UK Gov Minimal Homepage

When people think about government offices, they usually think about long lines, endless forms, and inefficiency. This is not what users should expect from the website.

With few frills, this minimal website design helps to streamline all of those annoying government procedures. Forms can now be filled out online, avoiding the need to go to a government brick-and-mortar.

On the home page, copywriting and images are kept to a minimum. Blue backlinks leading to other parts of the web platform are the main design elements. A blue header allows the user to search the entire website, while a simple, sans serif typeface, appears throughout the entire web page.

The sole stylistic element on the home page is a UK government logo in the left-hand corner of the screen. The crown appears in white, framed in black negative space. The sophistication of the logo contrasts the bare-bones aesthetic cultivated throughout the web page.

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UK Gov Minimal Product Page

Clicking the backlinks on the home page directs the user to similarly minimalist pages. On each new page, lists of more specific links will appear. Copy is kept to the bare minimum and no images, illustrations, or typeface animate the page, making it clear that this web page is strictly business. As the user clicks each link, a new list of even more specific links appear to the right.

UK Gov Minimal Product Page

Once the user has narrowed down on what they’re looking for, they’ll be directed to yet another page of minimal copy and plenty of white negative space.

Backlinks to other important information and forms are integrated within the copywriting, saving space and conveying a user-centered design. At the bottom of the page, contact information for a specific agency is prominently listed.

What do you really need from a government website? A format that is easy for people of all ages to navigate. Rich with information, but light in copywriting and distracting images, delivers a simple, but the user-friendly experience. is a minimal website design in the Government industry.

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