ISpyDoc Great Homepage

Over the last century, interconnectivity has been defining and transforming the world at a rapid pace. The exponential advancement of technology has spurred travel, business, and human interaction in ways never before seen. But, has greater connection actually increased threats to human life? ISpyDoc is a website devoted to exploring this question through the lens of international espionage and allied government relationships.

A dark color scheme of deep navy, black, white, and gray dominates the site and sobers the mood. Small accents of lighter blue and red in fonts and underlining barely highlight features throughout the site, and they draw the user’s attention to various parts of the experience. Five columns on the home screen divide the documentary into chapters that users can select for viewing. Intriguing images, like the monument of Martin Luther King Jr. and a man in a mask used by Anonymous and “V for Vendetta,” combine a touch of history and enigma in the backdrop.

ISpyDoc Great Menu Design

Hovering over any column gives users options to click for part of the video documentary or to navigate to other interactive sections of the site. Sinister music drones in the background of video content, and small pop-ups appear on the screen to show each section of the documentary chapter as it is being viewed. The overall presentation of the site feels much like a James Bond film, with sweeping overhead shots of cities, close cut ins to speakers’ faces, and slightly blurred and darkened images of popular places like Trafalgar Square in London.

As users move their mouse, still pages come alive, and they can pan across the fullscreen photos to access small red dots barely perceptible above buildings. The dots look vaguely like a red laser sight used to ensure a precise gunshot, and when users click, the page darkens to reveal text boxes with statistics, quotes, or evidence supporting the documentary’s claims.

A running footer gives users additional selection choices to move backward or forward through the documentary. Pages are presented with effects to create a mysterious and multi-dimensional experience that gives users the feeling that they have stumbled across a censored site—one that’s uncovering international secrets of conspiracy and corruption in the rise of the Digital Age.

ISpyDoc is a great website design in the Government industry.