7 Best Motion Graphics in Web Designs

7 Best Motion Graphics in Web Designs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 27, 2023

We must admit that motion graphics are one of the secret ingredients to making website designs pop.

Having the best motion graphics in web design can make your design even more efficient, engaging and functional to your visitors, which is always welcome news to many brands. The innovation-thinking web design companies recommend using this technique to make your website even more interactive, interesting, and eye-catching.

Additionally, motion graphics help you communicate your goals, services and overall identity to your audience clearly and creatively.

This article lists the best examples of motion graphics in web design.

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1. Beyonity by Goldener Westen

Best Motion Graphics Websites for inspiration
[Source: Beyonity]

Standout Features:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Hip and trendy color story
  • Perfect motion graphics

This German company wants to convey that real estate need not be boring, stiff and traditional. Many people associate real estate with overly strict agents, so Beyonity intends to show the world that being flexible is the new norm.

Goldener Westen helped them make that happen with this gorgeous website design. The videos in the background immediately catch the attention of the website visitors, proving to be an influential element in the design!

They also used colors that are appealing not only to working professionals but also to young adults – sweet pastels and light colors. These colors have soothing qualities, making people more relaxed and at ease.

The motion graphics they used throughout the website are eye-catching but not overpowering the content. This is great because the website designer has successfully balanced the visuals and motion graphics in this web design.

2. Rotax MAX Dome Experience by Naow Studio

Best Motion Graphics Websites
[Source: Rotax MAX Dome]

Standout features:

  • Stimulating visuals
  • Interactive design concept
  • On-brand execution

This website design keeps things simple. The brand succeeds in providing the best experience to its target users thanks to this stunning design by Naow Studio.

The agency banked on the gaming nature of the company and worked around it to ensure that it was consistent with being genuine to its consumers.

You will be greeted by a prompt asking if you want to feel the ultimate experience when using their website. Upon clicking Agree, you are welcomed with a motion graphic video that sets the mood throughout your stay on the website.

It is vital to keep your visitors engaged because the longer they stay, the longer your brand identity will stick in their consciousness. This helps maintain your brand recognition intact.

Interactive design concepts are instrumental in making people interested in visiting your website. After all, isn't it the ultimate goal?

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Best Motion Graphics Website
[Source: NOLUC]

Standout Features:

  • Inclusive design concept
  • Chill and calming visuals
  • Straightforward approach

Inclusivity is a much-welcomed concept nowadays, with many advocating for respect and recognition of marginalized groups. This is perfect because no one wants to feel oppressed or left out, and this Japanese company has made it clear through its website.

This website design, courtesy of NOLUC, greets you with a general feeling of calm. It makes you feel assured that you will have a worthwhile experience visiting their website.

Browsing through different sections is made more engaging with the motion graphics they employed in various angles – from transitions to backgrounds and everything else in between.

They also worked on giving a straightforward approach to those who are visiting for the first time. Their ideals and values are aligned with their website design, and everyone can see that.

Indeed, it works a lot when everything in your website design feels aligned with your brand – and that’s consistency.

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4. Sweet Home Sweet by Brave New

Motion Graphics Websites
[Source: Sweet Home Sweet]

Standout Features:

  • Nostalgic theme
  • Human interest angles
  • Well-placed motion graphics

Human-interest stories always appeal to everyone because it shows how great people are – and with their many different sides, it just goes to show that humans are complex individuals.

This website by Brave New shows how aligning yourself with the client’s preferences can go a long way.

The client wants a website dedicated to honoring Richard and his memories with various elements that can spark emotions and stir something inside of the visitors.

The website designers incorporated various aspects of media – images, videos and motion graphics. All these elements collaborated harmoniously.

Throughout the website, you can feel how much impact Richard has left on his loved ones and those around him. And stroking people’s heartstrings is one tried and tested method for achieving your goals, proving this design to be highly influential!

The motion graphics used are placed in a way that won’t interfere with the elements of nostalgia and human interest that they want for their audience.

5. Flock Hill by Tomahawk

Best Motion Graphics Websites Design
[Source: Flock Hill]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Accurate motion graphics
  • Comfortable and light

Motion graphics can be used as a visual simulation for things you want to show your target audience so they can get a general feel of the product and service you are offering.

This website design is a perfect example of using motion graphics for that purpose and succeeding in the process.

Tomahawk designed this website for Flock Hill, a company that offers various services to businesses needing marketing assistance with their brands, from copywriting to SEO.

One of the services they offer is graphic design, and the motion graphics on the website are excellent samples of what they can bring to the table.

The website's overall feel is also light yet straightforward, a commendable design move that leaves no confusion for the visitors, especially when browsing products and services.

6. Pravis Winery by Kiboko

motion graphics websites
[Source: Pravis Winery]

Standout Features:

  • Vivid images
  • Crisp motion graphics
  • Enticing design execution

Wine can be considered a universal language because almost everyone loves it. Most wineries highlight the present qualities of their offerings when they are already in bottles. However, this website takes you on the journey of making fine-quality wine – from grapevines to your glass.

Kiboko created this stunning website with eye-catching visuals to include you in their journey toward creating the best wines and liquors for different occasions.

The crisp motion graphics show no specks of imperfection, as they are streamlined and smooth throughout your stay on their website. You won’t experience any lagging at all.

The images they used are also high-quality, which reflects their vision of providing the best drinking experience to their customers.

Overall, they succeeded in including their buyers and giving them the best gastronomical experience without buying anything yet.

7. Beyond the Pandemic by BASED DESIGN

motion graphics websites
[Source: Beyond the Pandemic]

Standout Features:

  • Captivating website introduction
  • Clickable website prompts
  • Interactive globe slider

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous suffering beyond health and well-being: the economic challenges of stringent preventive measures.

Beyond the Pandemic is a website that sheds light on this matter, and BASED DESIGN brought such an important subject matter to life with the power of animation.

The site opens with a touching introduction to COVID-19's economic impacts on many people, especially those from the working class. The brush strokes and sketch-style illustrations added an extra layer of warmth and depth to the visuals.

Site visitors can use the slider to educate themselves about people's struggles worldwide. The globe illustration shows that while people may have varying experiences, they all stand under common ground.

The interactive buttons prompting users the following action makes for a seamless and guided experience.

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