10 Best Hobby Web Designs That Turn Passion Projects Into Profitable Businesses

10 Best Hobby Web Designs That Turn Passion Projects Into Profitable Businesses
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: December 15, 2023

This article presents a collection of website designs showcasing limitless creativity and imagination. We've gathered the most incredible hobby website designs created by some of the top web companies.

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1. The Wheelhouse Studio by Michael Brimelow

[Source: The Wheelhouse Studio]

Standout Features:

  • User-oriented
  • Students at work imagery
  • Subtle and consistent CTAs

As the community around The Wheelhouse Studio grew, the organization was naturally inclined to refresh its online platform. So, Michael Brimelow helped the studio with a website redesign that’s more user-oriented.

The redesign includes an aesthetic update, highlighting the brand colors more, and a technical revamp, switching from WordPress to Squarespace. (If you're keen on developing WordPress-powered websites, these beautiful WordPress website designs are great inspiration!)

With unintrusive font style choices that place readability first, there was more space to showcase the students’ work, so the design features many images of people enjoying honing their clay figure-making skills.

Another aspect of the redesign is the more efficient and less aggressive placement of buttons. The redesign features a more subtle and consistent CTA placement that reinforces the emphasis on the prominent gallery.

2. Beach Pilates by Paulownia

[Source: Beach Pilates]

Standout Features:

  • Free-flow outlines
  • Simple booking system
  • Detailed Contact section

With a stunning beachfront studio and an adoring clientele of Reformer Pilates, Beach Pilates has expanded into a small but devoted staff of fitness professionals! Paulownia helped the brand share its love and expertise with a new website design.

The header section on the homepage is divided into two distinctive parts: one features a clean white background emphasizing two CTAs (Book a Class and Get the App), and two, an image showing a preview of pilates practice on the right. The “halves” are divided with free-flow outlines that complement the blobby frames for small images throughout the layout.

Buttons on the homepage are the first hint of the simplicity of joining the program. The design also features a simple booking system under the “Timetable” page. Here, the users can find daily activities with short descriptions and their respective timeslots. They can also enroll easily by clicking the “book now” button at the right of each activity.

Finally, the detailed “Contact” page features an FAQ section in accordion on the left side of the screen. Under it is a dedicated section for the contact form.

3. The First Mess by Katelyn Gambler

[Source: The First Mess]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and modern
  • Great use of positive space
  • Multiple filters

Katelyn Gambler, a follower of The First Mess herself, was excited to get the chance to redesign this website, giving it a more modern appeal. (Find more intriguing modern web designs.)

The new design relies on abundant positive space and thin divider lines to provide a clean layout that ensures the visibility of the tasty, colorful recipe snaps. The large images of the prepared products are the star visual element of this design, helping shape the atmosphere with many different colors inside them.

The scrolling journey first highlights the current featured recipe, acting as a delicious teaser for the short intro paragraph on the platform.

Further below, several filters offer users different browsing options. For example, they can look for recipes based on the season, how fast they can be prepared, or their flavor profile (salty, sweet, sour).

4. Barlates – Pilates + Barre by JEN MULLIGAN DESIGN


Standout Features:

  • Highlighting healthy lifestyle
  • Pastel color palette
  • Feminine vibe

Barlates – Pilates + Barre is an online platform for people interested in combining the best of both worlds. The branding, including the website design, was created by JEN MULLIGAN DESIGN. The agency gave it a modern, clean look, highlighting the beauty of pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

The homepage features a large hero image of a woman surrounded by beautiful scenery. This picture purposefully emphasizes feminine power while staying in touch with nature.

The color scheme further complements this through lots of pastel colors. Texts in light shades of pink and purple decorate the website while highlighting essential headlines.

5. The Pancake Princess by Meyne

[Source: The Pancake Princess]

Standout Features:

  • Slim banner slider
  • Thick rectangular frames
  • Detailed rating system

The Pancake Princess is a diverse baking blog website designed by Meyne. It offers recipes and organizes and analyzes bake-offs of the most popular recipes for traditional treats.

The layout features a simple white background, showcasing its recipes and other contents in card-like designs distinguished by black borders. On the top-most part of the website, you'll see a sticky, slim banner slider that showcases different bake-offs.

Scrolling further down the homepage, you'll see the website's "Latest Posts" section. Each article features a teaser image, the blog's title, description, and publish date. All these details are also enclosed in a black border, with a striking "Read More" CTA button with a red border.

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6. Glide Clinical Pilates by Emma Hackett Design

[Source: Emma Hackett Design]

Standout Features:

  • Easy online bookings
  • Blog section
  • Beautiful color contrast

Emma Hackett Design created Glide Clinical Pilates' functional, user-focused website design. The solution helps inform potential customers of the services and delivers an eye-catching visual identity.

Well-adjusted to the logo, the layout frequently mimics the emblem design. For example, the hero section features an image from a workout session with a creative visual frame reflecting the logo.

The agency also stayed true to its branding colors, demonstrating a perfect balance between mustard yellow and deep blue, with occasional teal shades.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the website boasts its functional quality. It has an informative blog page that thoroughly elaborates on everything Pilates. The design also encourages visitors to make a booking online quickly with cleverly placed buttons present across the layout, boosting the brand's conversion rate!

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7. The Barre Code by CyberMark

[Source: The Barre Code]

Standout Features:

  • Loud and vibrant
  • Large creative mission statement
  • Visual narrative

The Barre Code is a fitness studio that encourages its members to focus on the gains rather than the losses. CyberMark helped the organization emphasize its belief in growth and mutual support by creating a loud, vibrant, and wildly energetic website design.

The design draws visitors into a visual journey of the members in training, complemented by impactful copy in heavy, powerful typography.

Another intriguing design detail is the ubiquitous barcode visual in the background.

8. Bx Studio by MtoM Creation

[Source: Bx Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Feminine and refined
  • Monochromatic design
  • Extensive packages menu

MtoM Creation’s project for the Bx Studio web design, a new boxing and barre fitness studio based in Montreal, portrays the brand as slightly feminine, modern, and refined.

The monochromatic design combines extensive positive space and contrasting black typeface with several sections that exhibit the opposite mix. The black-and-white aesthetics are decorated with a shade of muted green that elevates the elegance and provides more color to the mix.

Under the “Rates & Packages” page, there’s an extensive list of packages that let the users choose from a diverse menu, quickly finding the perfect option for their needs.

9. Prajna Yoga by Latitude Studio

[Source: Prajna Yoga]

Standout Features:

  • Emphasizing tranquility and natural energy
  • Dynamic visuals and text
  • Compact menu

Prajna Yoga collaborated with Latitude Studio and delivered a website redesign that could attract larger audiences, increasing the impact with a modern visual flow.

The homepage introduces site visitors to the two co-founders with a big hero image, an introductory message, and a call to action presented in white typography.

As the scrolling journey commences, the dynamic visuals and text fill the initially blank background, giving users more information on the path and acquainting them with the owners.

The peaceful, natural atmosphere of the design is complemented by the website's three main functions: Somatic Training, Learn Online (Yoga classes), and Events & Retreats. Said section has a light moss green background decorated with white text and minimal illustrations.

10. The Old George Studio by Beanebytes Web Design

[Source: The Old George Studio]

Standout Features:

  • High-resolution images
  • All-around pottery platform
  • Soothing colors

Beanebytes Web Design is behind a delightful WordPress web design for The Old George Studio, a pottery school helping people explore their creativity with clay.

The design features lots of positive space and shades of blue, providing a soothing, peaceful tone and a great learning atmosphere. The visuals and the written content are balanced, complemented by high-resolution images with rounded edges.

This platform provides booking options for pottery classes, gift vouchers, an eCommerce section, and a blog section.

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