Bergen Op Zoom Great Homepage

Heritage connects the history of the past with the dynamism of the present. In one of the oldest Dutch cities, Bergen Op Zoom, a rich cultural heritage comes alive in culinary, artistic, and economic forms that pair a robust history with an equally vivacious modern life. Their digital site showcases the very best the city has to offer, covering everything from unforgettable restaurants to unique entertainment hot spots.

A bright site design keeps the experience light and engaging, and it gives users a real glimpse into the people and attractions that make this city so unique. Dark fonts contrast against vibrantly colored blue, purple, pink, and yellow text boxes in many hues. The home page features an eclectic collection of digital content from video thumbnails to interactive maps to blogs that exhibit the region’s finest offerings. A featured article takes center stage with a large, vivid photograph and a bold, enticing title encompassing most of the home screen.

Bergen Op Zoom Great Website Design

As users venture throughout the site, navigation panes that pop out, buttons that spin, and images that fade keep the experience active and interesting. Various parts of each page respond to user interaction with immediate movement. Scrolling activates a thin black fill line that runs across the top of each page, so users know when they’ve reached the end of viewing site pages that present culinary, environment, heritage, and shopping content.

Text boxes overlap photographs just slightly to create visual depth, and a header with site subsections uses multicolored strikethrough features to highlight additional locations throughout the site. On some pages, images are arranged in symmetrical rows and columns for users to easily access events and information about the city.

The color scheme remains diverse, bright, and eclectic, but it always stays consistent across pages. The end of each page offers an extensive selection of story, city, and experience links to take users to all kinds of materials available within the site. Essentially a multi-page digital travel and tourist brochure, the site’s user interface relies heavily on bright colors and contrasts paired with interactive content to present an immersive and inviting user experience.

Bergen Op Zoom is great website design in the Entertainment and Travel industries.