15 Best Print Designs That Made A Good Impression

15 Best Print Designs That Made A Good Impression
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 13, 2023

We may live in a digital age, but print publications still play an important role in business and marketing.

In this article, we take a look at and analyze these 15 print design inspiration ideas, created by some of the most accomplished print designers. These brochures, billboards, magazine ads, and catalogs grab the viewers’ attention, deliver the key message across and excel at visual inventiveness.

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1. The Act Of Sitting by David Rindlisbacher

[Source: The Act Of Sitting]

Standout Features:

  • Instagram-worthy mood
  • Neutral colors
  • Clean and streamlined

This print design shows us that even the most neutral colors can make things pop when used correctly. Designed by David Rindlisbacher, this best print design entry boasts images with filters that make them look chill and aesthetically pleasing. It can be a perfect addition to any Instagram account.

The designer chose a neutral color story to make the print designs look cohesive and attractive. In addition, the clean and streamlined layout adds a layer of polish to the print design.


[Source: Totim]

Standout Features:

  • Bold and expressive
  • Pop art elements
  • Colorful palette

JUMP created this next-best print design entry on our list to capture the joy music brings to our lives. The designs are bold and expressive, reminiscent of the Pop Art movement. The shapes and colors align perfectly with the client's bold, inspiring, and expressive vision.

The muted colors make it friendlier to the eyes. Music is all about expression, and this print design works excellently.

This shows that using many colors in your designs is good if they are distributed evenly and not overpowering one another. Harmony is key!

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3. European Wealth Report by Transatlantico Studio

[Source: Transatlantico Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Modern art elements
  • Geometric shapes
  • Sleek yet creative

What makes the European Wealth Report print design one of the best is its ability to present formal reports engagingly and creatively, attracting more readers.

Transatlantico Studio developed this print design with elements from modern art movements, such as negative spaces, geometric shapes, and pastel colors. This fits the brand perfectly since many art historians believe modern art movements have flourished significantly in Europe.

Even though the design has so many elements, they blend well to create a sleek yet creative mood for the formal reports inside.

4. As Above, So Below by Ellis Pearce

[Source: As Above, So Below]

Standout Features:

  • Striking iconography
  • Perfect icon size
  • Typography with character

This art book, designed by Ellis Pearce, is a revolutionary work of art that sets exceptional standards for many print assets. No wonder it made it to our list of best print designs worldwide.

The black-and-white images excellently relay stories and communicate the brand message. This monochrome aesthetic polish and elevate the design, strengthening the brand’s reputation at first glance.

The images are also of the perfect size, not too big or small. Size in print design can change things as it is often used to emphasize various essential items to send the right message across.

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5. Uber' Bold, Direct & with Heart' by HarrimanSteel & Sylvan Hillebrand

[Source: Uber' Bold, Direct & with Heart']

Standout Features:

  • Sans-serif fonts
  • Excellent use of filters
  • Multicolored pages

This magazine took a different turn from the loud, expressive graphics and used a typography-based design. Designers HarrimanSteel & Sylvan Hillebrand created a top-notch print design with excellent layout work, vibrant color blocks, and daring content.

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The designers used sans-serif fonts, allowing readers to focus on the magazine's contents. The photos are overlaid with colored filters that give each image an added touch of character while keeping the quality immaculate.

They also used multicolored pages to add a splash of personality to the magazine, and the black text color works amazingly.

6. Alegria by Frank Pelten by NEVIVE

[Source: Alegria]

Standout Features:

  • Calm and serene images
  • Mood-setting filters
  • Sea-inspired visuals

Design agency NEVIVE crafted an outstanding print design for Alegria by Frank Felten through breathtaking images and filters showcasing a visually pleasing atmosphere.

The images of the sea, the seashore, and the various icons associated with water life are enough to create a soothing atmosphere for the viewer.

What elevates these high-quality images are the filters that make you feel you are looking at a nostalgia-filled photo album that inspires thoughts. The filters perfectly set the mood desired by the client because they evoke the viewer's thoughts of serenity and sentimentality, which completes the experience.

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7. HARI PRASAD by Spectrum Digital Print Solutions

[Source: Spectrum Digital Print Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • Nature-inspired colors
  • Perfect contrast
  • Sophisticated vibes

HARI PRASAD is another example of a great print design demonstrating the perfect contrast between solid colors and metallic hues.

Designed by Spectrum Digital Print Solutions, they took on color cues from the lush foliage, especially pine green and vivid shades signifying their close relationship to nature. Their logo is printed using metallic ink, which makes a perfect and regal image of sophistication and class fitting for their brand image.

The print is also of the best quality, reinforcing the aura of polish around the brand.

8. CareServ By Solinity Marketing

Print Design Inspiration Ideas
[Source: CareServ]

Standout features:

  • A music album theme
  • A three-tone color palette
  • Design follows the tradeshow theme

CareServ is a provider of nursing services specializing in elderly care. Their brochure and giveaway materials, created by Solinity Marketing, were designed for a tradeshow where CareServ was presenting. 

This print design was custom-made according to the theme of the event "so they could stand out from the rest." Its cartoon rendition features a raccoon playing the guitar on stage, with teal color surrounding the central imagery and providing the backbone to the large, bold fonts and the URL for the event on CareServ's website.

The print design's overall feel is slightly "grungy" owing to the faded-out effect and "scratches" on the surface. The mascot makes a reappearance on the inside package which consists of a CD nested in a hardcover envelope.

The mock music album design is rounded up on the back cover, with "Our Latest Hits" messaging and a "tracklisting" of CareServ's set of services. This print design was accompanied by a series of similarly-designed posts for social media to provide consistency for this campaign.

9. Love After Lockup By Dixon

Print Design Inspiration
[Source: Love After Lockup]

Standout features:

  • Great color editing
  • Consistent use of the show’s logo
  • Creative storytelling on every image

Love After Lockup is a WE tv reality show whose promotional material and print design is created by Dixon creative agency.

The campaign consists of several designs for billboards, magazine ads, pamphlets, and other print collaterals promoting the series.

One of them depicts a convict holding hands with his significant other, with the camera focusing on their hands and the prison’s barbwire in the background. The other one, pictured in the prison’s interior, shows the inmates’ mugshots with their partners standing in front of them.

The former is quite bright and vivid, while the latter is more brooding in terms of color palette, although they both have certain common denominators that lend cohesiveness to the campaign. For example, the fonts used are the same throughout and the general color editing is quite consistent in both ads.

The show’s branding is quite prominent and consistent, thanks to the distinctive use of handcuffs in letters “O” in “Love After Lockup” and the show’s tagline “Love With Conviction.”

10. Calzado Footwear Catalog By 22DG

Print Design Ideas
[Source: Topper Catalog]

Standout features:

  • A unique concept of sports being planets
  • A minimalist cover in a vibrant color
  • “Stealth” black effect on the inside

22DG studio is a creative force behind Topper’s footwear catalog which opts for a very simplistic cover but gets really complex and imaginative on the inside pages. The agency articulated their approach as having “[each sport be a standalone planet since every sport is a world of its own.]”

Awash in a sea of royal blue, the catalog’s cover is minimalist and almost pedestrian, not at all indicative of its inside contents. White lettering in a bold sans-serif font stands out quite vividly and the hardcover binding adds sturdiness and better quality to the overall print design.

On the inside, the catalog opens with a “stealth” black effect, with lettering slightly debossed for a very premium feel. The actual catalog is contained within a blue insert sleeve, which contrasts well with black. The publication even contains a CD with the electronic equivalent of the catalog.

The printed material is divided into different sports. Each sport is accompanied by an elaborate illustration depicting a court and athletes in action. The unique catch is that the court and the athletes are standing on or inside the sport’s ball as if it was a planet.

Next to each page with a ball/planet is Topper’s footwear for the specific sport in all angles and zoomed-in details. This is the catalog’s main part and it provides enough info for the reader to make an informed purchase decision based on the stats, measurements, and other details.

11. Lively By Division of Labor

example of good print design
[Source: Lively Billboards]

Standout features:

  • Humorous messaging
  • Vibrant, contrasting colors
  • Attention-grabbing approach

Lively is a health savings account company whose humorous billboard campaign is courtesy of the Division of Labor creative agency.

The campaign’s primary aim was to raise Lively’s profile among the general public that may largely be unaware of their services. Therefore, a series of billboards were created for brand awareness. They all follow the same concept and layout and offer a glimpse into what Lively’s insurance plans can offer to the user.

The billboards are divided into two halves, left and right. The left half communicates the health issue caused by a certain culprit: “Trauma courtesy of walking in on parents,” “Missing teeth courtesy of hockey puck,” “Stomach issues provided by gas station sushi,” etc.

The right half offers the solution: “Therapy courtesy of Lively HSA,” “Dental implants courtesy of Lively HSA,” “ER visit provided by Lively HSA” and so on.

Although this smart and attention-grabbing messaging is the key to the campaign’s success, the creative agency did not slack when it came to the visual impact as well.

The left half of the billboard is magenta-colored and features an image related to the incident or health hazard. The right half comes in a highly contrasting shade, from mint to light blue, and features the image of the Lively Visa debit card or the medicine.

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12. Banh Shop By Lost Pearl Creative

good print design
[Source: Banh Shop]

Standout features:

  • A striking combination of fonts
  • A defined brand color palette
  • High-quality paper type

Banh Shop Baguettes & Bowls is an international fast-casual Asian restaurant whose franchise brochure is designed by Stratifi Creative agency.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience in an atmosphere reminiscent of a busy Asian market. Along with their distinctive international flavors brought to new markets worldwide, this was to be the foundation of the selling point that the brochure delivers to potential investors, landlords, and venues.

In the agency’s own words, they “had the opportunity for a Banh Shop photography shoot, and let food be the focus — focusing on color and freshness” when “providing an informational package to educate and interest potential investors.”

The brochure’s cover consists of a half-half illustration of the bustling street in black and white and a colored photo of the restaurant's delicacies. Its name, featured in large, “grungy” fonts, is at the center of the cover.

On the inside, the print design relies on black, white, and red colors, as well as subtle textures and effects giving the publication an “edge.” The booklet consists of numerous UVPs like “What Makes Us Different,” “Our Operations Culture,” “Awards and Recognitions” and even the restaurant’s entire menu.

The brochure’s main font is a very legible sans serif typeface, mixed with a typewriter font for headings and accentuated parts. The uneven layout results in a more eye-catching design, with images and blocks of text positioned randomly on every page.

13. Haytup Stop Hunting Campaign By The Bad Guys

well print design
[Source: Haytup Stop Hunting Campaign]

Standout features:

  • An emotional concept and storyline
  • A combination of hand-drawn illustrations and photos
  • Consistent presentation and camera angle on all ads

Istanbul-based creative agency The Bad Guys is the driving force behind the hugely evocative and thought-provoking print ad campaign for Haytap Animal Rights Foundation. The anti-hunting campaign raises awareness of this massive and persistent problem that keeps endangering the entire species.

To add an emotional depth to the campaign’s messaging, the agency shifted the perspective to look at hunting from the children’s point of view. With the tagline “Don’t kill the children’s future,” the three different images depict the hunters during the act of hunting.

Instead of targeting real-life animals, they are preparing to shoot at the children’s drawings of animals: a flock of wild ducks, a deer, or birds.

This juxtaposition of animal drawings creates emotional tension and appeals to the hunter’s repressed humane side, to look at the world through the innocence of children’s eyes and spare the animals’ lives.

Aside from the animal illustrations, each photo comes with the tagline in bold sans serif font together with the #StopHunting hashtag. Lastly, Haytap’s butterfly logo, brand name, and slogan appear in crisp, white fonts in the bottom-right corner.

14. AMPC Annual Report By Another Colour

best print design
[Source: AMPC Annual Report]

Standout features:

  • Innovative materials used on 3D models
  • A multitude of colors arranged to complement each other
  • Made of renewable paper

Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC)’s 2019-2020 Annual Report was the first release following the organization’s new creative direction and full corporate rebrand, driven by Another Colour design and branding agency.

The Annual Report’s print design features a look that is heavily oriented around the corporation’s sustainability and innovation efforts. It features 3D models with state-of-the-art fiberglass finishes - “a dramatic departure from overused and irrelevant stock photography of farmers and retail butchers.”

AMPC’s mint green brand color is featured on the cover and inside pages as the accent hue of choice, while the overall color palette was inspired by the industry’s machinery, laboratories, and protective plastics. The agency sourced authentic robotic models from mechanical engineers to incorporate into the final design.

Numerous graphic elements, such as 2D and 3D infographics, pie charts, tables, stat numbers, and other visual aids are prominently featured in the Report’s content. The publication was printed on renewable paper and “finished with spot varnish to enhance the shiny renders.”

15. Ottawa Design Club by IP Design Studio

[Source: IP Design Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Vibrant color story
  • Excellent use of negative space
  • Artistic visuals and illustrations

The Ottawa Design Club's print design is a stunning and artistic zine that grabs the reader's attention with its organized chaos.

This masterpiece by IP Design Studio uses a vibrant color story and makes a powerful statement with a hot pink cover. Inside, you'll find bright and vivid hues perfectly balanced with the zine's excellent use of negative space.

This striking contrast creates a dynamic and captivating design that is impactful yet easy on the eyes!

The artistic visuals and illustrations pop against the white canvas, giving it a lively and playful feel. Using bold typography and graphic elements adds to the zine's overall impact and makes it easy to navigate.

Altogether, the elements create a delightful and refreshing read that showcases the Ottawa Design Club's community in a creative light.

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