World's Finest Chocolate package design by PKG Branding

World’s Finest® Chocolate Packaging Design Develops a New Brand Mark

World’s Finest® Chocolate, a producer of savory condiments for the greater good, turned to the award-winning, Chicago-based PKG Brand Design packaging company to rethink and rebrand its line of products.

Since both the creative agency and the client hail from the same city, the design team “developed a new brand mark that adapted [World's Finest®’s] existing crown identity to highlight their heritage with a hidden ‘C’ nestled into the brandmark,” according to PKG themselves.

The typography has been given an upgrade as well – the previous handwritten font has been replaced with a brand new, stylized type style on the brand name and a very classy, modern take on serif fonts for the rest of the copy.

As a company, World’s Finest® Chocolate is famous for its fundraising efforts for schools. This packaging design “leveraged the equity of the white label fundraising bars” by “developing a case that is both easy to carry and display, [making] it easy for kids and adults alike to utilize World’s Finest® as a fundraising partner.”

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Silver Accents in the Packaging Put the “Finest” in World’s Finest®

The very shape of the packaging box is an inverted rectangular pyramid. Mostly presented in white, it contains certain elements that truly pop against the clean background.

For instance, the silver accent lines all across the edges and around the circular product display in the center highlight the “finest” in the chocolate’s quality and the product’s name (the silver crown above the brand’s acronym).

These silver accents also integrate well with the new flavors – every different flavor is color-coded with its distinct hue in the middle part, where the product display is. It's a design principle that professional packaging experts follow: to create a visual hierarchy and clear differentiation through color coding.

The textual content is in highly contrasting black or white, depending on where it sits on the packaging.

Appetite-Inducing Photography Pulls the Consumers’ Focus to Every World’s Finest® Chocolate

Between the circular centerpiece that displays the product inside and the branding at the top is a centered photo of the product shown from a different perspective: what it's made of and its final shape.

Most branding experts recognize the importance of impactful product photography to maximize appetite appeal and capture consumers' attention on the retail shelf. Here, the photograph showcases the chocolates against a white background, stunningly creating a sense of contrast and making the colors, textures, and details stand out.

A high-resolution, well-lit photo of each chocolate variant stands out quite well against the light surroundings. It is also sufficiently far from the box’s edges to provide enough “breathing space” and not clash with the silver lines. The actual size of the photo is quite visible from a small distance so it's easier to spot in stores.

Packaging Design Contributes to the Overall Premium Quality of World’s Finest® Chocolate

High-end materials were used in the production of the World’s Finest® Chocolate packaging. The name and the brand image beget the quality of packaging that would suit both. This is particularly noticeable on the edges’ silver lines that do come with a proper shine and glimmer, signifying a special kind of material.

The rest of the box has smooth, even surfaces that are pleasing to the touch. This choice of material also facilitates well-printed colors and texts. The crispness of the lettering, the sharpness of their edges and the vibrancy of the colors could not have been achieved without the investment in the packaging’s quality.

World’s Finest® Chocolate Package Design Has a Classy Appeal in a Timeless Exterior

PKG Brand Design’s package design for the F&B brand, World’s Finest® Chocolate, takes into consideration the product’s entire history to help steer it in the new direction dictated by the needs and expectations of modern consumers.

While not being a radical departure from the brand’s previous identity – so as not to disrupt its market positioning and familiarity with existing consumers – it is still an updated nod to the company’s charitable efforts and the premium quality of its products.

The new World’s Finest® Chocolate package design exudes timelessness. It is what you expect in modern packaging, but also one that is going to be relevant in the years to come. Thanks to its delicate use of current trends and reliance on an elegant typeface, high-res imagery and simple element design. All of which are always going to be en vogue.

The uniformity and consistency of the packaging are not broken in the slightest with each of the flavors despite having a different color coding. Quite the contrary, this slight difference between every variant only accentuates the coherency and evenness of the core design.

For all of the reasons above, as well as its charitable nature, World’s Finest® Chocolate by PKG Brand Design is well worthy of DesignRush’s Best Packaging Design Award for April 2022.

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