6 Best Toys and Games Packaging Designs With Fun Presentations

6 Best Toys and Games Packaging Designs With Fun Presentations
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 20, 2023

This article explores some of the best toy and game packaging designs made by the best packaging designers.

Toys and game packaging designs are often characterized by having colorful and fun designs. Many designers focus on these to get the target audience's attention, and the best packaging designs have succeeded in their goals and much more.

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1. Uppy by AIDA Pioneer

[Source: AIDA Pioneer]

Standout Features:

  • Exposed cutout packaging
  • Energetic color story
  • Encourages hands-on experience

As innovative toy makers, Uppy wanted to present their products to children and their parents in the best way possible. That's why they asked AIDA Pioneer to create a toy packaging design for their smart toys that delivers a hands-on experience for the kids.

The packaging has exposed cutout panels so kids can check out the toys without opening the box. The design doesn't compromise the quality of the product, as it can still be stacked on top of other packages. Lastly, the bold color accents of the box give it a refreshing pop of color.

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2. Babesaur by Hedy Huang

[Source: Hedy Huang]

Standout Features:

  • Unique color per product
  • Exposed cutout panel
  • Simple and sleek

Babesaur's compact box packaging by designer Hedy Huang highlights the importance of enjoying the toys before buying them, staying true to their tagline, "Never stop having fun!"

The toy packaging design features a compact square box with an exposed front where the customers can see the product. Each dinosaur has a unique color and illustration, making it easily distinguishable. Overall, this simple packaging looks sleek and protects the toys, keeping them new.

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3. Kodiak Playing Cards by ELLEN CARTY PHOTO & DESIGN


Standout Features:

  • Easy-open tuck box
  • Colorful design
  • Sleek and compact

With its compact and sleek packaging design, Kodak Playing Cards' packaging by ELLEN CARTY PHOTO & DESIGN earns a spot in this best toys and games packaging design list.

The design features an easy-open tuck box and colorful illustrations throughout the packaging. The card's back design also matches the design on the box. Lastly, it's compact and portable, allowing customers to enjoy card games wherever and whenever they want.

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4. New York Mini Puzzle by Susanna Rumiz

[Source: Susanna Rumiz]

Standout Features:

  • Lively and vibrant illustrations
  • Welcoming color story
  • Slim box packaging

What sets New York Mini Puzzle's toy packaging by Susanna Rumiz from the other inclusions in this list is its vibrant illustrations and welcoming color palette.

The design features snippets of daily life from the Big Apple and its people, along with iconic structures such as the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty, among others. The art style is reminiscent of coloring books which are enticing to look at. In addition, its slim box packaging allows for easy storage without consuming much space on shelves.

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5. Plush Toy by Kayana Ternize Design

[Source: Kayana Ternize Design]

Standout Features:

  • Portable
  • Functional packaging
  • Pastel color story

The Plush Toy's packaging design by Kayana Ternize Design is one of the most practical and functional packaging designs on this list.

Reminiscent of cake boxes, the box packaging is home to the plushie. It's also functional because the handle allows for easy carriage, so kids can bring their toys anywhere without getting them dirty. Also, the pastel colors in this toy packaging design add to the playfulness of the product.

6. Monster Roller by Paulina Kulyk

[Source: Paulina Kulyk]

Standout Features:

  • Enticing peek into the product
  • Helpful instructions with arrows and icons
  • Energetic colors

Monster Roller's toy packaging design by Paulina Kulyk features helpful arrows and icons, making the packaging design informative and functional. These arrows and icons help showcase some of the toy's features.

The exposed front panel has a plastic layer, offering a first look at the toy without fully opening the box. Additionally, the yellow, orange, and green match the toy and are excellent additions to the packaging design.

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