5 Best Websites with Green Elements That Exhibit the Color’s Diverse Potential

5 Best Websites with Green Elements That Exhibit the Color’s Diverse Potential
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

From clean, minimalist layouts that reduce energy consumption to content that educates and inspires environmental responsibility, these websites harness the power of the web to advocate for sustainable design principles or elevate their brand identity via color psychology.

These best website designs demonstrate that going green doesn't mean sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. In fact, these websites prove that green elements in design can be beautiful, intuitive, and impactful.

Get ready to explore the perfect blend of form and function as you explore the work of experienced website design companies.

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1. Eyetooth's Website Redesign by Eyetooth Design

[Source: Eyetooth Design]

Standout Features:

  • Laden with dynamic elements
  • Scaled bug images
  • Authentic and memorable “Contact” section

The author of Eyetooth Design is a well-versed artist who continually upgrades their craft. And there’s no better playground than their own platform. From lots of engaging, dynamic elements to unexpected, enticing visuals, this website redesign is one of the best websites with green elements.

The hero section immediately sets a tone for the user experience as a grass-like visual spin around the center of the screen, surrounded with clickable options that activate new effects as you hover your cursor over them.

Each button takes you to a designated page that stands out with its characteristic protagonist – a high-resolution scaled-up image of an insect. These unexpected companions mimic the buzzing nature of the design that keeps surprising you with diverse dynamic elements.

This trend is also present in the “Contact” section–it is home to intriguing visuals and authentic custom typography and acts as a short FAQ section, providing vital data before making an inquiry.

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2. Sustainable Culinary Solutions by Albion Digital Web Studio, LLC

[Source: Albion Digital Web Studio, LLC]

Standout Features:

  • Wavy background visuals
  • Intuitive layout
  • Thorough card-based services menu

Sustainable Culinary Solutions is a website that connects industry-leading restaurant consultants with a desire to help restaurants develop menu strategies for achieving profitable results. While this sounds slightly confusing, Albion Digital Web Studio took every precaution to make the organization’s website design as clear as possible!

Below the delightful hero section that greets you with a green background and a series of high-quality culinary images, the intuitive layout immediately starts elaborating on the brand’s purpose. The sparse content is supported by cute icons that give additional information on the services, while the visuals stand next to the content, against lots of positive space.

The decluttered layout lets every element breathe, making it easy to follow and understand what the brand excels at. The occasional green background sections are decorated with wavy visuals indicating the creative aspect of the business and emphasizing key elements.

Once acquainted with the business, the design proceeds to derive a services menu into four lengthy cards, each equipped with bullets that help you find the perfect choice for you.

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3. Green Cleaning by Octopance

[Source: Octopance]

Standout Features:

  • Model-led photography
  • Minimal iconography
  • Dynamic cards

Octopance’s work for Green Cleaning, a Minsk-based cleaning company, represents one of the best modern websites with green elements. The design’s cleanliness plays into the industry and provides authority, while the multiple green elements add branding value.

Across the layout, there’s a model acting as a protagonist that personifies the brand, and the laid-back, smiling faces and quirky environments help browsers relax and build rapport with the cleaning company.

After naming a couple of renowned brands that vouch for the company’s quality services, we enter the section that explains the benefits of collaborating, each presented on a card with a strong headline and a complementary work-in-progress image. Hovering your cursor over them triggers a dynamic effect that turns the card and provides more textual content on the headline.

Finally, the laid-back atmosphere is elevated through cute minimal icons colored green, that illustrate how the brand works.

4. Flamingo Estate by PacificIQ

[Source: PacificIQ]

Standout Features:

  • Improved UX
  • Enticing, natural images
  • Recipe suggestions

PacificIQ’s redesign of the Flamingo Estate website marks a contemporary, minimal eCommerce project that combines soothing visuals and elegant typography for a simple but stimulating, overall improved UX.

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The layout is laden with high-resolution enticing images of natural products, some representing items in the shop while others reinforcing the subtle branding. On the latter, the peculiar “About” section is labeled “The Estate” and it’s the home to an intriguing origin story that’s told by intertwining short content bits and descriptive pictures. The textual narrative rests on the extensive white space, only serving as a contextual addition to the stunning photography.

The typography decorates the pages with a relaxing green shade that goes easy on the eye and matches the peaceful style of the design.

The images not only speak of the brand but also to the customers, like in the example of the recipe suggestion section in the lower parts of the landing page.

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5. Geli by SchleeGleixner

[Source: SchleeGleixner]

Standout Features:

  • Slow, dynamic visuals
  • Green and white color palette
  • Full-screen video introduction

Following nature’s course, everything on the Geli website (designed by SchleeGleixner) takes its time to grow and glow. The website is full of slow, dynamic visuals that slowly appear on your screen as you scroll.

This is first seen in the carousel in the hero section, where the ubiquitous green background lets you rest your eyes as it slowly showcases featured products and a white typeface describing them.

As you scroll, the website combines these two colors, providing a card-based categorization of the offered products. Each card features a cute illustration that changes colors as you hover over it.

Finally, below the featured products, there’s also a full-screen video that delves more into the branding, helping you understand the company’s day-to-day operations and its vision.

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