Jumper Colorful Web Design

Color And Imagery Pull Users Into The Site & Lead Them On Their Journey

The Jumper site is extremely engaging. Its content is unique and powerfully displayed. But it's the overall aesthetic and theme of the design that can be seen through imagery, color and layout that kicks things up a notch for this site.

When you land on this website, you’re welcomed with a bright and energetic design. The brand’s signature electric purple coloring lives on the menu bar and in the background imagery, adding depth and excitement. It creates a sense of urgency thanks to the vivid nature of the color — it gives off an effervescence that can’t be ignored.

And it’s an interesting color to use, separating it from its competitors in the social media sphere.

Similarly, the powerful screenshots and images that fill the rest of the page are engaging and strong. They stand out against the clean background of the design and give users a feel for the platforms they specialize in and how this platform can boost your social media marketing strategy.

This is a very simple design — but simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t make an impact. On the contrary, the minimal and clean organizational layout of this design makes it even easier for users to explore the site and all the information it has to offer. But the imagery and color make it a little bit more fun than your traditional, professional website.

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Jumper Top Web Design

A Simple Navigation Bar And Clear Calls To Action Help Valuable Users Explore The Site 

Navigating from the home page to the product demos and to the more informational landing pages of this site is a breeze thanks to the clear, concise and simple navigation bar and a drop-down menu that lives at the top of the page. Set against a bright purple, this delicate white font pops and the helpful drop-down option displays a few straightforward pages that take the guesswork out of deciding what service is right for your business.

The CTAs embedded throughout this site also aid in navigation. They are bright, bold and in your face. They are impossible to ignore and are situated perfectly after a block of content that can direct you to the landing page where you can find more information, or the page where you can see these products in action.

Navigation is important, and these features are vital in keeping users happy — it keeps them clicking, scrolling and learning more about your product.

Jumper Exciting Web Design

Helpful Website Popups Put The User Experience First

Jumper is a platform built for social media. It turns your social media followers into actionable leads and opportunities — and ultimately sales. It’s a highly intuitive platform with an equally intuitive digital presence that highlights the important features of the software.

One of the first things you notice when you land on the Jumper site is the helpful popup in the bottom right corner. It’s bright, engaging and offers a friendly message to users that guides them throughout the digital platform and answers any questions they might have. This chatbot feature is extremely intuitive and allows users to get direct answers to their questions throughout their buyer’s journey.

Users can open up the clever icon and either search through the Helpdesk or ask a question directly using the message bar.

This tool is highly prized, with more and more consumers wanting to see more chat features and bots in web designs because it simplifies the entire process.

When communicating with businesses or brands, 69 percent of users would prefer to use a chatbot.

Jumper is capitalizing on the power of chatbots and giving its audience exactly what they’re looking for. But it’s not just this chatbot popup that shows the ingenuity of the platform.

There is also a popup that asks about your experience throughout the site. It asks why you’re there and how you’re enjoying your journey. The business then uses these insights to help them keep improving their platform with the user in mind.

This shows that the Jumper brand is putting the user first when it comes to its design. It is constantly updating itself and fixing specific elements so that users can have a seamless journey from the home page to the live demo and beyond.

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Jumper Best Web Design

The “Schedule A Demo” Feature Gives Users Immediate Insights Into The Product Itself

An exciting feature that really stands out about this website is the “Schedule A Demo” feature. Because this eliminates consumer confusions and gives them direct access to this product and how it works.

This brand isn’t in the business of just telling consumers and audiences what they’re product can do. They want to actually show them. This also shows a level of transparency because the brand isn’t trying to make it difficult for businesses to learn more. They are being upfront and open.

And transparency is key when trying to make a sale.

This CTA is a great middle ground for brands and businesses because most brands won’t be fully ready to sign on to a product without testing it out and talking to a representative about it. And Jumper makes it easy to get all of your questions answered with ease. You can even choose between the platforms and services to test out the actions that will drive whatever goals you’re looking to achieve.

Jumper Bold Web Design

Subtle Scrolling Effects Add A Dynamic Professionalism To The Jumper Site

An additional feature that adds a playful and dynamic edge to this design is the subtle scrolling effects that make blocks of text and visual content slowly rise and fade into view. This is an interesting feature — and one that gets users engaged because the more they scroll, the more helpful information pops up.

These effects are a vivid way to display products, and your eyes immediately jump to these screenshots and content boxes because of the interactive way that they enter the screen.

And they also aid in the overall journey, making this website more of an experience than a simple, straightforward presentation.

Scrolling effects like this elegant and simple parallax effect draw consumers in and put your content at the forefront of their minds and, quite literally, their screens. It’s a very cool and sophisticated way to show off your product offering and add a touch of playfulness along the way.

These scrolling effects add a professionalism to this website. They are slightly playful in nature thanks to the dynamic energy that is created, but they also look sleek and powerful. And that helps give this brand a professional edge that shows consumers that they know what they’re doing and can be trusted.

Jumper Cool Web Design

Video Integration Allows Users To See The Product In Action

On top of the product demos that visitors can immediately sign up for, users can also watch videos that show these products in action. This is a great first step that prospective clients can take and the fact that these videos are already embedded in the design removes the frustration of users having to leave your site to find your Youtube page.

These videos get their own landing page and it really sticks out as a key design feature of this website. Videos are powerful — they can convey concepts in a way words can’t. And they resonate with the viewer.

Videos also show a level of professionalism and credibility. And the fact that these videos are all kept in one easy-to-find place shows users that this brand is committed to their success.

Jumper Clean Web Design

What Is Jumper?

Jumper is a platform for brands and businesses. It’s a software that brands can integrate into their own social media marketing strategies to help them turn their followers into actual leads and opportunities.

It’s a platform that prides itself on increasing revenue through the use of social media and comes with a number of technical integrations that helps brands better understand their audience and get them to perform the desired action.

This isn’t a brand that just wants to meet smaller KPIs, but goals like sales, conversions and beyond.

According to the brand:

We set out on our journey with the desire to empower individuals and companies alike to utilise social media channels, blogs and all of www to sell their wares. We measure success by the success of our merchants increasing their sales in a world dominated by social media and messaging apps and finally providing a measureable return on social media spend. We thrive on the web, flirt with artificial intelligence, write beautiful code and build machines that learn to provide a flawless unified platform.

This AI-powered platform helps brands take advantage of their social media presence and turn these engagements into something that your business can actually use. It’s an intuitive tool — and it works not just on social media channels, but on blogs as well to truly maximize exposure and opportunities for success.

It’s no wonder then that its online platform would be equally engaging and robust, full of all of the essential features to turn visitors into opportunities and conversions.

Jumper Intuitive Web Design

The Power Of Jumper’s Intuitive Interface

The Jumper site is a robust platform that offers visitors a seamless user journey thanks to the integration of powerful design elements.

From an intuitive chatbot and a quick popup form that enlightens the brand as to the layout of its website to the creative effects that are filtered throughout — this is a website that embodies a brand that puts the user first.

Imagery is stunning and grabs your attention, and the color choice makes this design one that you can’t forget.

This, matched with the key video and demo offers aligns this service as one that consumers can trust in.

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