Nike Invitation Print Design

Nike’s 3D Print Design Invitations Uniquely Capture The Essence Of London

Nike is a well-known brand — famous for its footwear, and it’s iconic logo.

But Nike is more than just its swoosh and slogan. Nike is a multinational organization that specializes in footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. It’s a brand that promotes positivity, wellness and health, and it’s known for the many celebrity spokespeople that promote the brand.

Most people know about Nike as a whole, but not everyone knows about the events it sponsors — its Nike We Run Series.

Nike is all about getting motivated, taking action and “just doing it.” And the Nike We Run Series hosts events around the world to promote an active and mindful lifestyle. Nike is well-known for its marathons, which it hosts across the globe. Distances range from 5k to 21k, and the brand is well-versed in how to promote these events and excite its audiences.

Nike is also no stranger to playing with design. They are constantly coming out with new edition print and packaging designs to promote its brand identity, raise awareness for hot-button issues and to have some good, old-fashioned fun.

In 2015, Nike hosted a Woman’s 10k marathon in London. And to promote it, they released limited-edition invitations to help spur action and involvement. These invitations were tiny, delicate and intricate. But they certainly pack a punch.

To promote such an innovative and exciting event, Nike knew they had to get creative. They had to think outside the box and have some fun with their design. The result was stunning, sophisticated and captivating.

Nike Invitation Popup London

Nike’s Eye-Catching Print Invitations Use Shape, Texture and 3D Elements To Grab Attention

There is more than meets the eye in this print design for Nike’s London-based 10k marathon.

On first glance, you see a simple, eggshell-colored cardstock folded in half. On the front, in elegant gold foil, is the formal invitation.

“Nike invites you to join the world’s largest race series”

The typography is bold and strong. The gold adds a shine that radiates class and elegance. You truly feel like one-of-a-kind for snagging and invite to such an event. These invitations make you feel special, powerful and important.

But once inside, you’re greeted with even more splendor.

Once opened, these flat, two-dimensional turn into three-dimensional works of art that play with color, shape, texture and space.

The London skyline pops up out of the inside of the invitation. In it, you can see the London Eye, Big Ben, a double-decker bus, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. At the front, a lone female runner makes her way along the route.

This design is pristine. It’s elegant and classic. It's dynamic and impactful. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. You can’t look away — in fact, you want to put this invitation on display.

On these three-dimensional designs, you’re greeted with additional, elegant design features. Gold embellishments add depth and character to the buildings, turning them from flat empty shapes into recognizable establishments

There is additional copy within, sitting at the bottom of the design. This is written in the same gold foil and the same sans-serif font. It's tight and concise and inviting. It adds a class to the overall design and reinforces that exclusivity that the invitation exudes.

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Nike Invitation Runner

You can see the dedication and the craftsmanship in this design. It’s intricate and detailed. It’s impactful and powerful.

It’s more than just an invitation — it’s a piece that empowers and inspires. And it serves as a constant reminder of the accomplishment that was achieved.

Nike Invitation Closeup

Nike Went Above And Beyond With Its Print Design Invitations

Nike is no stranger to funky and cool design initiatives. They often play around with products, packaging and other design refreshes. And their limited edition invitations to the London Women’s 10k Marathon are no Theseption.

The simple, soft designs are truly works of art.

Printed on an off-white cardstock, these invitations look ordinary on the surface. Gold foil creates the typography that invites the runners to the miles-long event, but it’s what’s inside that really steals the show.

Once opened, these invitations are more than just a delicate piece of paper.

Like a pop-up book, the London skyline shoots to life. You can see Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and more. At the front, a tiny female runner can be seen trudging along.

Elegant, gold foil touches dot the design to add accents and flare. But the depth and dimension that these shapes create are what is really breathtaking.

Nike took a simple concept and turned it on its head. It’s no surprise Nike continues to be an industry leader.

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