LPK Colorful Homepage

Taking company brands to a whole new level and making them extraordinary is what LPK puts all of their time and effort into.

The globally-known company showcases their abilities with the use of a slider from the moment potential clients hit their homepage. The combination of project images with innovative conversation starters draws potential clients into wanting to know more.

From the left side of the home page, potential clients are able to manipulate up and down through the images at whatever pace they want.

Through the homepage, potential clients use a hamburger menu to navigate through LPK’s website.

The abstract and flat design used as the background is vibrant in coloring, an interesting contrast to the plain white words right-aligned in the menu.

To further assist potential clients in finding whatever it is they may be looking for, the company has a search bar present within the menu to hasten the ability to find anything on the website.

LPK Colorful About Page

LPK takes an in-depth look at creating spotlights for employees who stand out in the company at any of their global branches.

These employees are given a spotlight page where the company showcases an interview with said employee. The page utilizes a white negative space to bring the attention to the center-aligned interview, as well as the number of photographs embedded within the page to show potential clients who the employee is.

The company also embeds a short video within the page about halfway down for potential clients who would prefer to watch rather than read up on the employee.

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LPK Colorful News Page

Filling up almost the entire screen, LPK’s News section brings vivid and gradient color to their news articles. Each article contains a sample image to go with the title, but a gradient filter is laid over the image for a colorful pink-based effect.

Articles are set up side by side in a varied grid format, utilizing their own edges as borders. Scattered in between articles, potential clients are given insight into various social media posts the company has made across a number of platforms as a part of the news they have to share.

LPK is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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