16 Best Packaging Design Inspirations To Ignite Your Creativity

16 Best Packaging Design Inspirations To Ignite Your Creativity
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Last Updated: May 01, 2023

This article explores the best packaging design inspirations from some of the most creative packaging design companies and discusses the different features that make them outstanding.

Let these examples help you create a unique design that will shine along the supermarket aisles as one of the best packaging designs.

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1. LAMBRO by PG Brand Reforming Company

[Source: PG Brand Reforming Company]

Standout Features:

  • Sleek packaging design
  • Neutral colors with a touch of gold
  • Embossed O

The first on our list of the best packaging design inspirations is LAMBRO’s gorgeous-looking packaging. This premium shower drain brand aims to look more polished and sophisticated.

Designed by PG Brand Reforming Company, this sleek box packaging features the brand logo prominently. The agency used neutral colors such as black, white, and gray to convey elegance effortlessly.

They elevated the design with an embossed O in gold, adding a pop of color to the neutral palette.

Lastly, icons are placed strategically at the side of the box, informing customers more about the product inside.

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2. TAIKA by Philipa Rabbit

[Source: Philipa Rabbit]

Standout Features:

  • Vivid illustrations
  • Muted colors
  • Trendy design concept

Designer Philipa Rabbit used experiences as her packaging design inspiration to create impactful illustrations for TAIKA's packaging.

This unique mushroom coffee brand took cues from nature's colors and the woods. The designer created two variations: the forest during fall and summer for Lion's Mane and the wild forest with touches of burnt charcoal for Chaga.

The products are easily identified by their colors. The agency used muted shades of blue for Lion's Mane and light brown for Chaga.

3. Pokko by Primengine

[Source: Primengine]

Standout Features:

  • Distinct variations
  • Bright colors
  • Excellent logo placement

Primengine created this next-best packaging design inspiration for Pokko. The designs are consistent across the brand's two product variations but are still unique in their way.

The agency ensured the original and spicy flavors were easily recognizable, especially when displayed among competitors. They used contrasting colors (blue and red) to signify their differences. These colors often describe hot and cold foods, so this is a tried and tested design trick.  

In addition, the logo is placed at the top center, strengthening brand recall.

4. Little Learners Trove by Doodlo Design Studio

[Source: Doodlo Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Funky patterns
  • Rounded sans-serif fonts
  • Visually stimulating design

Designs for Little Learners Trove's Hindu Deities edition are refreshing packaging design inspirations, particularly for products marketed for kids.

Design agency Doodlo Design Studio used funky patterns and vibrant colors that complement the brand vision: keeping learning fun.

The rounded sans-serif fonts are a clever addition to the design. Typography provides easier reading, doubling down on the kid-friendly, lively, and educational concept.

5. Mountain Biologicals by Ideoholics

[Source: Ideoholics]

Standout Features:

  • Dark yet impactful colors
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Varieties for men and women

Ideoholics designed this packaging for an Ayurvedic medicine brand, with separate variants for men and women. They made the distinction noteworthy by putting gorgeous illustrations of a man and a woman at the front.

Typically, packaging designers use blue and pink to differentiate men’s products from women’s. The designers took it a step further and added beautiful images of a man and a woman who look like nymphs from the forest.

In addition, the shades of black and violet add impact and polish to this design, making it look expensive and premium.

6. Joe Hamburgueria by Kaminski Brand Studio

[Source: Kaminski Brand Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Big, bold letters
  • Cube-like packaging
  • Graphic textures

Take note of this packaging design inspiration for your next high-end burger business. Explore our article on burger branding examples.

Design agency Kaminski Brand Studio used bold letters to advertise the brand effortlessly. The cube-like packaging features the brand name's first two letters (JO) on the top and the third letter (E) on the box's left side.

The designers incorporated the product's graphic textures reminiscent of the 50s American diner aesthetic based on the product's diverse flavors.

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7. Reina del Sol by Castlefield

[Source: Castlefield]

Standout Features:

  • Metallic gold finish
  • Luxurious canister
  • Renaissance-looking sun

Reina del Sol’s packaging by Castlefield exemplifies elegance and glamour — a perfect packaging design inspiration for luxury liquor brands.

The agency created an expensive-looking canister with a metallic gold finish. There are also touches of gold on the bottle engravings.

Also, the golden sun adds a Renaissance feel, a genius nod to the time when arts flourished in Europe.

Overall, the packaging design’s premium look adds value to the product.

8. La Lepre e la Luna by Numeroquattro

[Source: Numeroquattro]

Standout Features:

  • Tinted wine bottle
  • Perfect label position
  • Beautiful label design

Italian design agency Numeroquattro capitalized on the outstanding reputation of Italian wines to develop a packaging design that looks simple yet classy.

The minimalist yet eye-catching label sets this design apart. It features a black-and-white design and a brand icon at the center. This monochrome style blends well with the bottle's dark tint.

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9. Morisons Baby Dreams Toothpaste by By Design

[Source: By Design]

Standout Features:

  • Thick sans-serif fonts
  • Animated characters
  • Perfect splash of color

By Design’s packaging design for a children’s toothpaste brand relates to the target audience without being over the top.

It's an excellent packaging design inspiration for dental products because of its friendly and neat layout. The design features a smiling tooth, a cute character that draws people in.

The brand name is also readable, thanks to the thick font style.

10. Aoudy Dried Fruits by Creador Designs

[Source: Creador Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Consistent designs across products
  • Pleasant color story
  • Attractive images

Creador Designs developed a design that looks modern and high-end.

This packaging design attracts customers because of its carefree, elegant vibe. Coming in two variants, the agency remained consistent with the layout. Half of the pouch is white, while the other half is green or yellow, depending on the flavor.

You will also see images of dried fruits at the center, helping customers distinguish which product to buy.

11. The Middle by Chapple Design

[Source: Chapple Design]

Standout Features:

  • Typewritten typeface
  • Silhouette images
  • Secure lids

Chapple Design created this aesthetically pleasing packaging design for a beverage brand that appeals strongly to the younger demographic, thanks to the pastel colors and classy black and gray palette.

The typewritten font style gives the design character, while the plants' silhouettes at the bottom exude a fancy image. The packaging also features a secure lid, guaranteed to prevent spills.

12. StyleBoxes by Máté Verhás

[Source: Máté Verhás]

Standout Features:

  • High-end image
  • Textured and matte variations
  • Polished look

Designer Máté Verhás helped the brand develop bespoke packaging designs for StyleBoxes.

The paper bags come in two versions: one has a matte-like finish and solid colors, while the other features a textured style resembling smooth marble.

Additionally, these bags have beautiful silk handles that strengthen the brand's luxurious aura.

13. Canyon THC by NICHEZ

[Source: NICHEZ]

Standout Features:

  • High-quality images
  • Portable pouch
  • Vibrant colors

Canyon THC by NICHEZ is a great packaging design inspiration that adds vibrance to the products through vibrant colors and high-quality images.

The gummies’ packaging design is a zip-lock pouch you can carry wherever you go, while the lollipops' packaging is a colorful, compact box.

Depending on the product's flavor, the designs feature high-quality images of fruits such as strawberries, oranges, blueberries, and lemons.

14. Ricco's by FUTURA

[Source: FUTURA]

Standout Features:

  • Festive packaging
  • Satin bag handle
  • Mouthwatering visuals

Ricco’s packaging by FUTURA is one of the best packaging design inspirations today. It exudes a festive feel with its warm colors and delicate lines, making it a perfect gift for special occasions.

The packaging looks like a gift bag with a satin handle at the top. The swirls and lines on the packaging also add a lively touch.

Appetizing product images are displayed prominently at the front center, enticing customers to grab one for themselves!

15. Rwkies by DHMC Agency

[Source: DHMC Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Cylindrical container
  • Pastel colors
  • Legible typeface

The Rwkies’ packaging design by the DHMC Agency is one of the best inspirations if you aim for a dainty and youthful image.

It comes in sealed cylindrical containers, ensuring the freshness of the vegan cookies inside. It also makes them more manageable as the container is portable and easy to carry. On top of the lid, you'll see the brand tagline, Naturally Sweet.

The pastel colors and legible fonts make the overall design look modern, fun, and clean.

16. Dr. Vet by Petit Comite

[Source: Petit Comite]

Standout Features:

  • Friendly illustrations
  • Striking color story
  • Legible typography

The next entry on our list of best packaging design inspirations captivates customers through its striking color palette and nice visuals. Designed by Petit Comite, Dr. Vet's packaging design stands out among its competitors.

Instead of the usual white and light colors, they used a dramatic color story of black and purple to elevate the design. It also included helpful illustrations of the pet's organs or body parts (brain, eyes, bones) that guide customers on where the medicine should be used.

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