Chrome FCU Professional Homepage

What’s the best way to make banking easy? Partner with Chrome FCU, a bank that focuses on simplicity as a way to help you dream bigger than you ever have before.

Chrome FCU builds a beautiful introduction for you as you land on their home page by using sepia toned photographs to set the mood.

The choice wonderfully complements the company’s logo color of orange. This same orange is used across the page in text and icons, creating a vibrant platform for you to become familiar with the company.

A foundation of white makes the pictures and the color stand out for a visually stimulating experience.

The back and forth between photographs and text boxes creates a dynamic set up that draws you through each segment of the page, building your interest the more you read. 

Take a pit stop at the bottom of the page to find a multifaceted footer. Chrome FCU exudes helpfulness as they place a strong emphasis on assisting you in getting around. Three borderless tables fill up a majority of the website to show the entirety of their website.

Major areas are listed in vibrant oranges while subpages are offered in pale gray. The contrasting design draws your attention to each individual column so you can readily decide where you want to go quickly

As an added bonus, Chrome FCU eagerly offers up a list of their contact information for you to utilize. Alternating gray and orange guide you through the different means in which you can reach out. The differences in colors allow you to easily decide on what’s the best way you’re going to contact Chrome FCU.

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Chrome FCU Professional About Page

Simplicity truly means everything for Chrome FCU as they put their message first for the remainder of the website. Check out the company’s about page as the perfect example. The page is consumed in a white backdrop that has the orange title and the basic black paragraphs at the forefront of your attention. No additional designs or images are used to distract you from the focus of Chrome FCU’s company information.

A strong introduction designed from a beautiful combination of sepia toned imagery and vibrant orange font is the way Chrome FCU draws users into their website. The pleasant user experience is continued by the implementation of a message based formatting for the remainder of the website.

Chrome FCU is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance industry.

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