Aishti Identity Elegant Colorful Print Design

The Aishti Identity project was lead by the team from Sagmeister & Walsh. The objective was to create a series of stationary and print materials that mirror the class and prestige associated with the luxury brands that Aishti stocks in its global department stores.

Since 1989, the Aishti brand has grown substantially and the Founder, Tony Salamé, wanted a brand to represent the fact that his company is now the undisputed fashion and luxury products market leader in Lebanon.

The overall design manages to perfectly reflect what you’d expect from a luxury fashion brand or company within that industry. It oozes professionalism and prestige, whilst also managing to achieve a level of attractiveness and glamour.

Personalization was a large element of the design, with all customers receiving a personal printed message on the inside of their box when they purchase an item from the store.

Aishti Identity Elegant Clean Print Design

The font used on the print materials is very strong and uses quite heavy weighting. Black font on an orange background are the primary brand colors which make for an elegant and stimulating combination.

The orange is tasteful blend between the energy of a red and the warmth associated with a yellow. It certainly evokes a feeling that you’re welcome at the store, and upon leaving with your purchase, you almost feel inclined to show-off the packaging.

Capitalizing the headings also adds to the authority of the print making it difficult to miss the name even at a quick glance.

Aishti Identity Elegant Print Design

On some of the print materials, they have used a mesmerizing design for a layers which sits between the Aishti name and the background. It’s a fascinating design, as it manages to enhance the text at a distance whilst maintaining a significant amount of detail on close viewing.

Overall, these designs ooze class, prestige, and style. They’re an excellent example of a powerful, minimalistic design that impactfully speaks to the customer or anyone who views them.

Aishti Identity is an elegant print design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.