7 Best Two-Color Print Designs That Blend Simplicity and Creativity

7 Best Two-Color Print Designs That Blend Simplicity and Creativity
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: July 24, 2023

This article explores the best two-color print designs, showcasing exceptional works from today's leading print designers.

While many brands opt for a multicolored palette to produce the best print designs, two-tone visuals have a charm of their own. They offer a crisp and clean finish that's easy on the eyes, providing a soothing visual experience.

Discover how these two-color print designs have successfully embodied their respective brands' unique identities.

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1. Guayaba Beach Boutique by Deep Fried Studio

[Source: Deep Fried Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Tropical color combination
  • Outlined icons
  • Doodle-style visuals

Deep Fried Studio designed a joyful print for Guayaba Beach Boutique, brimming with summer spirit. The tropical-inspired design matches the brand's vibe.

The agency creatively used a guava pink and white color scheme. This pairing aligns beautifully with the brand's vibrant identity. Guayaba, after all, translates to 'guava' in El Salvador – the brand's home country.

And the best part? The adorable mascot and doodle figures create a youthful character!

2. IamTiago by Tiago Sa

[Source: Tiago Sa]

Standout Features:

  • Monochromatic palette
  • Minimalist layout
  • Bold sans-serif font

Tiago Sa's design for his identity materials shines with its elegant monochromatic look. The design exudes sophistication, highlighting the artist's premium and professional positioning.

Sa's minimalist layout breathes life into the prints. Simplicity doesn't require additional complexity or detail. Instead, it delivers a potent message with effortless clarity.

The bold sans-serif typeface further reinforces the brand's strength. This design choice not only enhances visual appeal but also stimulates brand recall.

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3. Sage Beauty Studio by Marija Vasilijic

[Source: Marija Vasilijic]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant typeface
  • Symbolic infinity pattern
  • Earthy colors

Sage Beauty Studio's print design by Marija Vasilijic prominently features interlocking infinity symbols. This unique pattern harmonizes perfectly with the brand's natural and sustainable value.

An elegant typeface graces the prints, infusing the brand with a luxurious aesthetic. A refreshing combination of green and beige embodies purity and tranquility.

These elements create a captivating visual narrative for the brand's eco-conscious clientele!

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4. Ojo Café by Paola Santos

[Source: Paola Santos]

Standout Features:

  • Amusing eye illustrations
  • Monochrome color scheme
  • Eccentric typography

Paola Santos's monochrome print design for Ojo Café is a superb example of a two-color palette elevating a brand's image.

The name "Ojo" translates to "eye" in Spanish. The comic eye illustrations are a clever nod to the brand's roots! The print design also showcases a clean and sleek layout with creative lettering.

Overall, the design lends the café an edge over its competitors without compromising its fun and quirky personality.

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5. All Caps by Alchemistry Design

[Source: Alchemistry Design]

Standout Features:

  • Graffiti-inspired prints
  • Neon green background
  • Creative and legible fonts

All Caps' print design by Alchemistry Design takes inspiration from the gritty allure of street culture. It's a testament to how urban influences can fuel many creative works.

The graffiti-inspired print pushes the envelope of modern design. It perfectly embodies the raw energy and creativity found within city street art.

The neon green and black combo is an instant standout. It creates an edgy and appealing vibe, echoing the vibrant nature of the streets!

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6. Swanson's Fabrics by Liz Moran Design

[Source: Liz Moran Design]

Standout Features:

  • Geometric visuals
  • Black and white aesthetic
  • A minimalist sans serif typeface

Liz Moran Design has successfully translated the brand ethos of Swanson's Fabrics into a minimalist print design.

The geometric shapes exude modernity and professionalism. The monochromatic palette creates a simple yet sophisticated look. It appeals to both masculine and feminine sensibilities!

A minimalist sans serif typeface enhances the contemporary feel. This approachable design communicates the brand's commitment to making quality sewing materials accessible.

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7. Haruka Niizeki by NODA Kumiko

[Source: NODA Kumiko]

Standout Features:

  • Creative logo integration
  • Embossed print
  • Excellent use of negative space

NODA Kumiko's business card design for Haruka Niizeki captures the prop stylist's vibrant aesthetic and meticulous handiwork.

It comes in two colors: green and pink. These colorways perfectly represent the artist's style. An attractive and sharp typeface enhances the brand name and reflects Niizeki's dynamic work.

The design cleverly integrates the number "2," alluding to Niizeki's trade name, "22works," and her last name. It enriches the logo with a deeper creative meaning!

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