Collab With Awesome Homepage

Collab With is an innovative website dedicated to a series of experimental art projects. Beginning with the very first large arrow animation on the landing page, visitors are guided through a number of whimsical and interactive portfolios created by the company. By intelligently utilizing a heavy amount of negative space, the website pushes the eyes of the visitors to train solely on the art being presented to them.

Collab With Awesome Website Design

By simply scrolling down from the landing page on Collab With, visitors are presented with a modern and upbeat way to show off a number of portfolio projects. The physical cursory image of the visitor’s mouse changes to reflect the name of the project. Smartly taking on a modern spin, each project is named with a “hashtag” at the front end of the title. This simple addition allows for Collab With to track the status of the project across the entire internet as people write about art that entertains them.

If visitors are interested in viewing a portal where they can see all of the projects Collab With has developed without having to scroll through the home page, a menu option along the top of the screen is made readily available to do exactly that.

Collab With Awesome Project Page

By clicking on a project’s name, visitors are redirected to a new page dedicated to one project alone. The page utilizes a deep scroll option that leads visitors through information about the project, including what it’s about, what inspired it, examples, and an interactive platform for visitors to try utilizing the project’s purpose.

To make navigation easy across the website, Collab With added “next” and “previous” buttons to the initial menu when viewing portfolio projects. This allows visitors to slide back and forth between the different projects without having to go back to the landing page or click into the menu each time.

Collab With About Page

Accessible through the menu, Collab With offers a brief “About” page where visitors can see a picture of the project leader, Jen, and learn what Collab With is about. From here, visitors are also able to follow a number of hyperlinks to visit Collab With’s and Jen’s social media sites. The option to email is also made available, but visitors must access their own email account to contact the team because no hyperlink is displayed.

Collab With is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.