10 Best Websites in WordPress with Attractive Designs

10 Best Websites in WordPress with Attractive Designs
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 08, 2023

If you’re planning to build and launch a website for your brand, chances are you’ve considered hosting it on WordPress.

It’s one of the most accessible tools anyone, especially businesses, can use to create a good-looking and well-performing web portal. It powers over 43% of all websites on the internet!

However, a WordPress website is only as good as its design. If it has a cluttered interface, clunky navigation, unreadable text, or all of these combined, you’ll be driving site visitors away for good (Learn more about web hosting here).

But worry not! In this article, with the help of a professional web design company, you'll find the 10 best examples of websites in WordPress of 2023 that focus on the core aspects of a great web design: ease of use, functionality, responsiveness, and visual appeal. These websites serve as an inspiration and showcase the possibilities that can be achieved with WordPress design expertise.

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1. D.E Cafe by Junction creative + digital agency

Best Websites in Wordpress
[Source: D.E Cafe]

Standout Features:

  • Warm colors and handwritten typography
  • Sticky navigation menu + CTA buttons
  • Creative image gallery

Get the same comforting experience of enjoying a good cup of joe in your living room when you visit the Douwe Egberts Cafe. This pleasant feeling is translated well on the brand's website design by Junction creative + digital agency.

It truly is an extension of your living room.

Upon entry, site visitors are instantly greeted by the cafe’s warm and homey atmosphere displayed front and center in the banner. More photos of the place are scattered over the page, immersing viewers in the whole D.E. Cafe experience.

The interactive image gallery is an excellent feature on the site. It zooms in and out as you scroll down the pages, revealing more pictures to look at!

Overall, the elements work together to make browsing easier.

2. Watch This Space Agency

how to design website in wordpress
[Source: Watch This Space Agency]

Standout Features:

  • Parallax website design
  • Interactive content blocks and visuals
  • Light and dark contrast with pops of color

One of the best websites in WordPress is WTSA. Walking onto the Watch This Space Agency website is like going on a journey to outer space.

The page opens with a full-screen video of two astronauts walking on the moon’s surface, overlooking the Earth. Then, it becomes a static image that turns into the website’s banner, prompting the user to start exploring the page.

Scrolling further down, viewers get treated to a spectacular solar system view with planets and rockets popping up. The designers leveraged parallax design to make it more visually appealing and highly interactive.

The website is dressed in a dark theme, which suits the space theme quite well (Explore more dark-themed website designs). To add variation, the designers added light content blocks with small pops of vibrant colors.

All in all, a marvelous website from the masters of web design themselves!

3. UC Ranch Properties by Lion Tree Group

design a website in wordpress
[Source: UC Ranch Properties]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and classy website design
  • Smooth page navigation
  • Dedicated news and stats section

The UC Ranch Properties website offers the largest selection of ranch properties for sale, along with a massive network of experts nationwide.

With so much to offer, their website could quickly be loaded with overwhelming content, but that’s not the case here. Lion Tree Group presented the brand’s massive basket of choices through a neat and streamlined design.

Placing the ranch locator and search bar right at the center of the page makes it easy for potential customers to find the properties they are looking for. It’s also overlaid on the site’s video banner, so they get an extra visual treat!

Thanks to the comprehensive bio section on the lower part of the page, site visitors can instantly learn about the brand’s history, reputation, and growth. There’s also a Ranch Real Estate News section to educate buyers on the property market.

Hats off to the designers for not forgetting to put a ‘Feature Properties’ section, a must-have for real estate websites!

4. FTM by Deetail

wordpress website example
[Source: FTM]

Standout Features:

  • Massive landscape images
  • Full-page navigation menu
  • Column-style content blocks

The FTM website, designed by Deetail, shows how proficient they are at what they do: bringing interior designers’ visions to life.

To showcase their expertise in milling 3D elements in CAD models, the web designers displayed several full-page banners of the agency’s works. And we’re talking super realistic, sharp and larger-than-life images here.

That’s a great example of simply letting the work speak for itself!

Clearly, the images are the star of the show, so going minimalist with the site content and typography was a good balance. All the content blocks are arranged in columns, making them easier to digest as you scroll down the website.

If you need to explore more about the agency, turn to the hamburger menu above the fold. It opens up to a full-page navigation menu, a gateway to other pages, and the brand’s social media accounts.

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5. Yos by Natalia Ortiz

best website in wordpress
[Source: centroyospsicologia.com]

Standout Features:

  • Large and easy-to-read headers
  • Interactive blocks and buttons
  • Drop-down navigation panel

Access to mental health facilities should be easy, especially since mental illnesses are a critical societal issue. Yos, a psychological clinic specializing in addictions and feeding, is setting a great example through its website, all thanks to web designer Natalia Ortiz.

The site layout is clean, user-friendly, and most importantly, highly accessible and informative.

You'll see a dedicated section informing visitors about different mental health treatments on the homepage. The designer displayed this in slider form with short headlines, descriptions, and a large typeface.

From a design perspective, using framed boxes and geometric shapes also made the site's content look more organized, cohesive, and well put together. The dark-themed drop-down navigation panel containing the menus is also great for design and function!

6. Constellation Clearsight by Media Proper

wordpress sites examples
[Source: Constellation Clearsight]

Standout Features:

  • Integrated brand colors
  • Outlined icons and 3D illustrations
  • The blog section on the homepage

Constellation Clearsight provides safe and effective robotic inspections through cutting-edge technology.

Companies with a highly technical nature could easily lend themselves to a website that’s too industrial and straightforward. But thanks to Media Proper’s proven web design expertise, the portal to Constellation Clearsight is a fun, colorful, and educational experience!

The brand’s tricolor palette has appropriately been incorporated into the website, from the icons and frames to the content blocks. Talk about branding consistency and cohesiveness! (Discover the secrets of creating brand visual identity here).

The on-site 3D illustration also depicts how the company’s safe, efficient, and sustainable processes can improve every business’s technology system.

And because it’s a highly technical industry, adding bits and pieces of information on the homepage’s sections is a great way to break down complex concepts. The blog section at the bottom of the page is also a great addition, as it instantly gives site visitors a learning opportunity.

7. Tim Clark Live by StraightFire Digital Marketing

website design with wordpress
[Source: Tim Clark Live]

Standout Features:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animated banner text and backgrounds
  • Magazine-style page layout

Artists, especially those in the music industry, need two things to get noticed: a fantastic talent and a robust online presence. Vegas-based DJ Tim Clark sets an excellent example through his website created by StraightFire Digital Marketing.

Stepping onto the website offers a glimpse into the Tim Clark Live experience. The loading bar, the banner’s crawling text, and the DJ's grunge-style snapshots make you feel like you’re watching a set in action.

Moreover, the hamburger menu opens up a full navigation page containing the site menus. As you go through the options, site visitors see a dancing crowd in the background, giving them the entire DJ experience even without the music!

The site also features a parallax design, allowing users to have an interactive view of the site’s visuals. That’s right – the icons and images move with you as you scroll further down the pages!

8. Internet Society: Connected by Artversion

design a website with wordpress
[Source: Internet Society: Connected]

Standout Features:

  • Comprehensive homepage content
  • Animated website visuals
  • Accessible CTA button

Internet Society is a non-profit organization that encourages people to keep the Internet safe, secure, and globally connected.

They worked with Artversion in creating the website for their 2021 Impact Report, and the design has enabled such noble advocacy to make ripples of change.

Users can download the full report from the get-go via the download button. An embedded video message from the organization’s CEO also gives site visitors a good preview of the report.

A comprehensive introduction to the complete content is presented in a single webpage for easier reading. No other menus, blocks, or buttons are in sight; just sections offering nuggets of information.

The moving tracks also guide the readers and make the text easier to follow and digest. Plus, it cuts through the rich text and makes the experience extra interactive!

9. ADVISOR by PUSH-K Solutions

Best Websites in Wordpress with Attractive Designs
[Source: ADVISOR]

Standout Features:

  • Rich iconography
  • Animated data visualization tools
  • Easy-to-read content blocks

Icons are every website’s best friend. Just look at Advisor’s website, designed by PUSH-K Solutions! Not only do they give your page a modern, streamlined look, but they also increase readability and enhance the user experience.

Advisor is an automation tool that simplifies real estate management processes. It’s loaded with valuable features and intricate systems that are surprisingly easy to comprehend.

The secret? You guessed it – icons.

Everything about Advisor, from the app’s functions to its long list of benefits, is adequately represented by clear and recognizable icons. The designers supplemented them with short descriptions and bulleted text, making them easier to read!

The animated graphs and charts also aid the viewers in understanding the stats and figures that go into the management process.

10. MOSK by Born

Website in Wordpress with Attractive Design
[Source: MOSK]

Standout Features:

  • Light-to-dark UI
  • Framed content blocks
  • Structural and industrial website layout

MOSK is on a mission to create a cleaner environment, one recyclable waste at a time. They are straightforward and upfront with their goals – just like their website designed meticulously by digital agency Born.

Big and bold headings with concise descriptions greet the site visitor upon entry. The straightforward and large typography leaves no room for confusion and establishes MOSK’s values immediately.

The typewritten font style makes the site look more industrial and professional!

Each content block has outlined frames. Not only does it make the layout organized and streamlined. It also added to the text’s readability and the site’s overall user-friendliness.

The homepage’s sections feature navigational pages arranged in tabular form. Even with the navigation bar, users can use these to jump from one page to another easily.

Lastly, the light theme that swiftly transitions to a dark theme is a great visual touch! Make sure to check our article on best WordPress magento eCommerce themes.

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