Made In America Modern Homepage

Budweiser’s Made In America Music Festival is one of the nation’s biggest music festivals, and it’s meant to feature music from the nation’s most popular genres. It’s a festival that reflects and reinforces the brand values of Budweiser, while also promoting the sale of Budweiser’s product.

This home page is strategically designed to promote the festival as an all-encompassing American music experience. The bright red coloring is not only evocative of Budweiser’s brand, but also of America. Additionally, the roaring crowd depicted in the background image speaks to both the scale of the festival’s experience and the collectivism of this all-American festival. It’s fun, exciting, and nationalistic—everything Budweiser tries to associate themselves with.

This page is designed to reflect Budweiser’s brand initiatives and build excitement within users, in the hopes that they’ll buy tickets to the festival. This design speaks directly to Budweiser’s young and proud consumers and effectively motivates them to attend the festival.

Made In America Modern About Section

The “About” section of the site is a deep scroll through the festivals high-end lineup. Each artist is given their own interactive panel, which users can click to learn more about the artist and their slot at the festival. Users are able to scroll through the page and slowly build their excitement as they discover more and more big names that will be appearing.

This is a very strategic design strategy, as the page is only three panels wide. This means that as users scroll, they’ll be continually surprised to learn of a new artist to anticipate. This creates a UX of anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm, all of which directly translate into ticket sales. This is an example of how designers can limit a user’s perspective to build a more exciting UX.

Made In America Clean FAQ Page

This FAQ page allows users to manually search and freely browse a series of common questions prospective attendees tend to have. The design is simple and iconographic, matching the design of the complementary menu on the left. This introduces a new navigational mechanic, giving the site mobility and a personal touch. Users can navigate the body of site by using the menu on the left, or they can access other relevant information with the common questions to the right. This creates a UX of personal relevancy and comprehensive autonomy. No matter what users need to know they can get there, either by navigating the iconographic menu or engaging with the equally graphic list of questions.

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