Happy Internet Day Website Design (slide 1)

May 17 is a day to celebrate the world wide web with Happy Internet Day! Take a moment to celebrate the great invention that is the internet and to dive into its history.

Coming to the homepage, you’ll find yourself instantly put in the mood to celebrate! An eclectic show of fireworks in every color shoots from the bottom of the page to burst on the screen before your very eyes. The beautiful display of vibrant colors is illuminated against the darkened background. It’s captivating and fun, and it builds on your excitement.

You’re instantly transported back in time, to days when typewriters were a thing and computers weren’t, with Happy Internet Day’s blocky animation. As the words of the home page appear, they’re preceded by a flashing rectangle. It’s reminiscent of typewriter keys tapping the paper. The animation is smartly placed and creative, pulling your mind into a different mindset as you prepare to learn the history of the internet. Even the font lends a hand at this! The squared lettering is easy to read and stands out against the dark background.

The very core of Happy Internet Day’s site is the timeline--it makes up the entire site. The basic slider is easy to navigate, giving you the option at the bottom of the page to go year by year or to jump around if you want. Each year on the timeline is illuminated in the bottom slider and showcases an interactive illustration on the page.

Move your mouse around the white and gray page and watch this creative website design move with it. The style of the illustrations is sketchy and unique, catching your attention for a moment of interest before allowing your eyes to move onto the paragraph written.

The white font is small and condensed to a single location on the page. The approach centers your focus while not giving you too much to read. It’s a fun and immersive way to present the history of the internet, letting you take control of your own learning.

Interested in learning more on what makes the internet tick and all the little pieces of information you learned about along the way? That’s no problem at all! Happy Internet Day makes it easy by letting you open a separate menu from anywhere on the timeline. The dark window that opens up is lined neatly with dates and events. Vibrant white links are easily accessible and ready to take you on a learning adventure whenever you’re ready.

The project of Happy Internet Day was created by Latin Medios. At the end of the timeline, which lands you right back in 2017, you’ll find just a little bit of what the company is about. The contrasting black and white on the page is accented by the smallest amount of blue in the wording, drawing your eyes straight to it. You find your attention focused on the side-by-side display. It’s enough to inform without overwhelming.

Happy Internet Day is just that… it’s happy. It’s a celebration of one of the biggest technological advances that have shaped all of our lives. The simple platform with its dynamic timeline leads you through everything that went into the creation of the internet by way of creative illustrations and easy-to-read presentation.

Happy Internet Day is a simple website design in the Technology industry. 

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