8 Best Custom Packaging Designs

8 Best Custom Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: March 31, 2023

Coming up with a custom packaging design is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression on customers and quickly make them fall in love with your brand. That's where professional packaging designers excel!

It speaks volumes about your effort and gives the customers a special feeling, knowing that your product is not the only valuable item when they consider purchasing.

From eye-catching visuals to unique shapes and sizes, the possibilities for great packaging designs are endless. In this article, we'll explore some of the most innovative and effective custom packaging designs to help you get inspired for your brand's packaging strategy.

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1. Aiko Smart Watches by Toman Design

Best Custom Packaging Designs
[Source: Toman Design]

Standout Features:

  • A fun, playful identity
  • A multi-piece set
  • Minimalist tiger-stripes

The custom packaging design for Aiko Smart Watches, created by Toman Design, extends the products’ visual identity and adds another layer to their funky aesthetics.

The idea behind the packaging design is to convey fun and playfulness rather than focus on the functions. As the watch features a tiger-stripe pattern, the white cover of the orange packaging design features a minimal illustration of a tiger on one of the side panels.

The box includes a quick user guide, a cool sketchbook with tiny tigers printed on it, and a “letter to parents” item that’s entirely orange with black diagonal stripes.

This design maintains the association with the wild animal on every piece of merchandise, helping build a cool and unique experience.

2. ODUR Parfum by Studio Geissbuehler

Best Custom Packaging Design
[Source: Studio Geissbuehler]

Standout Features:

  • Simulating a body shape
  • Free-flow print
  • A two-color packaging box

Studio Geissbeuhler’s custom packaging design for ODUR Parfum is built around the human body’s and nature’s interconnectedness through all its fragrances.

Each of the white packaging boxes is decorated with abstract, colored blobs. However, these artistic prints represent various body types inspired by skin painting. The paintings are then minimized into abstract shapes, hinting at the beauty behind the subtlety of the human body and the perfume’s fragrance.

There are four types of free-flow prints, each representing a different aroma through four colors: green, grey, brown, and blue. These hues are often found in a natural setting, further alluding to the connection between men and natural scents.

3. TIKITHAI PAN by Directa Design Bureau

custom packaging designs
[Source: Directa Design Bureau]

Standout Features:

  • Loud patterns
  • Colorful and vibrant
  • A reflection of Thai culture

TIKITHAI PAN is the first authentic Thai street food in Lviv, Ukraine. So, Directa Design Bureau captured the opportunity to develop the most fun custom packaging design symbolizing the experience of walking down Thai streets.

The carton packaging box is full of vibrant colors that intertwine and build a beautiful mosaic of patterns to represent the diversity of crowded Thai streets. Each box combines six customized patterns, created using different color palettes or contrasting shades to make this funky, chaotic but attractive design.

The big red logo is printed on two opposing sides of the packaging, and since the emblem is completely red, it’s easily discernable from the color bomb surrounding it.

This custom packaging design doesn’t only bring the distinctive taste of the food but also elements that contribute to the Thai lifestyle.

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4. Vitaminukai by Ieva Paliukaityte

custom packaging design
[Source: Ieva Paliukaityte]

Standout Features:

  • Cute and colorful
  • Smiling mascots
  • Cut-out window

Vitaminukai’s custom packaging design is courtesy of Ieva Paliukaityte. The long, slim rectangle is well-branded and full of vibrant colors.

The cute and colorful design comes in four variants, each with an energetic vibe portrayed through a different color and slightly different mascots, each based on the main ingredient.

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The sock-wearing mascots are smiling as they enjoy the drink, positioned in the lower half of the packaging design.

Above the mascots on the left, there’s a cut-out window that shows the foil color complementing the main one on the packaging. The top has a blobby white part for the colorful logotype and a superb user manual illustrated on the side panels.

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5. Lo Mon by ruizcompany

Best Custom Packaging Designs That Show Infinite Creativity
[Source: ruizcompany]

Standout Features:

  • Ultra minimal
  • White and grey
  • Left-aligned typography

ruizcompany developed an elegant custom packaging design that provides class to the Lo Mon red wine. The stylish, ultra-minimal packaging features a white and grey color combination.

The foil is entirely grey, accompanied by a large label separated by a wavy line resembling the wine flow. The upper part is white, while the lower part continues with the same darker shade of grey found on the foil.

Apart from a one-line brand name inscription on the left side, there’s more typography at the bottom right of the label. The text is aligned to the left. The limited texts are in white.

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6. Snobby Knobby by galima&pavla

Snobby Knobby by galima&pavla
[Source: galima&pavla]

Standout Features:

  • A distinctive shape
  • White ornaments on a blue background
  • Cut-out keyholes

Snobby Knobby is not your usual whiskey. This brand is built by whiskey lovers who are not afraid to experiment and look for key ingredients to make their whiskey better, and this is all depicted in the delightful custom packaging design made by galima&pavla.

The packaging is an unconventional, distinctive shape that resembles a flat square with a cap sticking out from certain angles. From the bird's view, the cap represents the central part of the 2D holistic blue-and-white design.

It’s surrounded by five cut-out keyhole windows that let you glance at the whiskey. Each keyhole is decorated with beautiful white ornaments against a dominant blue canvas.

The bottle top features the brand’s name and logo, and there’s embossed silver typography spelling out the brand name on the sides.

7. PetChef by Audax

PetChef by Audax
[Source: Audax]

Standout Features:

  • A minimalist dog illustration
  • A two-color design
  • A signature spot

PetChef is a premium pet food brand that provides only natural and balanced meals for our feline friends. Design agency Audax ensured that the custom packaging design portrays the brand’s care for animal welfare through a personalized approach.

The simple custom packaging design features multiple visual elements, with the starring one of a minimalist digital dog illustration in the bottom left. Next to the dog’s head, there are tiny illustrations that assure the owner of the products’ quality and organic origin.

The dog’s color is the same as the one found at the top of the packaging, and it’s used to color-code the different tastes.

Lastly, this packaging features a signature line so you can directly devote the treat to your furball by making its name a part of the package design.

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8. Happy Trunk Co by Identity Brandcom 

Happy Trunk Co by Identity Brandcom 
[Source: Identity Brandcom]

Standout Features: 

  • Premium brand typography 
  • Gentle, sweet colors 
  • Transparent top 

Happy Trunk Co's customized cakes are delivered in custom packaging designs as delicious as the product. Identity Brandcom designed this packaging, helping the brand connect with its customers through taste and style. 

The two-part packaging box fits four custom-made treats and offers an inside view that entices customers to bite through the box's transparent top.  

The side panels feature pastel blue, pink, and yellow colors in the Memphis style. The first two colors are balanced, with a blobby shape coloring the panels and taking most of the space. The white and yellow elements are tiny and help add cuteness to the design. 

Typography-wise, one side panel features a heavy logotype printed in Luxe serifs, helping the brand situate itself as a premium vendor. The font style entails multiple curves and drops that convey the brand's unique selling point: endless customization of sweets. 

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