11 Best Crypto and Blockchain Branding Examples That Inspire Trust Through Innovative Visuals

11 Best Crypto and Blockchain Branding Examples That Inspire Trust Through Innovative Visuals
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Last Updated: June 20, 2023

See how these innovative brands harnessed the power of design and storytelling to cement their positions in the growing crypto and blockchain arenas.

From sleek visual identities to compelling brand narratives, these examples showcase the most exciting projects of the best branding agencies in the market.

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1. EXACTLY PROTOCOL by Postdigitalist

[Source: Postdigitalist]

Standout Features:

  • A vibrant color palette
  • A customized, compelling E
  • Neutral typography

One of the best crypto and blockchain branding examples is Postdigitalist’s work for EXACTLY PROTOCOL.

The design uses neutral typography coated with vibrant colors that create an impact to establish a solid brand identity accessible to different target audiences. The new look provides a modern, minimal expression with an energetic twist thanks to the vivid colors.

Another feature of the design is the “E” glyph that diverges from its following counterparts. It’s portrayed through three parallel lines, with the middle one shorter than the other two, giving it a distinctive appearance.

2. ZoidPay by Giglio Designs

[Source: Giglio Designs]

Standout Features:

  • Simplified, more precise content
  • A new logo and icon design
  • Clean and modern

The next on our list comes from Giglio Designs. The agency’s solution for the ZoidPay website redesign marks a significant UX improvement compared to its predecessor.

What started as a website redesign ended with a complete rejuvenation of the brand’s identity that encompasses a new logo and icon design. However, the most striking achievement of this project is the decluttering of the text on the website. The latest version of the design offers simplified and more precise content bits that are streamlined into a compelling narrative.

The layout follows simplification. The redesign displays a clean background with extensive positive space, embodying a modern solution that helps the community grow by attracting new members through messaging that’s easy to follow.

3. Bitoken by East West Studio

[Source: East West Studio]

Standout Features:

  • A geometric design
  • Playful yet serious
  • “Out of the box” visuals

Another rebranding concept we’ll dive into is East West Studio’s Bitoken branding design. Simple and relentless, this solution provides a visual narrative of the brand’s potential to push past expectations.

The brand is presented through a constantly changing logo that resembles the non-stop shifting inside the crypto market. Although the geometric shapes rotate, the design essentially follows a visual pattern that uses two elements: a black frame and an excellent color gradient.

Playful yet serious, the series of designs envision a gradient filling the frame, “leaving the box,” indicating the brand’s capabilities of thinking creatively and surpassing limitations.

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4. Greenex coin by Diced Design

[Source: Diced Design]

Standout Features:

  • A minimal leaf
  • A leafy “G”
  • A small colored circle

Greenex coin, designed by Diced Design, makes it to our list of the best crypto and blockchain branding examples.

The solution combines two shades of green to deliver a powerful digital experience that visually complements the brand name.

The emblem presents a capital letter “G” inside a minimal iteration of a leaf. The leaf is divided by a diagonal separator that strikes through the glyph, so the upper half features a darker shade, and the lower half embraces a lighter shade of green. The glyph also contains a branch with two leaves as its integral part.

Next to the primary visual, on the left, there’s also a small colored circle that breaks the monotony of the design and elevates the design, giving it a unique look.

5. Synesis One by Eric Jordan

[Source: Eric Jordan]

Standout Features:

  • Mesmerizing visuals
  • A prominent cool color palette
  • A mystical and exciting atmosphere

The next entry on our list of the coolest crypto and blockchain branding examples was created by Eric Jordan. Synesis One explores the themes of space and digital mysticism through diverse darker hues that help build the intriguing cosmic atmosphere.

The game entails many mesmerizing, eye-candy visuals that combine the futuristic dystopian concept with a prominent cool color palette. The result is an immersive digital artwork that prompts you to try it and explore the game in all its visual depth and beauty.

The icing on the cake is a minute-long narrated video that draws you into the imaginative world of Synesis One while exploring the peculiar blend of tech advancements and Eastern religion.

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6. Everstake by Alexandr Bukhal

[Source: Alexandr Bukhal]

Standout Features:

  • Contrasting color schemes
  • Background patterns
  • A stylish retro interface

We continue our list of the best crypto and blockchain branding examples with modern artwork inspired by old-school tech aesthetics. Everstake by Alexandr Bukhal awakens nostalgia with its classy look adapted to the modern era.

The designs feature one of two complementary colors, predominantly blue or yellow. Aside from these shades that resemble the hues found on the first colored PC monitors, another visual element that contributes to its geeky look is the small black visuals that build background patterns.

The stylish, retro interface is further supported with basic geometrical frames surrounding the content blocks, and the content is presented in a classy and deliberately messy-friendly font style.

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7. Seven Oceans by Sante Kinn

[Source: Sante Kinn]

Standout Features:

  • A digital, futuristic vibe
  • Wavy visuals
  • An intriguing monogram logo design

Sante Kinn’s branding work on Seven Oceans is the next design on our list of the most exciting crypto and blockchain branding examples.

The typography provides a futuristic, digital vibe. It’s complemented by clean and symbolic visuals on a vibrant color palette that combines black and white with light blue or hot pink. The background colors are broken down with curvy lines that symbolize waves, referring to the brand name.

The shortened logo design features an intriguing monogram that portrays a minimal, two-line “7” cutting through an unfinished “O."

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8. Sturdy Finance DeFi Website Redesign by Jarar Malik

[Source: Jarar Malik]

Standout Features:

  • A brick-laden design
  • A more understandable navigation system
  • Literal content blocks

Another creative solution from the world of crypto and blockchain branding is Jarar Malik’s Sturdy Finance DeFi Website Redesign.

This website revamp preserves its predecessor’s building brick theme; however, it’s now a lot cleaner and easier to follow, with well-positioned, soothing animated rectangles.

Like the layout, the design also provides a more comprehensible navigation system. The old one encompassed several icons without text, prompting confusion for new visitors. The update features a well-presented word-menu segmentation with the addition of a night/day mode.

The content is presented through literal content blocks, meaning that the design remains faithful to the dominant visual element that ranges in scale to fit the text inside it.



Standout Features:

  • A cubic logo design
  • Tech-savvy blue
  • Futuristic typography

SEIKO KARAKAMA helped NCrypt develop its new brand identity. The designer aided the brand in its transformation from a remittance company into a crypto organization by preserving and updating the core visual elements associated with the brand.

The new emblem represents a cube that refers to the blockchain industry, and it’s stylized with the brand’s initial two letters that fit into each panel.

The font style provides a futuristic atmosphere. The palette combines various shades of blue, commonly associated with tech giants, with lots of positive space that accents the square-framed visuals. The typography, logo design, and color scheme together form a coherent expression of a modern brand that is ready for the future of crypto.

10. Astrocat by Idealogic Design

[Source: Idealogic Design]

Standout Features:

  • A cute minimal emblem
  • Dark and pink
  • Playful iconography

Astrocat is another one of our best crypto and blockchain branding examples. This website redesign was composed by Idealogic Design, which helped the cat get back on the right track through a sleek revamp that boosted the conversion rate.

The first notable visual of this solution is the endlessly cute logo design that portrays a cat’s silhouette inside a grey circle decorated with three stars floating around it.

The entire website mimics the darkness of the emblem contrasted with multiple shades of bright pink shades that build an authentic feral universe. And as you dive into the game, you notice another supporting feature. The design is elevated through playful icons that let you grasp the laid-back, friendly world.

11. Crypto Metals by White on White

[Source: White on White]

Standout Features:

  • A monochromatic isologotype
  • An integrated coin
  • A square capsule

Our next choice for the most appealing branding examples from the crypto and blockchain sphere is White on White’s solution for Crypto Metals.

The rusty, industrial aesthetics build the brand’s identity on a monochromatic logotype that combines the two words through simple yet effective visual devices. The first word is presented through a bold typeface, whereas the latter uses a regular font style.

The “O” glyph is customized. The black letter is intercepted with a square capsule that refers to the protection of the integrated coin in the letter, and the intersection is portrayed through a sleek negative effect.

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