13 Best Food and Drink Website Designs

13 Best Food and Drink Website Designs
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Last Updated: April 06, 2023

Sometimes, food or a drink becomes more enticing when they’re cleverly presented on a website. The way they’re arranged by flavors, colors, and sometimes with complementary products, adds a delicious push to every customer’s buying journey.

Created by some of the best industry professionals, here are thirteen best food and drink website designs that look as tasty as their brands! Read on and get inspired.

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1. Handmade Gin by LASERLINES

best food and drink websites

[Source: Handmade Gin]

Standout Features:

  • Paintbrush strokes accents
  • Secondary menu navigation
  • On-brand typography

Handmade Gin is a craft distiller that produces premium gins and white-label spirits. The company is based in England and aims to supply quality gin and liquor around the globe.

The brand partnered with LASERLINES, a full-service creative design and marketing agency that worked on its online web branding. And they didn’t disappoint. The agency managed to create a website design that displays the brand’s product lineup in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way.

Upon entering the website, you are greeted with orange paintbrush stroke accents, bringing the plain white background to life.

Browsing through the site, you’ll notice the creative typography (in cursive typeface) used to emphasize certain content, while the informative copy uses serif fonts. These styles blend beautifully with the colors used by the agency as well.

Scroll down and you’ll find the brand’s array of products with high-definition photos and short descriptions for each one.

Lastly, the secondary menu navigation is a nice touch for the overall look and feel of the page. It lines up everything you need to know about the brand, especially its wide range of products and the intuitive shopping page for customers. Overall, the design did a great job in showcasing each drink and presenting them simply yet elegantly.

2. Fiji Water by The Stable

best food and drink website design
[Source: Fiji Water]

Standout Features:

  • A header video packed with character
  • Shop-ready product display
  • High-resolution photography

Fiji Water is a household name, but the brand wanted to solidify itself even further in the market, especially in the digital landscape. The Stable, a design agency passionate about helping eCommerce brands, made their vision come to life.

Open the page and be greeted by a photo of the well-known Fiji water bottle accompanied by a striking video clip that captures nature’s beauty. The header video shows details of rainfall hitting the ground and provides the perfect backdrop to one of the finest bottled waters. It takes you right to the source of the protected artesian aquifer on the isolated Fiji Islands.

The creative agency highlighted Fiji’s quality with its shop-ready display. Work your way down the page and you’ll find an interactive product section where you can browse the different bottle sizes sold by the brand. This section has a refreshing blue background that rounds everything off.

It’s also worth noting that the design agency utilized high-resolution photos that make visitors feel like the actual products are in front of them. Whether you’re on your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, the website gives off the same kind of aesthetic appeal.

3. Kiki Milk by Manufactur

food and drink websites
[Source: Kiki Milk]

Standout Features

  • Creative animations
  • Comprehensive ingredient section
  • Interactive and friendly design

Kiki Milk was inspired by unconditional parental love. It’s organic plant-based milk specially formulated for kids. The brand makes sure to use only the essential ingredients and practice climate-friendly procedures.

Since their main target consumers are kids, they also needed a website that appeals to the younger demographics and their parents. With the help of Manufactur, a boutique design and web development agency, they created a website design that uses visual cues akin to young parents and their offspring.

The light blue background used on the website mirrors the product packaging. They also followed the nature theme in this design as the brand’s conscious effort in applying eco-friendly manufacturing procedures is evident in the background and other design elements. Some examples of this are the clouds in the menu navigation, the sky and mountain range backgrounds, and the leaf accents scattered throughout the page.

The website also has a unique, comprehensive ingredient section. This part of the website displays a creative presentation of the product’s key ingredients and lists the benefits of each.

4. EchteMannekes by SuperRebel

best website design for food and drinks
[Source: EchteMannekes]

Standout Features:

  • Illusion patterns
  • Personified and animated products
  • Quirky graphics and transitions

“Playful” is a great way to describe what SuperRebel brings to the EchteMannekes brand. Visitors get to become acquainted with the world-famous Manneke Pis Licorice from Belgium in a non-traditional way in this creative website design.

The website serves as a great storytelling platform for those who want to know more about the brand’s products. Above the fold is an imposing logo of the brand with a CTA underneath that leads visitors to various pages of the site.

Each scroll is a fun experience for site visitors. The background features an illusion-like pattern that changes in color depending on the featured product viewed. It’s a subtle way of telling users that they’ve already moved on to a different section of the site.

The quirky graphics and transitions play well with the overall branding of EchteMannekes. It adds another magnitude of presentation that sets it apart from its competitors. Overall, SuperRebel did great to keep the food branding true while introducing new elements that give the label more exclusive qualities.

5. Akis Petretzikis by VALUE

best food websites design
[Source: Akis Petretzikis]

Standout Features:

  • Inviting product display
  • Creative icons
  • Embedded videos

Akis Petretzikis is a well-known Greek celebrity chef. He extends his brand with the help of design agency VALUE which set up a website for his work. True enough, both went hand in hand to come up with an inviting display of food and a selection of cooking products.

VALUE hit the nail on the head with a monotonous color scheme. It emphasizes the appetizing products of Akis Petretzikis while making the color of the dishes pop. This achieves an alluring showcase without interference. There are no unnecessary features that will take your attention away from the different food products presented.

If you want to see more of the chef’s works, simply click on one of the creative category icons just below the header. The categories give a more intuitive feel to the site for those looking for more specific dishes. Each icon has its unique design that even without the labels, provides enough information to the users.

This website is a perfect example of everything you need on one page. It does not look too cluttered since all elements are well-spaced. Overall, the design agency managed to showcase a lot of information while sustaining a classy look.

6. Island Life by FOE Creative

best food website design
[Source: Island Life]

Standout Features:

  • Animated design elements
  • Great use of brand colors
  • Embedded map feature

Design Agency FOE Creative and Island Life captured all the refreshing colors for a jazzy home page. The hard sparkling water comes to life through a web page that serves as an avenue to the market. Proudly crafted in Victoria, British Columbia by Vancouver Island Brewing, Island Life takes product presentation to another level.

The brand prides itself in using real fruit juice, natural botanicals, and vodka while maintaining fewer calories and sugar in every can. This creative and nature-derived recipe shines through the design. The agency welcomes the brand’s site visitors with a good mix of the colors green, orange, yellow, and peach. These colors represent the three different flavors of their flagship product, the hard sparkling water.

The agency continued to showcase the products above the fold, matching them with a mountain horizon made of colorful and animated graphics. Look closer and you’ll see subtle movements in the background for a more dynamic feel.

The whitespace also plays an important role. It highlights the vibrant color scheme and gives priority to the products. Overall, FOE Creative touches on crucial elements that complete an expressive yet delicate website.

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7. De Wijin Concierge by Klein Media

best food and drink website
[Source: De Wijin Concierge]

Standout Features:

  • Black and gold color scheme
  • Luxurious feel
  • Exclusivity at its finest

Klein Media, a design agency based in Amsterdam, offered its services to De Wijin Concierge and created an enticing website design that matches the brand’s general image. They combined traditional design with the latest technology, giving birth to online services and a new avenue for wine inventory.

The website gets you up to speed with everything you need to know about De Wijin Concierge; from their member-only portal to their exclusive wine club.

Since this is a fresh service in the industry, every piece of information matters. That said, the website lays it all out for you. The black and gold color scheme is a perfect match to the burgundy colors of the CTA. There’s also a deep brown background that resembles the hues of a wine cellar.

Everything is laid out on one page. The site guides you from the brand introduction and its services, all the way to becoming part of the club. The agency did well to shed more light on the brand’s services while maintaining a unique website personality.

Exclusivity is the obvious direction of the brand, and the classic and luxurious design definitely made this clear.

8. SpeckUp by Bagage

website designers favorite snack
[Source: SpeckUp]

Standout Features:

  • Video background on auto-play
  • Sticky menu navigation
  • Great use of whitespace

SpeckUp is one of the few companies that offer organic beef bacon powder. To penetrate the online market, they needed a powerful website that's attractive enough to invite new customers and retain old ones. Because of this, they collaborated with Bagage. The design agency created a website that is informative and engaging for the brand.

One distinct characteristic of this website lies in the header section. It’s divided into two sections. The left side has a curated video for its flagship product, while the other side introduces Bio Oxn Meat, another signature product of this brand. Check out our article on the best meat packaging designs.

There’s a slight filter on these assets, giving them a more organic feel. The video background on auto-play adds more vivacity while getting you acquainted with its flagship product.

Moving on, the copy says it all. You won’t miss any essentials thanks to the strategic use of white space and effective design for text hierarchy.

The sticky menu navigation also makes sure that everything remains accessible even when you scroll down or visit other pages.

9. Vegan Inc. by Pulso Digital

best food websites design
[Source: Vegan Inc. ]

Standout Features:

  • Sidebar navigation
  • Attractive header slider
  • Food grid as a content divider

The Vegan Inc. website design by Pulso Digital makes up for a crafty food website. The site opens with a tasty transparent image of a vegan burger beneath the logo and an eye-catching CTA. There are arrows by the side of the image that slide through numerous dishes, which is a nice touch to keep their visitors engaged.

For a clearer view of the menu and who’s behind the brand, the homepage holds all the essential information. Scroll down and uncover more about Vegan Inc. such as their head chef and first-hand reviews, a detailed look at the dishes, down to their philosophy. Good partitioning is evident between the content, too. There's a food grid section that acts as a content divider and gives the audience enough time to digest the content they’ve just read (or the food displayed all over the page).

The fixed sidebar navigation makes everything accessible. You can find your way to the website’s different pages anytime. It also houses the various social media platforms of Vegan Inc.

10. SF Distillery by COTA Media

SF Distillery website design
[Source: SF Distillery]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist approach
  • The contact form is present on all pages
  • Product-centric layout

SF Distillery website design by COTA Media follows a minimalist approach. The header image shows the brand's origins in San Francisco, California by utilizing a beautifully shot image of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Overall, the agency pulled off a design template that works splendidly with the brand’s aesthetic appeal.

The homepage gets you right into the good stuff when you scroll down. Browse through the different products on offer, with matching descriptions of each one. This is shopping made easy for everyone looking for a no-frills website.

Having a white background effectively brings out the elements of the design. This product-centric layout keeps visitors in line with the focal points. It’s also worth noting that the high-definition images catch the finer details of the bottle’s label.

SF Distillery gives importance to its customers. This is evident through the contact form feature that remains present on all pages. With this, visitors can easily send in their concerns or questions regardless of the page they're on.

11. Chaopraya by Wisetiger

best food website design
[Source: Chaopraya]

Standout Features:

  • Conversion-focused homepage
  • Attractive image grids
  • Dedicated subfolder for each restaurant location

Chaophraya brings flavorful Thai cuisine to the aisles of the United Kingdom. They have restaurants located in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and New Castle.

With this many locations, they needed a website that caters to all of their restaurants from any part of the UK. To accomplish this accurately and with flying colors, they teamed up with Wisetiger, a digital and content marketing agency based in the same country.

Upon entering the website, you’ll notice how clever the whole site structure is. The homepage is simple yet inviting in its own way. It opens up with a catchy tagline and a bunch of CTA buttons going to specific subfolders each.

These CTAs are named after their restaurant locations. Once clicked, the visitors will be directed to a seemingly other site specifically made for a certain location. Each subfolder contains its own menu navigation, reservation form, and unique image grids.

This strategy goes beyond design. More than the aesthetics, the agency takes the visitors on a quick virtual journey to each restaurant, helping them to choose which location fits their mood.

12. Paris Baguette by Push

Paris Baguette food website design
[Source: Paris Baguette]

Standout features:

  • Intro video reel
  • Prominent logo
  • Mouthwatering “menu” carousel

Paris Baguette, “the neighborhood bakery café” chain where communities come together over expertly crafted baked and brewed goods, has gone over a comprehensive brand redesign. The refined and reimagined approach includes an elevated guest experience through every consumer touchpoint, one of the key ones being their website, courtesy of Push.

Besides enhanced digital and mobile presence, the website’s modern and welcoming layout embodies the nature of the brand and every location.

The colors are bright but never overwhelming. The website’s featured photos are detailed and crisp making visitors crave one of the tasty delights in an instant. Plus, the site is easily navigable whether you’re looking to shop, visit the bakery, or learn more about the company’s mission.

As Push's CEO John Ludwig puts it: "The warm, long-standing relationship between a bakery and its neighbors has somehow been lost along the way. Paris Baguette’s website captures those feelings of welcome and warmth daily; the rebrand is designed to remind people of what they have been missing."

13. Drink Natz by Harold AO

top drink website
[Source: Drink Natz]

Standout Features:

  • Menu-like
  • Animated
  • Summer-inspired color scheme

Now, this is refreshing. Natz is a French hard seltzer, made from real fruit and infused with fresh herbs, peels, and zests. Its website, courtesy of Harold AO captures the essence of the drink perfectly - it's zesty, colorful, and bright!

Drink Natz simply understands visitors. There's no real user journey to speak of, one would only need to choose their drink, sit, and enjoy the spirit of summer.

The subtle animation adds a sparkling touch to the page, or as the brand likes to say, it opts for an "infusion revolution" to come alive and stand out from the competition.

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