9 Best Professional Website Designs That Bring Maximum Visibility

9 Best Professional Website Designs That Bring Maximum Visibility
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: December 04, 2023

The digital landscape is a competitive place. To stand out, businesses should have compelling, engaging, and visually attractive website designs. We've rounded up the best professional web designs that deliver these qualities, providing their respective brands with a top-notch image online.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. To explore other designs from different industries, check out DesignRush's collection of the best web designs created by some of the most skillful website design companies!

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1. ATX Legal by Turner Digital Solutions

[Source: ATX Legal]

Standout Features:

  • Modern
  • Drop-down menu categorization
  • Case classification

Turner Digital Solutions partnered with ATX Legal to help the company create an impactful website design that portrays the firm's deep understanding and broad experience in fighting for Austin citizens' rights.

The design is classy and modern, featuring either landmark buildings or relevant crime-type images in the background of different sections.

Another commendable feature is the site's menu navigation design. It features an in-depth case categorization organized into Physical Injury, Criminal Defense, and License Defense.

Scrolling through the website is as educational as it is engaging. It delivers relevant data, must-know information, and occasional videos and images about the firm.

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2. News Xtend by Vibes Web Design

[Source: News Xtend]

Standout Features:

  • Elegant and functional
  • On-brand visuals
  • Helpful news and insights

NewsXtend is a leading digital marketing agency that aims to help businesses achieve palpable results and growth. Vibes Web Design ensured their online platform reflected those aims by designing an elegant and functional website with seamless navigation.

The homepage offers a remarkable showcase of the company's credibility and promised results. It delivers a visually engaging experience through content and on-brand graphics and images.

On the topmost part of the website, you'll see a drop-down Services menu that provides easy access to their expertise: online presence and paid media services. Upon clicking any services, the user gets redirected to a dedicated page with more information about it, the process, and related articles.

Finally, the design also features helpful news and insights from the digital marketing industry that add a magazine-like attribute to the mix.

3. Webdorks Website

[Source: Webdorks]

Standout Features:

  • Dark-themed design
  • Circular visual elements
  • Customized services calculator

Webdorks Website displays an elegant dark-themed design combining cool monochromatic aesthetics (white typography) and light blue visuals. (Check out more sophisticated dark-themed web designs.)

The entire website layout is decorated with circular design elements and sharp visuals. But the most eye-catching section of the homepage is the Our Solutions area. It features the agency's services via a gallery-like layout, each enclosed in a white card accompanied by text and GIFs.

Aside from a stunning layout and impeccable design, the website boasts its Service Calculator feature. It's an interactive form that provides in-depth cost analysis for the client's unique needs.

4. Silicon Valley Mortgage by Rising Tide Creatives

[Source: Rising Tide Creatives]

Standout Features:

  • Clean and playful
  • "Cloudy" sections
  • Free mortgage calculator

Rising Tide Creatives presented a serious topic playfully through their work on Silicon Valley Mortgage's website design.

The design shined in a clean layout with several calming elements. These include creative geometry-based frames for images and a few moving backgrounds resembling the sky. All these, plus the content's conversational tone, create a relaxing and alluring browsing journey.

Finally, the design includes a practical free repayment calculator that lets browsers figure out the basic math behind getting a mortgage.

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5. Encompass Financial Advisors by Truevine Web Design

[Source: Encompass Financial Advisors]

Standout Features:

  • Crisp iconography
  • Gold accent color
  • Stunning photography

Encompass Financial Advisors teamed up with Truevine Web Design to develop an exceptional online platform that helps portray its long-lasting tradition of supporting its clients.

The state-of-the-art website design opens with a carousel of stunning, high-resolution photography that provides a beautiful background for short messages about the brand.

Aside from the blue-and-white combination, the design relies on a nuance of gold that acts as an accent color (and hints at the service quality). This shade is most frequent in the call-to-action (CTA) buttons and crisp iconography decorating the written content.

6. Unity Accountancy by GS Design Co.

[Source: Unity Accountancy]

Standout Features:

  • Reliable color palette
  • Card-like visuals
  • Colorful buttons and icons

GS Design Co. created a website design for Unity Accountancy that exudes a modern-day take on accountancy while preserving a more traditional image.

The layout features a reliable color palette that inspires trustworthiness: a combination of blue and white. While this is the design's primary color, you'll still see a lot of colorful buttons and icons that ornament the design.

These can stand next to stock photos and as color coders for different services, showcased in card-like visuals.

7. Dynamic Wealth Group by Leibowitz Design

[Source: Yichan Wang]

Standout Features:

  • Moving graphics
  • Visible borders
  • Pie charts

If you're a fan of blue in website design or other cool color compositions, you'll like exploring the Dynamic Wealth Group website. This masterpiece was created by the Leibowitz Design Agency under the creative direction of Ivan Caro and the web design expertise of Yichan Wang.

The hero section acts like a lively business card with a short typographical description of the brand's prowess and a sharp button that invites users to schedule a consultation. Next to it, you'll find three mountain-like graphics that slowly rise and fall, making up for an engaging experience.

The website features visible borders placed horizontally and vertically, and they look like unintrusive thin lines that add a sense of elegance to the composition.

Finally, the design opts for an illustrative explanation of their business operations, showcasing the different points of view in allocating assets through easy-to-understand pie charts.

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8. Lalaj CPA Group by Digital Island

[Source: Digital Island]

Standout Features:

  • Well-branded
  • Clean, legible typography
  • Engaging visuals

Lalaj CPA Group approached Digital Island to help them create a unified professional website design that could convey the organization's range of expertise and simplify connecting with the business.

The layout's color composition relies on the brand's colors, with a bright orange tone dominating the screen in combination with various shades of gray. It features clean, professional font styles that make the content look clean and legible, placing focus on better functionality.

9. JKB Living by Byer Company

[Source: Byer Company]

Standout Features:

  • Sophisticated font styles
  • Great use of positive space
  • Intuitive navigation system

Byer Company created a fresh, more contemporary website design for JKB Living.

The design combines sophisticated font styles, like the expressive serif used for headlines and many images portraying the luxurious venues in the brand's vast catalog.

The layout looks clean and leverages large areas full of positive space to highlight the prominent gallery.

The homepage immediately showcases the exceptional UX of the design, with an extensive search query taking the user to their specific destination in a couple of clicks. On the other hand, they can pick one of the two options below the query: first, addressing those who rent, and the other, those who want to purchase a property.

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