7 Best IT Website Designs That Balance Appeal and Functionality

7 Best IT Website Designs That Balance Appeal and Functionality
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: April 21, 2023

This article lists the best IT website designs, highlighting the brands and addressing customers’ needs.

Whether due to their easy navigation system, user-friendly interface or responsiveness, these designs are the cream of the crop in the IT sector. Start browsing, find out what makes each design great, and get inspired by other wonderful website designs for your next project!

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1. VORDT by Double Kit

[Source: Double Kit]

Standout Features:

  • A stylish, purple-based palette
  • A handy drop-down menu
  • Noticeable buttons

VORDT’s website design is easy to follow and well-branded through a powerful color palette. Double Kit ensured the IT website design didn’t come at the cost of communication, so the agency employed a responsive user interface with an excellent font style.

The site treats the visitors to a beautiful purple view, from the cover of the urban landscape hero image to the card-based content frames. And to contrast this purple-dominant layout, the designers colored the texts white. It enhanced legibility and provided a distinctive appeal. The cross-section transitions are executed subtly. There are no aggressive cuts in color and style, so the browsing experience is smooth and holistic. A sticky drop-down menu at the top helps you roam the website with its tiny illustrations accompanying the text.

Finally, the call-to-action (CTA) buttons are highly noticeable, portrayed through a gradient ranging from lighter to darker shades of purple.

2. Cloudflight by TOWA Digital

[Source: TOWA Digital]

Standout Features:

  • An engaging & futuristic hero section
  • Pixel-shaped visuals
  • A comprehensive portfolio section

Cloudflight’s IT website design was created by TOWA Digital. It entails a blend of dynamic elements on a complementary, two-color background.

The website opens with an engaging, futuristic hero section with three panels: About Us, Join Us and Success Story. Visitors can explore further by clicking on thick, long lines below the headlines. Each panel includes a white typeface with either a video or a picture to enhance the content on the right side. The content is placed on a shutter-like blue background, with the spacing between the vertical lines increasing from left to right.

The visuals on the website are embraced by pixels, emphasizing the brand's intriguing digital services. The “pixelated” visuals show us real-life photography. Other elements are geometric in shape representing abstract vectors and patterns.

Further below, the design is packed with a thorough gallery of past work. Each portfolio item contains a relevant image and a short project description. This section is followed by the extensive testimonial section that complements the showcased projects. There’s also a helpful filter to ensure you reach your desired industry.

3. QUARKIFI by Wilson Wings

[Source: Wilson Wings]

Standout Features:

  • “Smart” & futuristic animations
  • Clean and concise
  • A distinctive, interactive services catalog

As a fast-growing leader in the AI sphere, this next-best IT website design by Wilson Wings lets you get a glimpse of the brand’s work style and its award-laden history.

The clean and concise web design portrays the company’s aim to make their clients’ lives easier. It has a simple white-blue color palette, with sparse and direct content led by lots of cool “smart” animations that portray the intertwining of digital tools in an accessible and understandable way.

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Rather than listing what the brand can do for you, the design focuses on what competitors can’t and does so in an efficient, interactive way! It presents a circular system of four photos and a FAQ-like system of services. The relevant photo is focused by clicking on one, and the content extends to a compelling one-line copy.

4. HTG by Articulate Marketing

[Source: Articulate Marketing]

Standout Features:

  • A diverse color-coding interface
  • An unintrusive sticky menu
  • High-quality stock photography

Articulate Marketing helped HTG present its multifaceted service catalog through a diverse IT website design with a massive, uniform layout subtly differentiated by color.

The website is predominantly blue and orange. Due to the extensive content and many sections, orange is frequently replaced by a different color, bringing freshness to the browsing experience. This diverse color-coding interface labels some content blocks and CTAs yellow, green and blue – which dilutes the monotony and provides a colorful view.

Further emphasizing the user experience, the design equips you with a sticky navbar with a drop-down listing of services decorated with tiny green icons.

The agency included diverse visuals in the design, such as high-quality stock photos, digital cover art and branded infographics.

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5. MOBIFONE CLOUD by Sao Kim Branding

[Source: Sao Kim Branding]

Standout Features:

  • A standard industry-related color palette
  • Futuristic typography
  • Isometric illustrations

Sao Kim Branding developed one of the best IT website designs by ensuring the client's industrial reliability and that its trustworthy quality reaches the audience.

The layout is built around a standard industry-related color palette, with three shades of blue as primary colors that convey feelings of safety and stability. The secondary colors include orange and red, providing contrast and subtly paying homage to the home country of Vietnam (flag colors).

The content is presented in a customized, futuristic sans-serif style. This font is diverse and portrays the company’s services and packages as ahead of our time. It’s supported by dynamic elements and isometric illustrations that elevate the website's holistic “digital” appeal.

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[Source: Hounder]

Standout Features:

  • A linear, conversational landing page design
  • A customer-centric design
  • A custom carousel hero section

Hounder’s web design for EVERSTREAM ANALYTICS helped the brand assure its rightful place as the leader in the risk assessment industry by relying on WordPress.

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The design greets you with a well-timed carousel that lets you in on the latest news and updates about the company and the industry, with a non-invasive button positioned between two changing rectangular visuals.

But the thoroughness and expertise behind the brand’s team are best depicted through a linear, conversational narrative that takes place as you start scrolling. The clean, white design is slowly filled with data and dynamic elements supporting it, including bar graphs and engaging images.

The design is customer-centric, focusing on addressing the customers’ issues and refraining from talking too much about the brand. However, that’s not to say that it’s not well-branded. Apart from the colors and shapes that refer to the company, the About section shines a light on the brand culture through diverse, dynamic elements and effective content bits.

7. Future Forward Company Website Redesign

[Source: Future Forward]

Standout Features:

  • Old-school and classy
  • Typewriter font style
  • A monochromatic design

Future Forward took another step into the future with their latest company website redesign that encapsulates an almost 25-year-long tradition in vintage fashion.

The design is modern from a user-experience perspective, built like a cozy memory room equipped with classy black-and-white photos that elevate the elegance of the monochromatic appeal. The images are framed and have a shadow effect as if hung against the white wall.

The old-school atmosphere continues with the typeface encompassing somewhat rusty font styles commonly used on typewriters. The headlines take advantage of the font’s adaptability, presenting it in a script variation that adds another layer to the “old photo album” theme.

Apart from the images, all the interactive elements and most vital bits of content are framed in thin black squares or wide rectangles, helping the design preserve its coherence in presentation.

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