The Obama Years Great Homepage

The History Channel has outdone itself with its web page, The Obama Years. It’s a unique timeline that illustrates the highlights of the 44th president’s eight-year term. By using compelling high-resolution photography, a deep scroll setting, and minimalist concepts, The History Channel has flawlessly developed the website’s UI and UX.

The home page features a stunning, prominent photograph of the former president. The black fade at the bottom grabs the user's attention, drawing their eyes to the red typeface of the central text The content beneath the red header summarizes the purpose of the site, keeping it simple.

The Obama Years Great Website Design

The Obama Years uses a basic HTML approach to its design, forcing users to click on the menu to change to a different subpage. It relies on high-resolution imagery to help visitors understand the context of the page.

The white backdrop provides an even, clean, symmetry that draws focus to the images and the content. The Obama Years’ typography is a basic sans serif, and it isn’t busy or overbearing. The content is minimal, but very well written. Each page contains a quote from a member of Barack Obama’s Cabinet, sharing their thoughts on each particular event featured within the website.

The Obama Years Great Newtown Page

The Newtown page deserves an honorable mention because it draws on sadness and anger about the tragedy. By capturing a vulnerable President Obama and shifting the UI with human emotion, The History Channel easily draws in the attention of users. A minimal, HTML format and their expert visual manipulation perfectly depict one man’s famous legacy.

The Obama Years is a great website design in the Education and Entertainment industries.