water theme but also conveys feelings of serenity and peace.

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