Airbus Beautiful Website Design

Trust in the Airbus Group, where working hard to bring you the best possible flight experience led to a dynamic year in 2016 for the company. Embarking to redesign their entire company, they’ve kept you in mind the whole time.

Give yourself the chance to get to know the changes the Airbus Group made within their company by diving into their annual report. The online report opens up to a full-screen page where you find yourself high in the sky. Glance past the hazy white clouds floating around the center of the page and you’ll be able to see the outline of the ground far below. It’s the perfect thematic way to introduce you to their company. A deep complementary blue is used for the bold font, tying together the airy and cool atmosphere the page gives you. After all, the higher you go into the atmosphere, the colder the air becomes!

As you decide where you want to go first in the Airbus Group’s report, the site makes navigation a forefront in your vision. Glance at the bottom of the homepage, where you’ll find a collection of photographs that come together to create a menu for you. The menu is a beautiful design that pulls on the blue coloring of the rest of the page while offering a convenient location at the bottom of the page for when you’re done reading the one you’re on. As you move through the site, keep your eyes on the bottom of the page. You’ll find the menu is available everywhere! It gives you complete control of how you experience every page of the site.

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Airbus Beautiful About Page

Get comfortable with the Airbus Group as a company and gain a better understanding of their goal before diving into the core of their annual report. The page takes a varying option back and forth between a crisp photograph and text box. It simplifies your reading by breaking it up. For an added unique aspect, the page chooses a horizontal scroll over a vertical one. The choice leads to a fun slideshow effect that makes it easy for you to move between information quickly.

The thematic color scheme used in the Airbus Group creates a cool atmosphere for users to feel fully immersed in the idea of flying. The complementary usage of the images helps to amplify this, creating a unique user experience while reading the company’s annual report.

Airbus - Annual Report is a beautiful website design in the Aerospace and Travel industries.

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