People Place Amazing Homepage

“Distinctly Different.” Those are the first two words that users will see scribbled across the home page of People Place Designs, and it couldn’t be truer. People Place’s website is an imaginative infusion of playfulness, UI and UX, and experimentation. From its easy-to-navigate sitemap to their amazing color palette, the web design is ingenious.

The full screen home page is UI and UX friendly. In the background, a clip plays of a man in a suit, walking around, checking his watch, and putting his hand in his pocket. It encourages the user to click “play,” and watch the hilarious, well-scripted video about the company. Users can navigate through the site by either scrolling or clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

People Place Amazing Menu Design

While on the home page, users can scroll down to the menu, which includes two boxes that pop out from either side of the screen. People Place doesn’t add much to the page with this motion, still leaving the hamburger menu in the top right corner. The black coloring remains, as well as the man in the background.

People Place Amazing Website Design

People Place’s “About” page is playful and interactive, bringing the UI and UX to the next level. It uses a side-scroll menu, with full body shots of the company’s team. A user can click on a person, and they’ll animatedly spin around to make a funny gesture. A conversation quip will pop out with a text box that shares the person’s name, title, and contact information. The simple, dark-gray background helps to maintain the website’s minimalistic content, so that users interact with the side-scroll.

People Place’s website is fun and inventive, acting as an example for other designers who wish to integrate UI and UX on their sites. The website is contemporary and focused, capturing the essence of the company’s culture.

People Place is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.